Emerald - Terran Republic Dying As a Faction

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  1. BlackFox

    See, all attack, all denial and yet no data like I provided in the previous post.

    I could bring up a whole lot of weapon data to show that the TR has the least practical precise weapons - but that would only be a waste of time as all I hear will be "that I'm wrong and that the Kindred proves that" (the ONE automatic weapon that doesn't follow the TR recoil pattern).
  2. Ravenhul

    It stills means I got about a thousand kills. I pretty just started playing. I would say that’s good. To any fellow team members. I’m sorry.
  3. Twin Suns

    You’re profile says you’ve been a member since Nov 2012.

    I have 36,280 kills with 635 teamkills.

    You’ve got 649 teamkills with barely over a thousand kills. What’s wrong with you??? Seriously!
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  4. 4EMODAN

    TR is the weakest faction, weak tank, weak maxes and weak weapons. NC has all the best The Reaver has the M30 Mustang AH which kills both infantry and enemy fighters.

    I quit playing for TR and started playing for NC and I want to say that I am almost invincible on a tank for 1 exit, I kill somewhere around 4 TR tanks, on Max I calmly kill 10-15 players at a time. Reaver is basically a river shotgun that kills everything. It's a pity that I had to quit TR and start playing for NC, for TR I'm just already building bases, since everyone is equal here)