Emerald Server Degraded Performance Unplayable

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by AlcyoneSerene, Dec 16, 2022.

  1. AlcyoneSerene

    As directed by support, I'm posting here to request help about the game having become unplayable due to what feels like degraded server performance on Emerald.

    I've already submitted to them all the diagnostic files (which includes constant timeouts to bar1.LasVegas1.level3.net node), and nothing has changed on my end since the problem first started and which only affects this game, which was with the anniversary patch, where everyone experienced really bad server ping. My ping appear fine now, ~40ms with 38-88ms server, jump jets no longer last extra long, but the degraded performance has persisted, on or off peak hours. Nvidia graphics are up to date, that made no difference.

    The main sign that something with the server is wrong is my player sometimes appears to slide left and right, during which time I have zero control over my character, and this becomes more obvious as server population increases. The end result of this is being unable to see enemies' actual position, hit registration and elimination signals being delayed, getting one framed from range, one framed by cloakers appearing still cloaked, not seeing people around corners, and so on.

    I understand these are problems and limitations of large scale battles with server-side hit detection and deal with it, including those who purposefully manipulate it to their advantage (this is a separate issue that needs to be monitored), but to make it clear, since that anniversary patch, it pushed everything over the edge, making the gameplay completely lagged consistently.
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  2. Yaesu

    Wasn't on yesterday but noticed terrible conditions the day/eve before. Terrible hit registration. Big delays when hitting keys, ie recloaking when hitting the 'F' would take quite long. or being able to shoot when I uncloaked. Seeing players up and disappear right on front of me. Seeing ammo packs and mines about 5 feet in the air float by. Funny thing being, I was seeing decent pings.
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  3. Grandizer

    Look at my post above yours. Been putting time stamps in multiple posts about the server latency. Last night it was horrific, with latency anywhere from over 100ms to over 600. Can't decloak and fire correctly, healing and repair doesn't "take", rezzing takes forever, hit detection doesn't update so players dies second after actually killing them, hit detection just desynced like crazy.

    Everything you'd expect to happen when the latency is through the roof.
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  4. Mithril Community Manager

    Noted, thank you @AlcyoneSerene, I appreciate those details. I've forwarded this up to the team, we're currently investigating and may have further updates to share in the new year.
  5. shlimon bakous

    On the European server I have the same problem.
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  6. Jx9000

    Yes please dont forget Cobalt and Miller having the same issues.
    Right after wendsdays hotfix cobalt was actually running really good... for like 2 hours and then in the evening i had the worst performance i have ever seen with massive frame stutters, lag spikes, huge input lag, etc...
  7. Ikarius77

    Agree 100%.

    It's not only latency issues and lag spikes, since last big update aprox. (last month or so) sometimes the ping and latency on emerald was good and my fps seems stable but the game performance isn't smooth outside very small battles.
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  8. Grandizer

    Yeah I mentioned this a few weeks ago. In game shows 100+ fps in large battles but it performs like it's 40-50, not even a smooth 60, ,more like a grainy, crappy rendered, hitchy, non smooth 40-50, with players just popping in out of nowhere at times.

    It continues rn on Amerish. Yell chat blowing up with the lag frustration
  9. madbandit

    @mithril, I don't mean to pile on as I have always supported the PS2 team from Sony to whatever the last one was, to now.

    I reupped my sub a week ago and I don't know that I'll do it again if this continues. I don't feel good about paying to support a game I can't enjoy - and I'm not alone in feeling like this. This issue has been alive for way too long to have this kind of overall impact on quality. When I can't spend 10 minutes in Auraxis without experiencing game breaking server latency there's a large problem.

    As a former sweaty player - it's my dream to curbstomp new players into never playing again. Without a decent server, I cannot assert my dominance. Plez give Wrel blood sacrifice to fix. Merry Christmas, and I wish you all luck in the new year. Thanks!
  10. Jx9000

  11. Mithril Community Manager

    It's definitely on our radar this year even if it takes time for major progress.