Emerald: Infiltrator Infestation! <3 Sign Plz

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by CuteBeaver, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. CuteBeaver

    Emerald is almost here!

    So many of us are going to have a new home soon.

    So lets take a moment to introduce ourselves to each other. More opportunities for shenanigans might result. This is going to be an awesome experience with so many of us forumsiders in the same arena now. I can't wait to play with / against you guys!


    #1) Name, Faction, // Outfit or Solo
    #2) Your 3 favorite weapons.
    #3) Your absolute favorite vehicle and why.
    #4) Describe your personal style as an infiltrator, and what makes you happy.
    #5) A video if you have one to share is always nice.
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  2. Mustarde

    Mustarde, NoNonsenseGamers [NNG] - I run outfit and solo.
    Alts: CondimentActual (VS), MustardeNC
    3 fav weapons: SOAS-20, SR-7 and TX2 Emperor
    Favorite vehicle: ESF with ejection seat - the ultimate tool for infiltrating
    I try to adapt to every battle and find a role to play, be it sniping or hacking or getting in close with an SMG/scout rifle.
    What makes me happy? Headshots.

    What makes me not happy? Dying to vehicles :(

    I spam enough video links for you guys, I won't link any more here :)

    Also I run with my boy Warsonic a lot, and still have ties to a lot of BWC infils who are active on twitter. Most people who are in squad with me end up playing infil and sniping with me because I get beacons in nice places :). Xiander is also in NNG and is an incredible shot with the parallax, when he isn't skywhaling.
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  3. DeadliestMoon

    I think everyone who lives on the east coast of America has played on both East Coast servers. Which means for the most part our alts are going to be on the same server as our main.
  4. Hoki

    What is emerald?
  5. Souleater

    Houri, NC. A very casual member of the Blue Lions. This is an alt though so I spend a lot of time soloing or joining random squads.

    Favourite weapons are the commissioner, Vandal and anything Cyclone.

    Not good with vehicles but enjoy harassing things in a lightning .

    My personal style in Inept Chic. You can usually find me in the middle of a rapidly expanding pool of my own blood. Mainly I spam recon darts and motion detectors.

    I can miss stationary targets from sub 10m. My close quarters skills are abysmahicles but I still love INF. Mainly

    Happy is if I manage to a kill streak of 2 or 3 people.

    I don't have a video but I saw a really cute one of a cat that grew up with a pitbull.
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  6. Epicstrat

    Epixstrat NC with Planet Express Crew [PXP] or solo.

    Favorite weapons: Mag-Cutter (So sad, losing server best to somebody on Matterson), AF-18 Stalker, and LA-80

    Favorite vehicle: Sunderer, with max rank stealth. AKA the "how the hell did they get behind us" bus.

    Playstyle is conservative recklessness. I'll wait patiently before going into an all out murder frenzy and kill everyone I need. Until some HA puts me down that is. Also being the biggest nusciance I can. hacking vehicle termnials and campin them. pulling AP Vanguards behind the armor zerg putting down motion sensors to attract people to corners before i brutally murder the., Alternatively, I can keep my distance and flank with a rifle. Playing with the stat tracks and some rock in the background makes me happy. Multi-kill and lobotomies call outs are great to hear. Also, playing other games makes me happy. Wildstar, DayZ, and Star Citizen for those interested.

    Excited for merge, more targets is better for my sniper shenanigans.
  7. WarmasterRaptor

    New name for the Merged Servers Mattherson and Waterson.
  8. Get2dachoppa

    1) Malkosis - VS / solo
    Alt: ShogunMarcus - NC / solo

    2) Hard to pick since I haven't stuck with one as I keep chasing Auraxiums. I guess the Commissioner, Eridani, and then its a toss up between the Parallax and the Spectre.

    3) Flash, so much better now since they improved its stability.

    4) I do a bit of everything, the "omg nerf invisible SMG infiltrator nao!" playstyle and the "worthless snipers don't contribute" playstyle. Depends on the battle and my mood, but I probably prefer mid/long range sniping.

    5) No videos of me pwn1n9 n00b$ yet. Maybe I'll try making some when Overwolf fixes its issue with the PS2 64bit client.
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  9. Izueila

    1) Izueila / NC, solo
    2) Longshot, Cyclone and commissioner
    3) Flash
    4) Mostly sniping, anywhere anytime, and what makes me happy is all the hate tells i get from the VS, and i've never received one from a TR, ever. Headshotting Mustarde bring me great happiness as well, but only for a short moment as he snipes me back quickly ;)
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  10. LIKE A BOSS!

    1. Thorteris
    Alt- ThorterisNC ThorterisTR

    2. Commisioner (VS only have 2 decent pistols), Sirius and Parrallax

    3. Magrider with HE and PPA.

    4.I like to take the longest way around the fight with my sniper to find the best spot possible. When Im using my SMG I like to be around enemy sundies and huge groups of enemies. They always ignore me in that area. When you kill me I will always send you a hate tell. I get happy when I go on long streaks or when I kill Mustarde.

    5. I would post videos if my upload speed wasn't under 1mb.
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  11. elementotrl

    elementotrl, TR, [BD12] (main); elementotlk, VS. Generally tend to run solo unless I need spawns or I find a very organized squad.

    NS-7, TSAR, Commissioner

    Mosquito because ejection seat

    No matter how spawn camped a base is, I will attempt my best to harass the campers and delay the base capture. I play extremely aggressively, and base much of my gameplay around being in places my enemies don't expect me to be in. I very enjoy using smgs, and I am currently learning the ropes of taking bolt actions into close quarters combat.

    Head shots and surprising my enemy from an unexpected angle make me happy. I also very much enjoy cleaning out engi mana turrets.
  12. ZenitHMaster

    #1) ZenitHMaster - best leader on waterson, TR, #1 Amerish Support Squad (I love to lead)
    #2) RAMS, NS7, TSAR
    #3) Harasser, cuz murica
    #4) I usually seriously flank the enemy and take out enemies from behind. Always feels good to kill them engi turret gunners. It makes me happy when I teabag + when I have a close range battle with my rams against a scat max.
  13. KoS-1

    All I know is..I look forward to sniping Mustarde on his VS or NC toon with my halberd.
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  14. Hoki

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  15. Rudmed

    #1) Rudmed (VS)/Koroza TR (I will be a free agent on Emerald, with these two low BR characters)
    #2) Parallex, Vandal, and Eridani (however that is spelled) Though, I like various other weapons
    #3) Scythe, I love the design, but I also love how I exit in style (read "style" as a burning wreck of what was a scythe).
    #4) Jack of all trades, I run a variety of weapons SMG, Snipers, and Scout Rifles. I try to adapt to the situation, but also seek to improve my own gameplay. Furthermore, my goal is to cause chaos and aid my comrades in arms by gunning down support classes like Medics, Engineers, Heavy Assaults that dare to target our vehicles, and the like. I recently got my first hackusation, which made me grin in delight. Perhaps having the smallest chance of fighting with or killing you all will increase my likeliness to play.
    #5) Coming soon, I am working on a video while the quality might be good...well I hope to throw a few funny moments in there as well. However, I will give you all a video that I feel like describes some of the moments we're sure to have as we get behind enemy lines.

  16. Levtech

    It is a rare substance sometimes found when you take the risk of combining water with any other type of matter.
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  17. Rhumald

    #1) Name, Faction, // Outfit or Solo
    Rhumald, NC, Currently with the Phoenix company, coming in from Matterson. I do have characters on the other two factions, and end up going solo fairly often, so drop me a line in game if you want to game with me.

    #2) Your 3 favorite weapons.
    I use so many different weapons, I can't really say I have a favorite, just whatever is usefull. Currently using the Vandal as a scout rifle, and I'd have to say that's one of my favorites. Railjack as the sniper, and I will be using the mag-scatter when it comes out, but I can't say I've found a handgun that fits me yet (on the NC at least).

    #3) Your absolute favorite vehicle and why.
    I love driving around in the herasser, it's just fun to drive and flip around, terrify my squad mates with. I mainly use an AP lightning though, and I often 1v1 against MBTs with it.

    #4) Describe your personal style as an infiltrator, and what makes you happy.
    I do anything and everything, from sniping to getting in close with a handgun or scout rifle. I live for those 'epic moments'.
  18. Ripshaft

    Hiya, I'm rip, I play solo. I like many weapons, don't make me choose.

    Currently my fav vehicle is the flash, with renegade and cloak, it is so hilariously fun to use and equally effective.

    I love the psychological battles that happen between the hunter and hunter as an infil [the cattle are a nonfactor in the world of hunters], and especially love when I score a victory against a truly worthy foe. I also love just generally messing with the enemy, making them think I'm where I'm not and keeping them paranoid.... making someone so twitchy that they kill a teammate that comes up behind them is a priceless thing... I also enjoy being extremely effective with things people tend to view as useless, though I often get bored with it if the object in question is in fact overpowered or otherwise cheese.

    I also am willing to die for a good laugh in the game... If an entire outfit sweeps a room with flashlights and gunfire and im standing in the middle of it (zergfits are notorious for this, though some decent outfits miss me too lol), and they're all patting themselves on the back for a job well done while I'm still sitting in the middle of the room cloaked - they'll likely hear a "For vanu" or "Need more batteries!" or "Thanks!" at the appropriate moment. I may die, but I have the last laugh!

    I unfortunately cant really record video on my machine, so this is one of the only clips I have of myself, though I think it's fairly representative.

    Taken the day of the flash turbo introduction, or shortly thereafter.
    Oh, actually I just remembered another similar one, after the second flash turbo nerf a bit after they added esamir;

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  19. Jawarisin

    With all of that, you haven't introduced yourself! Such a proeminent (not sarcastic!) member of the forum, don't be shy now :)

    As of me:
    #1) Name, Faction, // Outfit or Solo : JawarisinV(VS), JawarisinNC (NC)

    #2) Your 3 favorite weapons: ES CQC BASR (Ghost, SAS-R), cyclone and eridani.

    #3) Your absolute favorite vehicle and why. Liberator (pilot), I like it because I meet new people. Some really interesting and cool folks lurking around there. And nothing's better to start to talk to someone than a good libby run.

    #4) Describe your personal style as an infiltrator: Playstyle varies, usually agressive though.

    #4.5) what makes you happy : Headshots, and playing with buddies.
  20. Drowingpool

    #1) Name, Faction, // Outfit or Solo

    #2) Your 3 favorite weapons.
    I sleep with my Longshot

    #3) Your absolute favorite vehicle and why.
    Lighting with Viper

    #4) Describe your personal style as an infiltrator, and what makes you happy.
    Long Range Tactics, Darts, and if you stay still for 0.5 sec your dead.

    #5) A video if you have one to share is always nice.

    None But I do enjoy Mustarde's and Wrels, and......... you of course Clarice... I have seen you...Hip hopping around, like a small bunny.....