Emerald Immersion [EMLD]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by MrKoronas, Mar 8, 2013.

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    Total member count is 647 members
  3. MrKoronas

    What the TVA achieved today was awesome.
  4. pulse

    usually is! :)


    <3 pulse
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  7. Dignity

    Bump for the only other outfit that runs proper open platoons. Props to you Koronas
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  8. MrKoronas

    Nice to see some love in the community :D
  9. CinetraxX



    hooooly shhhh...

  10. MrKoronas

    Still going strong and turning Team speak only in the next few days.
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  12. ScottishRoss

    It was fun running with you guys today! Keep up the good work.

  13. MrKoronas

    Had a Great time with the outfit its really coming together we need more of you guys awesome.
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  15. MrKoronas

    Update: made changes to the first post, still more to come.
  16. MrKoronas

    Launching Spec Op's this weekend Hope to see you there.
  17. MrKoronas

    Gameplay was good today let's hope some new recruits come.
  18. MrKoronas

    Done a clean out and now looking for more members
  19. Maelstrome26

    Well done TVA and EMLD Members, we've been kicking *** all day! Won 2 of the 3 alerts. Good fight ROWN, WASP and CONZ :)
  20. Notiz