(Emerald) Brain Drain in favor of VS

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Okjoek, May 26, 2019.

  1. Okjoek

    DX 11 and all the goodies that came with it still hasn't addressed the issue of all the most coordinated groups pooling their efforts into VS for easy and consistent alert wins.

    A few weeks after DX 11 I decide to leave VS and go play TR and even when we have the population we still don't seem to win.
    One faction wining 11/16 of the conquests is not healthy for the game and it will continue to erode the newly increased playerbase once more.

    To keep my criticism constructive however I can only suggest some kind of uneducated guess fix which would probably involve some kind of faction locking or a cooldown on faction hopping. I don't know if there is really a way to defeat this mindshare the VS has been able to hold onto since even before DX11.
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  2. Okjoek

    I managed to get a discord group to try PS2 after the DX11 patch and we're now in talks to leave TR for VS because of this. It's actually harder for them to earn certs so it would be better for them.
  3. JudgeNu

    This is a symptom from the beginning.
    When i started playing towards the end of the first year it was like this...

    Mags had 300m PPA (pre-nerf) - Not to mention hard to hit with their strafe.
    ZoE was OP and Spammed. (pre-nerf)
    .75 ADS- (strafe) (iirc. Wasnt it the Orion? Is it still a thing?)
    Not sure if HA was ever nerfed. i dont recall sheild ever being nerfed.
    Default black Camo (still)

    Im sure there were others that drew certain players to VS and it snowballed.
    These things add up then add hax.

    Pre-made always beats PUG

    This is just how i see it.
    I play NC nearly exclusively
  4. Honor Guard

    VS has been winning like that far before the DX11 update,no clue how you can make vets from there head to TR and NC,plus the new robots tend to head to VS due to their lower pop (this exclude things like VS having majorly no bullet drop,the OHK knife is rather quiet and such,best hope is TR and NC get some buffs due to losing consistently or something
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  5. Whiteagle

    Emerald VS have been rather cancerous ever since the merge between Waterson and Mattherson, a perfect storm of Waterson VS exploiting every cheap tactic they could abuse to counter their chronic low populations and Mattherson Tryhard play-style resulted in a nasty beast that's just a chore to fight against...

    Even Nerf hammering their (Dev deliberately) OP toys did little to curb this toxic behavior, as the Tactics are legitimate and the constrained Strategic game means what little Factional organization they have is a huge advantage.
  6. AlcyoneSerene

    TR have finally been given some buffs indirectly, 125 dmg at range guns with proper features, and DX11 increase in FPS I find has finally helped TRs faction trait - except that all factions somehow get TR's faction trait but TR doesn't get higher damage type model of the other two, they just get heavily over-nerfed weapons like the TMG-50 or the Sabre.

    Buff NC? Hah. Yes, I'm all for this, but not for the reason you'd think.

    I do play all 3 factions on the same server. What is something consistently observed? Team work. VS has it from the average player. TR does not. Try pulling a max on TR and sit in spawn with zero health. Nobody will repair you. Nobody will revive you. VS players play the objectives. TR and NC farm. Squads on VS always up if there's population and people tend to team work.

    I've been doing my best to help TR for a long time too and will continue it, but I believe unless the average player changes or enjoys the game through teamwork instead of solo farming the wrong places, I don't know how much will change.

    NC I have yet to play more to get a sense of what it's like there, but as usual NC tends to attack TR and ignore VS while TR also ignores VS.
  7. Tarvaldd

    So just coming back from the Ps4 version and a long hiatus. I have to say, woah **** is the PC version incredibly unbalanced with Outfits.

    TR has some old names I really remember with AoD and so on, but you can clearly see the lack of real cohesion going on anymore for most of the TR. Now I just came back this week so I can't really tell if its just a general lack of cohesion from degradation of playerbase or if the game is just giving the VS such a handicap.

    I fear it's a bit of both.
  8. Ares8

    Don't give up on TR just yet. Command chat was done for awhile and that hurt TR alot. VS is mostly all in skl and gotr, with a handful of small outfits that are really good. They have been able to coordinate despite no command. TR got 2 alert wins today during primetime and we started a 3rd one later in the night. The red wave is coming back. We won mutliple alerts and overall have done solid since command chat came back. We still have work to do, but at least we have some hope.
  9. Skraggz

    I'd be down for play some tr or nc on emerald if my vs didn't have 100+ days of bonus exp still ticking.
  10. AlcyoneSerene

    Yikes. They really should have made such a long bonus xp account wide. I'd hate to be stuck on one faction for so long.
  11. Skraggz

    They actually should. All this talk of pop balance, it gets frustrating when I'm a sub and can get forced into a lovely que. If my other characters had the bonus as well I would care less.
  12. Whiteagle

    The removal of the Command TEXT Chat is quiet irksome...
    I can understand ORDERS and Command VOICE Chat being removed, Orders just being used as a faction wide Broadcast for snide remarks and Command Voice Chat also overlapping too much with Platoon, Squad, and Local Voice Chat, but Sitrep is a poor replacement for actually being able to organize with other Squad/Platoon Leads in your Faction...

    Emerald VS have avoided this due to their Waterson predecessors having established lines of communication outside of the game LONG before we had Command Level options added in, so they just fell back on these Teamspeak and Discord channels while the rest of us are high and dry.
  13. Scroffel5

    Planetside 2 is a combined arms game. Its all about teamwork. If one faction is winning more than the other two, you could chalk it up to them having better squads, better platoons, better outfits, or a better strategy. You could say that their weapons are better than another, but that wouldn't be true. Lots of these weapons are clones of another, and the others are just variations, despite the Empire Specific Speciality weapons. The different weapons won't win a game, but the players will.
  14. Ares8

  15. Liewec123

    It's not just emerald, VS have been rolling over alerts for years on most servers,
    I hear one server has a vast nc overpop, so NC wins most there,
    But for the rest, the spandex and laser beam guys have had a cakewalk for years.
  16. TR5L4Y3R

    funny thing on cobalt during the 2 double xp events whenever i log in as NC during primetime i can´t get into any continent cause of maxpop where as both VS and TR i could get in .. so at the very least you can´t say NC was lacking in players ... now what they all did is a different matter ..

    factionhopping imo because of how continentlocks are currently rewarded doesn´t make much sense imo
    you play for a time on a continent and get a ammount of certs and a reward how you performed during your playtime ..
    while certammount varries on what faction was the strongest your individual performance still counts ..
    playing just half an hour on the winning team may not net you as many certs on continentlock as playing for a full duration on the losing or second place faction ..
  17. JibbaJabba

    TR leaders and to a greater degree, NC leaders need to eat this.

    I'm not talking about squad/platoon leaders. I mean outfit leaders.

    You are teaching crap. You win by zerg. You win by overpop. You win by pulling hesh/max/a2g cheese. You give your people the win, but do it using the methods that do not require skill.

    Your people get soft. They turn into 0.5 KD turds and never get better.

    Then when an alert comes, the overpop and zerg get negated by the way the battlefield flows. Your cheese is not enough and a bunch of 1.0 KD players with some semidecent training on VS roll over you.

    Stop teaching your crappy "teamplay". Teach your people some decent individual 1v1 skills. Stop using your crutches. Stop pulling maxes at overpops...you'll still win but your guys will work for it. Get the infantry out... assaults and medics with support. Use your air/vehicles as force multipliers, not the force itself.
  18. Liewec123

    yeah because VS winning more alerts across every server while generally being underpop is definitely a skill issue.
    the entire TR faction and the entire NC faction are all idiots and the entirety of VS are all just MLG360noscope players.
    it is absolutely nothing to do with balance, nope! just VS are always better players on every server...
    what are the odds! (seriously i'd like to know those odds...)

    i'm curious how you can look at VS dominating (for years!) and conclude that it is skill based?
    checking the past 30 alert victories of each server:
    (note, most don't add up to 30 because of draws/crashes/maintenance etc not granting a victory to one faction.)
    Total across all servers for recent alert wins:
    VS: 44
    TR: 36
    NC: 34
    TR and NC showing similar results sitting around mid 30s, fairly evenly matched, balanced.
    and then there is VS sitting at 44 ofcourse...and VS do this with a sizeable underpop...
    but ofcourse it is a skill issue, the thousands of good players are all VS, and the thousands of bad players are all TR and NC.
    right? :rolleyes:
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  19. Pacster3

    Not so sorry to burst your bubble but that does not seem to be a huge variation in a sample of 114. That is really something better teamplay(you got to make up for underpop as you can not just overpop like others...unless you wanna lose all the time)... or join combat button...or simple attraction of huge fights(and the biggest fights usually happen between the 2 pops with the largest pop. That's just logical.) can be responsible for. Hell, just one great outfit on one server could cause that variation(and actually according to the TO Emerald alone should be responsible for more than that).
    It's pretty odd how you come up with such a "they dominate on every server forever" statement and then end up with 44 vs 36 vs 34...which obviously is not what you claimed before(cause domination on all servers would look like 60 vs 30 vs 31 or something like that).

    As you can't single out which weapon of VS is unbalanced, you are pretty screwed.
  20. xMeserionx

    Your TR victim complex is showing. Are veterans are used to being outpopped and outgunned, they just know how to lead and depoly forces most effectively. See, tactical superiorty is not just massive overpop, its proper deployment of forces, something you TR could deign to learn on Emerald.

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