EM1. Why use it?

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  1. undersuppressivefire

    For instance, since NC has the lowest supressing capbility(small mag+low firerate), 2 em1 with engineer's constant supply of ammo can effectively block a narrow hall way while 3-4 can cover a room, thus making small amounts of people sucessfully supressing large enemy force possible.
  2. undersuppressivefire

    U know ps2 is not all about killing right?
  3. Corezer

    No I mean what's your problem, as in why the hell are you bringing up a topic who's last post was from 2013...

    Like, do you have a job? Where do you find the time to dig that deep in the forum just to tell some guy who probably will never come here again what you're thinking... What's your problem?
  4. Crowne


    I think I've been using this gun wrong. I was going to pipe in to agree that I too hate this gun and am only using it to get the aurax (slow process when I hate the gun I'm using)... but I can see how it might excel at the specific job of locking down choke points / narrow spaces.

    I guess it just hasn't fit my usual style of fighting, but now I'm looking forward to equipping it in maybe biolabs and the like.
    If I still hate it, might just strap some c4 to it and just throw it at the other team.
  5. Lee Weldon

    I've just realised this weapon is actually probably the best LMG, when I play tested it I was missing some attachments and still am but its actually really good stats wise. The only stat you should look at and ignore everything else is the minimum max damage range which is 20m so at 20m, capable of ~900 dps which is better than most and which an advanced laser sight I think the cone of fire is probably just high enough to hipfire which I wouldn't do with any other lmg unless like point blank (their hipfires pretty much on par with a sniper rifle trying to nose scope. I also think the projectile velocity being incredibly high is more important for reasons other than not having to lead your opponent. Most people probably are scratching their noggins thinking why, well when I use my cyclone I find I will lay down a bunch of rounds, they will go into my targets head but at 350ms the time the bullets take to travel to my enemy at ~20 meters out (which is where most engagements for me probably occur) actually allow the enemy like a 0.1-0.2s (these are just observational figures), and a true pro with a shotgun can spray a bunch of pellets at you and it might make the difference between him dying only or you dying to the bullets hes fired, while your bullets are flying through the air.

    I gave heavy another go today I wasn't enjoying the EM1 or EM6 but without attachments and realised that the EM6 and gause saws stats are so miniscule and tiny differences, the only real thing was the lack of attachments. I got both of these weapons free somehow. I still think that heavy is bland and lacks flavour but its definitely not weak even though revives and bouncing betties and auto spitfire turrets and jetpacks are all amazing things that make playing heavy probably not worth it...
  6. Zpoc

    I enjoy using it, im going for my 4th aurax right now and im considering it for my 5th. The weapon is clearly geared towards a medium range role with its damage model tapering off at 20m. Too many people try to look at the raw killing power of a weapon like the em1 to justify avoiding its use. But fact is that superior recoil control and better aim are king in planetside, as in all other games. The weapon has relatively light recoil overall and great reload speed given mag size, so it's extremely effective at medium range. Basically I'd say the use case is stick to medium range. sadly now the promise exists and is just another reason why the em1 will always be looked down upon as a crappy weapon.
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    and what is yours to be such a massive *****? .. just because the original op might be gone doesn´t mean other people who read this would not gain helpfull information ..
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