EM1. Why use it?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by MykeMichail, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. LownWolfe

    they do the same thing with adv foregrip too I believe
  2. SquattingPig

    Well there's the problem. You don't even have the weapon with the recommended attachments. How can you speculate on how the weapon performs when we actually use the weapon?
  3. KnightCole

    Well, I did at one time use the T16 Rhino for like 6 BRs before I rage deleted my first TR Toon...I hated the performance of the T16. I gave it Adv Grip, 3.4x and switched between suppressor and flash suppressor. Which now I see is a mistake. Suppressors destroy a gun's performance. THey say slight reduction....thats a load of crap...

    Since then Ive just not wanted to touch those guns again. The T9 works fine for me, just as my EM6 works fine. I see no need to try those guns based off my past performances with them...
  4. SquattingPig

    I'm talking about the EM1 obviously. You keep bashing it but you've never even used it with the advanced laser. You didn't even know it had the advanced laser, despite all of us saying we use it.
  5. KnightCole

    Ok, I used the EM1 on PTS for a short while. Still not impressed with the thing. Nothing ive seen of this gun yet have me convinced I want it.

    And no, im not deliberately playing poorly to try and prove my own case. I take my gaming relatively seriously so im not going to play like **** to prove my own point on the Em1.
  6. Posse

    I'm sure the SAW with laser sight would be much better for CQC than the EM1 with adv laser sight.
  7. Jogido

    An interesting idea. I'm sure a person could master a setup like that just fine, but I doubt it would be better at cqc.

    and if I really wanted to make that kind of hybrid use lmg, I'd probably go with the SAW S or EM6
  8. KnightCole

    Ive used it, its not that amazing. DOes pretty good damage but better then a CQC weapon? I dont think so.
  9. Posse

    Never said it would be better than a CQC weapon, I only said it would be better than the EM1, in fact, calling a low DPS weapon a CQC weapon is a joke, CQC is all about DPS/TTK
  10. KnightCole

    Well in that regard, yeah, it is. Something seems off about the Em1.....I fire it and ifre and fire it but noone dies. THe Em and NC6, just aim, click, usually dead unless hacks or horrid lag or my own terribad shooting.
  11. Posse

    Crap tier DPS, same thing happens with the Polaris, for example.
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  12. Jogido

    I know what you said, I am directly disagreeing with you.
  13. Jogido

    also to add, you are only partially right. DPS/TTK is important sure....but it only becomes the end all for CQB if the target is standing still.

    There is also the factors of hitting your target and being a hard target. So RoF, CoF, and weapon mobility are also main factors.
  14. Lakora

    I got it for my heavy since it's only 580 certs (Adv.laser all those goodies) why? Because it "sucks". :D

    In the end just looking at this thread just call it quits n that's it. Some people seem to love the darn thing and swears by it, why don't asking me. I've been using weapons that are supposedly the "best" for the situation and fail cause they don't feel good, that's just how it is. Sometimes it can be explained by math sometimes it's just what feels good for the player.

    Now time to find a fight n see how it feels.
  15. KnightCole

    Guess thats the only explanation left.
  16. Lakora

    Honestly that's the only explanation to begin with, all the math in the world won't help if it doesn't feel right. Just like some love the GD-7F while some hate it with a passion. Humans are different like that we have different tastes when it comes to things even in a game things will have a different feeling for different people despite it being the same across the board.

    Oh, well after trying it out a tiny bit before bed... It's meh feels like a kind of Jack of all trades certainly not master of any kind of deal. Slap a Adv. Laser sight on it n you won't really need to change weapon but you'll also barely kill anyone. The TTK ppl speak of is barely noticeable, what is noticeable tho is the lack of ROF to compensate.
  17. 5ou1

    EM1 just got a nice little buff to it's recoil characteristics and a substantial buff to bullet velocity. I liked it when I was getting my auraxium with it so I think I'm going to play with it some more. Might be a good time for everyone to give it another shot.
  18. Psykmoe

    The Advanced Laser looks even more pointless now with the nerfed hipfire, but the gun is very controllable out to mid range in ADS without a grip, so you can run it with exmags and SPA - the buffed velocity means SPA doesn't hurt you too bad, and the EM1 has the highest uptime of any infantry gun with exmags and the short reload (The EM6 takes longer to reload and handles worse without a grip, but does more raw damage).

    Finally the EM1 is as controllable as a 652rpm/143dmg weapon should be. Upgraded to passable!
  19. undersuppressivefire

    Well, this gun actually fufills a role in real combat that not a lot of gun in ps2 can achieve- it's raw supressive fire capbility. It's fun when you are in a corrdinated squad, and this gun's fire rate and 200 mag, + reload time makes this gun very good at supressing enemy instead of killing them.
  20. Corezer

    What's your problem?