EM1. Why use it?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by MykeMichail, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Flashtirade

    I'm coming back to the EM1, it's actually fairly decent when kitted.
    After spending 300 certs for the advanced laser and SPA (reflex sight is pretty much mandatory, so I'm not including it), I'm starting to do much better with it than I did before. Or maybe I've just gotten better, I dunno.
  2. SquattingPig

    You have 0 kills with the EM1. Try it out before bashing it.
  3. KnightCole

    I was playing with it on an Alt I deleted. BR 15 or so guy, KnightGhostbear. I would never buy it on my main lol, use alts as Guinea pigs

    Oh and it was with x1 and exmag...so it wasnt a trial.
  4. SquattingPig

    Did you try it with advanced laser?
  5. disgruntled newbie

    + Aimed accuracy
    + Lower recoil
    + Advanced foregrip
    + HV ammo

    + Moving accuracy
    + Reload speed
    + Advanced laser
    + Soft point ammo

    These two weapons are mostly identical with minor differences that bias them toward either long range or short range use. Any claims that the EM1 has significantly worse time to kill is hyperbole; they have exactly the same rate of fire and damage, the difference is that the TR16 will deliver hits from slightly further away while the EM1 will let you start shooting slightly sooner from the hip.
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  6. KnightCole

    I was saying exactly that, the Em1 is a faster firing less accuracy TR T16...I hate both weapons equally. Whats the 652 RpM gun on the VS side? Polaris?
  7. Jogido

    I'm assuming you're exaggerating by saying minutes. Anyway, I have not had that same problem, especially against stationary targets. My longest fights are usually at longer ranges like 80-100 meters.....or extreme close range where there is a lot of strafing involved. Usually win those due to superior hipfire and headhunting.

    lol, ya think? Hence why I name that one has my choice for reliability issues in my experience. I mean sure it's a good gun, but I can use the other NC LMGs just as well without that issue.
  8. KnightCole

    And the EM6 solves both weapon's issues. It has enough RoF to be effective in close and damage sufficient to drop bodies in a very short amount of time. Its why it has become my, by far, favorite NC LMG. Then to boot, it has enough damage at range to even be a overall, reliable mid-long range weapon. It really is everything it's description says. Extremely Versatile.

    NC6, I agree, its a situational gun, overall not that bad...but has its limits.

    EM1, I just hate it...the 143dmg at a RoF of 652RpM is beat out by pretty mcuh anything else. Be it a higher RoF 143dmg gun, a 167@600 gun, a Shotgun, a Sniper.....this seems to be the case with all 143@652 weapons. Havent found a one that is worth much. These are the most situational types of guns of them all....

    GD22S, its a good one. I have mine with laser and x2...good HIpfire CQC monster.

    Anchor, havent used it...but its an upgraded GD22S, whats not to love? THe lack of a x2 optic sucks though.
  9. 5ou1

    My time spent with the EM-1 were fun, not a bad weapon. Pretty awesome moving accuracy it seemed. Another awesome bonus was the rage tells from Xolid after smacking him with it :D
  10. Jogido

    believe or not, i didn't like the em6 that much. It preforms well, but I rather have good hipfire so I like the Anchor and Em1.

    All in all I think they all are pretty good. I Auraxium all of the NC LMG so I got got the basic feel of them and don't really think one in particular sucks.
  11. Nobalification

    T16 and EM1 have same stats, this gun is awesome for it manuverability but i think (dont know must look at it again) EM1 have better dmg than T16
  12. KnightCole

    I prefer a weapon that performs well in almost all situations so as not to leave me feeling to overly helpless. So I can be ready to face any situation with return fire. Hence the Em6 being my favorite. It seems to do just that.

    The Anchor I cant argue looks like a good gun. It has the EM6 dmg/rof and has Adv laser, but only 50 rounds. Good HIpfire. I had thought about getting it at some point, maybe next time I have 1K certs and nothing to do with it.
  13. KnightCole

    Maybe a slightly longer damage degradation range, but the T16 and EM1 have exactly the same damage.

    And no, they cannot possibly be the same. The recoil on the EM1 is worse compared to T16. T16 has...well, its safe to say, no recoil at all. I took it into VR and the recoil I do not even notice. The T16 looks like it'd be great with a 3.4x and an ExMag for long range dakka to the head.

    Oh, plus dem T16 Iron Sights....I wish, so how I wish, I could take those Iron sights and put them on every single gun I use. THey are so clear, so precise...to easy to use. I love em.

    Now look at the Em1 Irons..........I would love to see a video of someone using those and getting anywhere.
  14. lilleAllan

    T16's high bullet velocity combined with advanced foregrip makes it insanely accurate at midrange.

    EM1's bad stock hip accuracy combined with adv laser and low fire rate makes it... a stupid weapon which outclassed by the superior Anchor in CQC and EM6 at mid range.
  15. SquattingPig

    You guys are missing the point. The EM1 w/ ALS is better than the EM6 up close and better than the Anchor at range. That's why it's a good all-around gun if you have trouble controlling recoil.

    KnightCole, you should look at the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...LMG&sortcolid=-1&sortasc=true&rowsperpage=250

    The EM1 has doesn't have a lot more recoil than the T16, and it seems like you haven't even used it outside the VR.
  16. KnightCole

    Umm......I have checked, the EM1 doesnt get Adv Laser outside the VR. Idk where this Adv laser bit comes from.

    I have no issues with my EM6 pretty mcuh anywhere. I need it for CQC? I slap on the suppressor or just run no barrel gizmo and slap on the laser sight. I need long range? I have the grip, comp and x2. I need to be a ninja? Suppressor and exmags. Ive got what? 2839 kills with the EM6, cant get enough of this thing.

    I have used the EM1 and T16 in the VR, yeah, the T16 has next to no noticeable recoil. Idc what a spread sheet says. Im not saying Em1 recoil is bad, its very, very good...but T16 is perfect recoil...next to none.

    I did use the Em1 outside VR, I had this alt, KnightGhostbear...he had the EM1, I hated the EM1......I would never buy it on my main guy. Yeah, I had about 100 kills with the EM1 but I woulda had 130 if the EM1 didnt suck so bad.

    UNlike the EM6, the EM1 will fail you when you need it the most. Ambushed? need to quickly put the target down? EM1 will get you killed, straight up. Head to head fight? You shoot first? Em1 will either get you killed, with the enemy at a sliver of HP, or more shot up then you shoulda been, or the target will get away, despite having been shot with like 15 rounds in the process.

    Meanwhile, EM6, ambushed? Just gotta quickly spin, aim and blam dead. It will win if your quick enough on the trigger.

    Head to head? You shoot first? The target will be dead, prolly with you still with your health bar and sometimes without your shield even going out.

    Hell, the Gauss SAW is better then the EM1 most times....its damage is amazing. Unlike EM1....

    Anyone have Youtube vids of them owning with an EM1?
  17. SquattingPig

    Wow....... tons of people in this thread have been talking about how good the EM1 with advanced laser. Did you just ignore all their comments? Come on, you didn't check or you obviously would have seen the advanced laser. See here: http://www.ign.com/wikis/planetside-2/EM1_LMG or actually check in game.

    We've been using it with advanced laser and having success because it has tigher hipfire COF than the EM6, making a better CQC gun. You can reliably hipfire and headshot people while moving in CQC. You're exaggerating the difference in TTK of the EM1 compared to other guns. At the highest level, against top Orion users, sure you'll lose. But the TTK of these guns aren't that different, especially with how easy it is to control.

    Just Google "planetside em1 advanced laser" and you get this video:
  18. KnightCole

    I walked out into the Warpgate, clicked EM1 and didnt see an Adv Laser.......maybe cuz it was to early in the morning I missed it? Ugh...guess ill check again haha.
  19. SquattingPig

    To see the advanced laser you need to unlock the laser first. Look at the GR-22 and Carnage BR attachments and see what they have.
  20. KnightCole

    Ooooohhh...thats why, SoE is being ********. THey hide the Adv laser under the laser....yet in VR they display them both.....