EM1. Why use it?

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  1. disgruntled newbie

    Actually, according to Dasanfall's stats, both the EM1 and EM6 have a statistical KDR over 1. The EM1 is 1.22:1 overall and 1.5 for auraxium users only (people who have plausibly "mained" it), while the EM6 is 1.55:1 overall and 1.86 for auraxium users only.

    Oddly, the observed difference in average time to kill is much much greater than the difference in actual DPS and the average hit ratio is much less different than you would expect by comparing the handling of the two weapons.

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  3. KnightCole

    Im going to get it soon on my alt toon just to see what its like, maybe if I cert it for CQC with adv laser and crap it might be aight....but I do have my doubts.
  4. hansgrosse

    I don't main heavy, but when I'm in HA mode I'm usually carrying an EM1. I'd me willing to lay money down on my K/D with the thing being well over 1, but I don't know if there's a way to actually check that. :p

    It's a great gun, and my personal favorite out of the NC LMG lineup.
  5. KnightCole

    Well, after a nice long fight with the Em1, 39 kills later I think, I conclude this gun is aight. ExMag seems to be a neccesity on it. Flys through ammo. Certainly not worth a pinch of **** past a few meters, but its aight.

    Its a fun gun to fire, sounds really cool.
  6. Snotgurg

    What I like about it is that it just feels responsive, and it's easy to get a series of headhots due to the low recoil.
  7. KnightCole

    After another run with it, yeah, it shows why I hate 143@652 guns so goddamn much.

    Saerro, LA hops on down off the tower on my head, I see him coming a mile away. I open fire, drill him as he drops, drill him when he drops, he ADADADAD....shot gun blast, miss, keep drilling him, shotgun im dead.

    Saerro, nother HA, I see him, he doesnt see me. I open fire first, few plinks off him, he comes back in, I open fire first yet again, unload on his ***....we both die.

    Later at Andvari, 2 HAs keep running out of the base, I unload on them way the hell first, hitting them as they run along, eventually they turn around and open fire on me, this after about 3seconds of soild fire on them. I win with like 2 ticks of HP left.

    Oh, lets go to Allatum just now, an HA runs across the road, I unload on him. He hops behind a tree, pokes out the other side, I shoot him in teh head again. He ducks, I charge, up over the tree and finally kill him. But the catch here is, the eternity it took me to kill that HA gave his LA friend time to join the fight. Me and LA ended up dying together. Same thing a few moments later.

    The EM1 and other guns like it, they are those guns that leave you wonder how the **** did I lose that? Or I find myself saying...you can die now...damn son... Or...wow, how many more rounds you need dude? Its like goddamn.

    THis is a gun I would not buy again.....its why its on my alt toon lol....
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  8. Snotgurg

    Aim for the head and you'll do a lot better.
  9. Adept

    It's a gun that worked ok with forward grip and reflex sight. Anything else actually hurt it's performance.
    It's not godly weapon - there I agree.
  10. KnightCole

    Ugh, would not buy this weapon again.....yikes.
  11. LownWolfe

    I use the EM1 cause when I kill guy, you know he looks at his death screen and just quietly says mother ******, how did I die to the EM1?
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  12. Jogido

    I think most of use can relate to these stories with any weapon at one point.

    Sometimes the weapon's inherent disadvantage can be a major factor to losing an encounter. Did you loose these fights because of the EM1's lack of damage? But....since the EM1 makes up for lower damage with faster RoF, that would imply that you are missing too often. So maybe this weapon is just not you cup of tea.

    It's perfectly valid to say weapon X is not fit for Person A, but it might work just fine for Person B.
  13. KnightCole

    Missing to much? If this was the case I would realize this. I would have me to blame for it. The EM1 makes up for damage with RoF but its not enough RoF to balance out the Damage.

    142@652 is just not a good Damage to RoF ratio in this game. THe 143@750-800...thats the peak RoF for that damage range. Anything lower fails more often than not.

    And you say we all experience these instances with all guns, but with the Em1 is just a hellva lot more frequent.
  14. Jogido

    Your stories seem to indicate that you have plenty of time to drop your target with the EM1 so it's just a guess.

    For me, I actually experienced more issues with the Gauss Saw at extreme close range, but just speaking for myself.
  15. disgruntled newbie

    I am forced to wonder how many people are suffering from confirmation bias on this. Do they do badly with the EM1 because it's a bad weapon, or do they do badly with the EM1 because they are coming to the table with the preconceived idea that it's a bad weapon? What would the results be if we gave a bunch of new players different LMGs without telling them the names or what the "conventional wisdom" is regarding them?
  16. KnightCole

    Thats the whole point. The TTK on the EM1 is measured in minutes, not seconds....it seems to take forever to kill stuff. Hell, ive caught guys point blank, 1v1 mostly stationary and it just wont kill anything.

    The Gauss SAW misses at close range due to LoW ROF and the enemy just hipfire ADADADAD you.
  17. Noppa

    Got my Auraxium with it and im not gonna use it anymore, horrible weapon .. ns-15m / Blitz is the way to go for me atm with HA.
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  19. KnightCole

    Exactly that...Em1 is a joke. Its like the TR T16 minus that amazing accuracy.
  20. thePankakeManne

    Adv. Laser Sight.

    'Nuff said.