EM1. Why use it?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by MykeMichail, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. ColdCheezePizza

    adv laser suppressor silent spam ftw, the 200 round drum is fun too and with that reload speed its essentially a 400 round spammer with very manageable recoil for an LMG. Could use .75ads though ;)
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  2. LayZ

    I like the EM1.
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  3. Odan.be

    I Unlocked the EM1 Yesterday, and frankly, I don't get all the hate...
    It's a decent gun and does what it should do , it is a bullethose...
    After Auraxium with Godsaw, EM6 and GD22 it is a relief to fire a such a manageable gun !
    I am sure i'll hit auraxium with it in no time !
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  4. Sossen

    It's not bad, but it's inferior.
  5. pnkdth

    652RPM master race.
  6. hansgrosse

    Dunno about that. Imo, a weapon's superiority lies in how well you exploit its strengths. The EM1 may be inferior for you and your playstyle, but it's my best and favorite NC LMG. It can and does excel in the right hands.
  7. SquattingPig

    Following up on my last post, I Auraxiumed the EM1 last night, then switched back to the SAW, Anchor, and EM6 to compare them. While the Anchor with foregrip and EM6 with the laser sight felt pretty good, the EM1 was still better for me as an all-purpose weapon with the low vertical recoil and the advanced laser. I'm going to use the other LMGs for a while to see if I can get their stats close to my EM1 stats, but I my EM1 stats are so much higher than my stats for other guns that it's hard to imagine that happening.
  8. MurderBunneh

    Just get a Cyclone and forget the rest.
  9. Pikachu

    I use it because I was curious and I have purple mdeal on gauss saw. It looks pretty. Same box design as our shotguns and DMR and AC-X11. Performance is disappointing though. Damage drops faster than slugs it feel. It takes so many bullets to kill from range. The accuracy isnt good enough to make up for it. Big magazine is redundant. 50 bullets is good for anything thats not a deployed/stable protected machine gun, like kobalt. I bet that cheap gun that looks like anchor is better. Btw the soft point ammo option is useless IMO just like HVA. Neither has any effect on damage within at least 80m range.
  10. lilleAllan



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  11. Odan.be

    I already have a cyclone, and I like the EM1 more due to its sustainability, 200 mag bullet-hose, that performs reasonable well at all ranges.
    People tend to forget that favouring a weapon, all comes down to playstyle.
    Also in PS2 RPM is more a factor then raw shot damage.
    While the EM6 and Godsaw are very good and nice weopons ( i like them very much, as they carry the NC traits tradition), The fact that the EM1 has a higher RPM, in combination with smaller COF , lower recoil and Clientside hit detection ( very important in ps2) makes up for the lower damage per shot , as you will likely land more bullets on target over time than you would with the for example with the godsaw. So you end up with more ACTUAL DPS on the EM1 then EM6/SAW. This even works more in your favor if you are a bad shot.
    This is why High RPM weopons are so "user friendly" in this game, and why NC is concidered the "hard" faction :)... although I do not support that believe :)
  12. lilleAllan

    Correction: EM1 has more horizontal recoil, less recoil decrease, worse CoF and a higher first shot multiplier than EM6.
    EM6 has more vertical recoil, which can be compensated for.
    EM1 does bloom slightly less pr shot but shoots faster.
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  13. SquattingPig

    Not sure what's wrong with those choices. My goal is a solid CQC weapon which can still do okay at long range, i.e. the EM1 with ALS. The Anchor already has a good hipfire COF so I put a foregrip on it. The EM6 is a pretty bad hipfire COF so I put a laser on it.
  14. Rikkit

    If got a bullet with a name on it.... oh wait i have found 199 another bullets with a name on it. wait a momment....

    Sadly in PS2 are no doors. so we need something to close doorways. if we dont want to get the ennemy inside right?
    Well, that is the point where the EM1 shines. just sit on the ammopack from the friendly engeneer pull out your EM1 with extended mag and fire at the door. By doing so, you marked the door as closed. the dump player will come in and die, or come in run away and cry for a medic and die somewhere else. the inteligent player will look for an other entry and shoot you in the back (that is the point where you need your friends to support you) or he will try to kill you with grenades and rockets. So in my opinion the EM1 is aweapon wich is useable at midrange, and shines when you need supressing fire. (Not that kind of fire to start when you see an ennemy, that kind of fire you start to say "You shall not pass")
  15. Posse

    Against only one guy with an EM1? I'd just throw a frag grenade, force him to move, enter the room and shoot him to death with a Orion easily.
  16. CanadianAttackBeaver

    For anyone spewing negative nonsense about the EM1, just watch this video. Wrel lays it out nicely, pros and cons.
  17. Scientiarum

    I guess people that have played NC for a long time and have gotten used to NC style guns might be confused by this weapon. My main is VS and when I started my NC character and trialed the EM1 I knew right away that was the LMG for me. Bought it, love it. Honestly it is more comparable to TR weaponry though I'd say, but that isn't a bad thing either.
  18. KnightCole

    Ugh, ive died to the EM1 as my TR, how embarrassing. But in all seriousness I got hit in the *** and didnt even get to fire back. I prolly woulda won otherwise, but no excuses...I died to the EMbarrassing1
  19. shd

    NC weapons already have small horizontal recoil and adv. laser turns Anchor into a hipfire smg. It also has a small one directional horizontal recoil (imo the best NC gun) and is surprisingly good at mid range. EM6 is more a personal preference, I picked grip for long range engagements as i felt comfortable enough in cq with it. EM1 is a suppression bullet hose. You will get owned in a hipfire duel against pretty much anything (equal skill assumed) and while i advocate getting advanced anything available on a particular gun EM1 will probably get more out of the grip as it isn't really a hipfire weapon (it also has the biggest horizontal recoil of all NC lmg's).
  20. SquattingPig

    ADSing with the Anchor without foregrip feels really jerky compared to the MSW-R so I want to use the foregrip for most situations. I pull out the laser for tower battles, but other than that I prefer having the foregrip when I need to ADS. Basically I want to use the same loadout for a really long time without having to switch so foregrip is better for me.

    EM1 with the ALS allows you to reliably hipfire and headshot while doing the ADAD stuff, and I've run into very few players on Connery who hipfire for the head so getting into a hipfire battle is no problem.

    My stats show that with the EM1 and ALS I've been much better than I've ever been with any other weapon, including the Rhino with the advanced foregrip. There's a massive difference in every metric between the two except for HS/K ratio. NC character: https://players.planetside2.com/#!/5428010917270257681/weapons TR character: https://players.planetside2.com/#!/5428031585314444753/weapons