Either They Don't Know...Don't Show...Or Don't Care About What's Goin' On In The 'Hood.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Roxputin, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Roxputin

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  2. Laraso

    I don't get it.
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  3. xGreedFuSioN

    Because you're NC.
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  4. Roxputin

    I will explain it to you then. Population Imbalances on every server are ruining the game experience for a lot of players. SOE is quiet and so will my billfold be.
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  5. Tobax

    Every server? not having much trouble on Miller and when they run an alert its normally 33% pop per empire, though yes I know most servers do have issues.
  6. Goden

    At least once or twice a day, one of the factions goes 60%+ on Connery. Normal population is VS at around 28%, NC around 40, and TR somewhere in the middle.
  7. Twistdlester

    its a quote from a movie
  8. Phazaar

    Useless post is as useless as the server that inspired it. Come join Miller. Miller NC would love to be further outnumbered.
  9. Spartan 117

    If we are to resolve this then people need to start supporting hard changes. If you want servers to have even pop balances here is just the beginning of what needs to happen:

    Vanu get aesthetics overhaul because they look awful


    3 hour timer between switching factions


    Can not have character from different empires on same server
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  10. gavinbrindstar

    That's why the NC controls the majority of Indar, right?
  11. Astealoth

    why don't they just make a damned log in queue for the highest faction when that faction reaches like 15% pop advantage over the lowest guy? would throttle the impatient winning team joiners

    it would be a pretty good business move too, would make subscriber queue priority feel a lot more meaningful.
  12. Lucidius134

    Welcome to north gate, the stupidest WG in the game (2nd place goes to amerish south gate and having a tech plant 2 hexes away from the WG)
  13. Captain Kid

    I haven't noticed an imbalance.
    I play on Miller.
  14. Roxputin

    I am glad that your experience is not bolstered by what we have been dealing with since release. You go girl.
  15. Tobax

    That much is being done for all 3 factions.
  16. Zaik

    you're right, soe should pick random nc and delete their characters and only allow them to make vs or tr.

    that's a great way to make you happy right now and piss on everyone else.
  17. Roxputin

    I feel like I have been pissed on since Connery was started. Seems fair.
  18. sigur

    You sure you're playing on Miller, mate? ;)
  19. BHB_rightnow

  20. Zaik

    sorry? should have come to mattherson, our pop issues have only been showing recently, aside from the global VS ragequit when they got put in the southeast indar warpgate.
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