Either fix PPA, or nerf Canister

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mechwolf, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Fellgnome

    Halberd, the official secondary vehicle weapon of the Terran Republic.
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  2. Mechwolf

    When NC has the IWinShield complete with the only turret that can 1 hit kill with a spread in the game, after the 3 hit kill gun has been nerfed into oblivion. NC is nowhere near the underdog anymore. As a matter of fact. The fact that it can 1 hit kill makes it just as OP as a 3 hit kill snipe weapon. Given the fact that most people who use Canister harassers also upgrade vehicle stealth so you can't see where they are AT ALL and then they 1 hit kill you. Without a chance to respond. At least with the PPA you had somewhat of a chance to respond.
  3. Schizomatic

    I always thought it was the Vulcan. Seems like every TR Harasser I've seen deploy it.
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  4. Mxiter

    Yay balanced VS weapons needs buffs to be competitive!

    oh wait a moment!:eek:
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  5. Alarox

    Canister OP.

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  6. MasterDemoman

    I wish my weapons could be so overly balanced :eek:
  7. y3ivan

    try harder
  8. Killuminati C

    Lol. Congratulations forumside, you have reached a new level of fail.

    I think I was killed by a canister once but whatever, if it helps the VS to cope with their adjustment to their PPA spawncamping then I don't care. The canister doesn't encourage spam thus single handedly destroying fights so meh...
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  9. Ixidron

    Cannister and Marauder are ok, still cannister has shorter effective range than PPA and Marauder, it OHK at point blank because it's a shotgun, sure, Canuster is the best AI weapon now, but it's not overperforming, it's the best because the PPA is no longer killing everything.

    If the most intelligent man on earth dies, the second most intelligent becomes the most intelligent, does that mean he got smarter? nope.
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  10. \m/SLAYER\m/

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  11. Moz

    Best AI gun? Kobalt..... by a bus ride!!
  12. Nody

    Except the minor bit of the fact Magrider has the worst main cannon and Marauder sits on a Prowler which can also lock down with the best main cannon in game to play artillery; but lets not such minor things have any impact...
  13. Killuminati C

    I'd actually like to see the magriders velocity buffed myself. Not excessively mind you as they can still get to places a vanguard or prowler never could. And I abhor the idea of vehicular suppressive dominance hence why I find myself in this sorry thread.
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  14. Ixidron

    What does that have to do with AI weapons? If you are trying to make a point please clarify.
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  15. Sobdude

    BS thread. Really. "Nerf the Canister". Oh LOL.
    What else raging VS players will offer? This will be a funny forumside week.
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  16. SerasVic

    After PEW PEW PEW spam



    can't believe those vanus, seriously?
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  17. Xasapis

    We only got a days data, so not much to draw conclusions from. As an early indication though, the Canister is indeed the best performer for that single day, followed closely by the the PPA, while the Marauder is further back.

    That does coincide with my assumption that the PPA is now a Canister variant, but we'll need more days and people to adjust a bit better to the changes, to draw any definite conclusions.
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  18. Goretzu

    Er.... ok.

    So the Cannister was by far the worst performing secondary for over 2 years before getting buffed to an OK place, the PPA gets nerfed and now it needs to be nerfed. o_O

    I don't know if you've noticed, but the Cannister even now doesn't exactly perform well (just a lot better than it did), I wouldn't be surprised if the new PPA still didn't out-perform it.
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  19. Nody

    The fact you can't take a weapon with out looking at the platform it's on. On the 'rasser I don't see any problems with the current PPA. It's a good fit (close range spam drive by) but on the Magrider you also need to take into account the main gun. This was stated by Highby as one of the reasons TR secondaries would not be as good because their main gun was so strong that having equal secondaries would make the Prowler OP by comparison. This is also why for the Magrider the secondary deals MORE damage then the main gun which means having 2/2 makes a whole lot of difference compared to the Prowler (and is one of the driving forces for the disparity in secondary gunners).

    Yet now we're going into the territory were both Prowler and Magrider's best secondary is NS (Hailbird) which means the Prowler has a clear advantage (it's suppose weaker secondary is now equal) as it is better in CQ (two shots), better at long range (lock down) with a better main cannon (higher DPS, lower ttk), with equal secondary, equal armor etc. This is were the secondary AI MBT weapon issue comes in to it. The supposed disadvantage is not there any more.

    Of course if I had been given the choice I'd not have given a secondary AI weapon in the first place to MBTs but that's a design decision taken and now needs to be dealt with.
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  20. Goretzu

    Er what. o_O

    The Marauder was waaaaaay ahead before it was nerfed, even on the MBTs (admittedly on the Harrassers it was even worse).

    The Cannister now is performing at about the level of the Marauder and that is after being much worse for most of its existance (and if you look at higher experience peformers the Marauder is doing even better).

    So the same sort of performance from the Marauder and Cannister = the Cannister being nerfed and the Marauder being buffed according to you! :rolleyes: :D
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