EEU Community Pre-season Clash - [MercenaryS] vs [Outfit418]

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  1. Loui5D

    Part 1 -

    Part 2 -

    Part 3 -

    Thanks to all who took part, all the guys who helped in organising and the casters.
  2. Crashsplash

    I have to say these things are a big surprise to me in as much as I didn't think I would enjoy watching but I do.

    Well played Mercs and 418
  3. LibertyRevolution

    Was this one any better than that last one with FTCW vs ZAPS?
  4. Crashsplash

    I didn't see that one so I can't compare.

    This one, well it wasn't close. The mercs won the first round outright with time to spare and in the second would have done given an extrat 2-3 minutes I'd guess.

    The interesting thing was the difference in tactics and cohesion and the speed with which they could respond. Having played against the mercs for many a year I wasn't surprised and no doubt they'll be contenders to win the season proper.

    I'd like to see a match between INI and Mercs. :)
  5. Locke

    As Louis links seems to be broken on these boards here is the direct link to the match for anyone interested (C&P the relevant part):


    While the match was pretty one sided if you just look at the result the outfit 418 did a great job of staying in the fight (especially the second half) rather than just crumbling which made it quite entertaining to play in and to watch. It was certainly better than the FCvsZAPS match.
  6. Luighseach

    None of these seems to be working for me. Anyone have any other links to the broadcasts or videos of the match.
  7. Loui5D

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  8. Luighseach