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Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by oberchingus, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Bushdoctor

    Join ECUS and get your Auraxium Lumifiber today!
  2. oberchingus

    ECUS videos are special. We laugh so much - the camera shakes incessantly!

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  3. oberchingus

    ECUS is now in the heavy cavalry business as well. Apply within!
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  4. Icedude94

    When I'm on the hunt in my vanguard, these guys are the only harrassers that I fear. If I see just one, I start frantically looking around for the others and know that my death is imminent...
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  5. oberchingus

    Funny you should say that. When I see you in your Vanguard, I frantically look around for Sh0dude in his tank too or him and coolgolfer in their harassers......speaking of which - where has golfer been?
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  6. Icedude94

    He's still around but he's been playing a lot of DayZ and H1Z1 with us.
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  7. oberchingus

    Bump for the WitchHorn!!
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  8. oberchingus

    Bumping for 2015
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  9. oberchingus

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  10. oberchingus

    April Bump Post!
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  11. oberchingus

    Bumping for shenanigans and keep on rockin the free world!
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  12. oberchingus

    Bumping to show off our new logo/decal/reason for being!
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  13. oberchingus

    Hey man, I know this is a year old post, but if you still play Vanu - ECUS is now on Vanu. Catch us while you still can, before we move to NC next! We play all factions of course, but now main on VS.
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  14. oberchingus

  15. Sn0w

    Hey there, i'm a lowly infantry peasant and have only recently discovered the joys of the harasser, and was wondering if I could roll with you guys sometime. Still in the process of dumping certs in my harasser, but i've got TS and a mic. Oh, and I main VS. I have a TR alt as well but don't have the harasser certed out at all on him.
  16. oberchingus

    Hi there, you sure can - hop into our teamspeak. The address is: and we play all factions. Just send a message to anyone with an ECUS tag requesting for TS permissions and then join whatever harasser squads are available.
  17. oberchingus

    Original post updated. After 4 years, we've decided to change our requirements to a more casual approach.

  18. oberchingus