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  1. Tempname19

    I have never heard anyone in ECUS or hanging out with ECUS say anything about you but "I got TK'ed by Akon again" and "Akons around, watch your back." If theres actually anyone activly harassing you from ECUS, take a screenshot/video and send it to me, I will talk to whoever is harassing you. But as is right now, the only aggression I have ever seen was from you and that was unprovoked every time. I got attacked by you multiple times without ever having interacted with you. If you were to join us (which probably wont happen after all the incidents) once which you are claiming to have done (noone of ECUS remembers seeing you in a squad/on ts) you would realize that none of us are people to attack a person without reason.

    Also what the hell are you talking about here:

    I would consider ECUS as the complete opposite of a wannabe MLG-Pro outfit that harasses people for being bad. We are a fun outfit, we drive the Harasser because its fun. Everyone is open to join us (if he isnt being a ********), no matter level of skill. We dont consider us as pro-players, we are here to have fun, mainly with the Harasser. We do know some stuff about Harassing, since we basically always run Harassers, but none of us claim to be pro at the game. Anyway theres no reason for this **** to be in this thread, if you have a problem with anyone, talk to that person and me/fodollah/bush/raffika.
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  2. Bushdoctor

    First of all AKON first came on ECUS' radar because he team killed a few of our harassers about 3 months ago. You killed Feench and his gunner several times and made our day miserable so we did what any outfit or group of friends would do, TK'd you. It must have broken your troll heart because for the remaining months you continued to be a royal pain in our ***, tk'ing us or trolling us whenever you saw us.

    Some of our members replied to you probably called you names and said some nasty things but as far as Im concerned it was well deserved.

    "A Bad Player Who Pads His Stats" someone else must have said this because we dont give a **** about stats nor would we accuse someone of padding your stats. We never looked at you as someone other than a Troll

    MLG wanna be? This is the worst claim ever if someone called you this i will call them out its just lame.

    Farmer who gets nothing done? Does this keep you up all night? No one from ECUS knows your playstyle or anything about you enough to claim that.

    as for the Cohort thing, Ive personally talked to members of the Cohort and have heard some horrible things about you being a "troll of epic proportions" Cohort are our allies and its much easier to be their ally without you TK'ing everyone in ECUS

    You were never considered for ECUS so your not an ECUS reject. THe though of you joining our outfit never occured to any of our members just to make that clear.

    ECUS being an overrated Harasser outfit:
    This comes from your experience playing against us?
    Based on what?
    We think we're the best Harasser outfit in Planetside, we were the first and only Harasser-focused outfit on this game. Your claims of
    " I'm a more effective player who isn't tied down to strictly Harassing, ESFs, other Vehicles, or Infantry while being still a fresh player compared to all these year plus players. Keep coming up with excuses as to why a player with less experience on planetside can perform better"

    What warranted this or are you just gloating? We dont really give a **** that you think you are a "Fresh" player or well rounded as we dont pay attention to people who troll and TK us. The only reason Im even responding to you is because you took it upon yourself to post here on our recruitment forums.

    Stop trying to ruin peoples day and just play the damn game. If you really get off on trolling people and starting flame wars then nobody will stop you but good luck making friends that way. You are still enemy to us and only months of of TKing us will cause us to go there and only MONTHS of leaving us alone will make us forget about you. Until then you arent an "ECUS Reject" or an "MLG wanna be" you are just an ******* who lives under a bridge.
  3. EGuardian1

    If it makes ECUS feel better, I wubs you all. Even when you're halberding my cartwheeling reaver from 400m away (GDAMN it guys, SERSIOULY?)

    Although I do Air Hammer you guys often. It wasn't till I played TR for awhile that I realized how terrifying that weapons is on the receiving end.
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  4. dstock

    You know what bullhorns are for? Goring you while you're flying that stupid plane :p

    As for the few posts before yours, who is that guy, the new GeneralVega? In all seriousness, though, considering the run-on paragraph, complete ignorance of capitalization rules, and the fact that he put in 3 weeks of play-time in <4 months, you guys are probably arguing with a 12 year old. Just saying...
  5. KoS-1

    What's funny...many have wondered the same it GeneralVega on another toon.

    And he's not 12. I heard him on prox chat. I would put him in the late teens to early twenties.
  6. EGuardian1

    During SS emerald vs cobalt, RCN6 and I got about five scythes interlocked in the warp gate with their forward blades. I made a game of trying to "hook" other scythes. :)

    Oh and Alaro x did he math for me. 10.8% of my reaver kills are roadkills. That's not counting the other 10+ I got yesterday.
  7. oberchingus

    I think you're right. Trolls are fun. I consider us very lucky: If we were PREY, we'd have 1000 trolls and if I was rguitar, I'd have the pleasure of clicking the Application DENIED button 30 times every time I logged in the game. Thankfully, bad PR is great PR, and we get nothing but props from outfits and players everywhere, especially those that come to harass with us.

    In other news, where have you been? Taking another break?
  8. ObtuseCanadian

    Hey all!

    Here is a link to my latest video:

    It explores some of my pumpkin adventures!
  9. oberchingus

    Great Video OC!

    Join ECUS today and you too can be filmed doing Pumpkin hunts!

    Or maybe you prefer falling off cliffs and running over your outfit mates (accidentally of course)

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  10. dstock

    Raking up certs with a Rep Sundy, spamming GSD Harassers into Sungrey Amp, and driving vehicles into places they aren't supposed to go (I had my Sundy in Sub. Nanite Analysis on Amerish on Friday night).

    Nothing out of the ordinary...

    Oh, and destroying my K/D with the Valkyrie. After 5k+ certs (just on my TR ;)) and roughly 18hours inside of one, I'm about ready to put that POS on the shelf where it belongs. It's such fun to fly, but it's terribly unrewarding towards your score, regardless of playstyle.
  11. ObtuseCanadian

    Hey all,

    Here is a video I made a little while back about Pumpkin Hunting!

    Let me know what you think in the comments!!!
  12. oberchingus

    I think you're maniacal!
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  13. Tempname19

  14. oberchingus

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  15. ObtuseCanadian

    A great video! Hope to go there again sometime soon!
  16. Colonelveers12

    Dang, how do you guys always get the best music for your videos.
  17. Loui5D

    Needs more waltz.
  18. oberchingus

    Cause we have musical ears!
  19. wizofoz

    I'd be willing to roll a TR engineer if i can blow up stuff like this
  20. oberchingus

    There are some high octane, incredible explosions to be experienced when you're running with the most maniacal harasser crew in the game, lemme tell ya!

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