Eclipse VE3=Worst gun ever?

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  1. Akashar

    I am currently in the process of auraxiuming it. I wanted to wait to finish the 1160 kills to do this but I just can't wait.
    Let's talk about the gun, if you will.
    698 @ 143 is not THAT bad, if you consider that the solstice shares this stat with it.
    And its hipfire stats are decent.
    That's all for the good part.
    There are major drawbacks to this weapon, and the first one of them is the ridiculous magazine size.
    When the Betelgeuse loses 5 round, it is 10% of a 50 rounds mag, no big deal, the gun is still excellent overall.
    But when a 30 rounds magazine loses 5 rounds, it is more like 16.6% of the mag.
    So this 25 rounds mag is empty in 2.1 seconds, which is not much. Add to this that the heating mechanic forces you to stop firing for much too long to allow it to cool down if you want to use the "no reload" mechanic, and you have a gun that can't fire more often than not.
    With good hipfire stats, you would be tempted to use it this way, but the small mag size will ensure that a full mag can not really kill a strafing target, even with a 30% precision, and worse if they got NW. So all that is left is mid range, without forward grip, yay.

    Don't even start me on the "shotgun" for last ditch scenario, as using this weapon looks much like a last ditch scenario in the first place.

    Verdict: If your only goal in life is to unlock and auraxium every gun in the game, go for it.
    But this weapon has no versatility, and no role where it outshines anything else.

    Oh yes, I have a good memory with it, a 16 KS on top of a tower, mowing br 5 that went on the landing pads. Yay, great memories, so good.
  2. nehylen

    When the Betelgeuse fires 5 rounds it's 1/8th (12.5%), as the magazine size is 40 and not 50. True the infinite ammo is a high price to pay for a 25 rounds mag but it has a sort of niche, at least on LA.
    I'm not saying it's great but, LS on a carbine is good, UB shotgun is ok in my book (though very circumstancial) and the Solstice base is still very controllable without a foregrip.
    I'd prefer finite ammo with a 30 rounds mag, but the gun is still workable.

    I've set myself on a mission to unlock directive guns, so i have all heat-based guns (barely touched the Eclipse, and my BG is just newly unlocked), but the true catastrophe is undeniably the Darkstar. The best way i could describe the Darkstar is as an auto scout rifle with AR velocity: it shares the low mag size and awful hipfire (thanks to the useless compensator).

    I've understood from twitter/reddit that the heat based guns will be modified in the upcoming patch (no reload, standard mag), but i must admit i fear it'll be worse.
  3. Akashar

    Thanks for the informations! About the betelgeuse part, however, in my book the magazine size is 45, not 40, is there some "proof" of one or the other somewhere? I just counted the impacts so I may be wrong.
  4. Prudentia

    well considering that you reloading is faster than cooling down after 7 or 8 shots (not sure about the exact number anymore) the heat mechanic truly is completly useless on the eclipse. if you got you kill you can just always reload faster and have the 24 shots back while cooling down might leave you with only 20 against the next enemy :confused:
  5. SanPelicano

    if you think Eclipse is the worst gun, its clear you dont know the Darkstar... A pure garbage, totally useless gun,there is no niche/circumstance where it shines...
    Its shame you have to get almost 6k kills for that.
  6. Akashar

    I was tempted by the medic classe for the darkstar... Dark times ahead I'm afraid, as knowing myself once I'll have unlocked it I'll try to auraxium it.
  7. Ianneman

    Compensation for Sirius and Eridani being overpowered.
  8. Akashar

    I don't see your point, this has nothing to do with prestige weapons.
  9. Ballto21





    Fast reload? Eh, ok not gamebreaking considering the extra 100+DPS on the armistice

    The cyclone is best smg overall anyway

    The Sirius is amazing yes but thats because its recoil patterns are exploitable in CQC hipfire, which is a pain in the ***. Other than that its on par with the hailstorm except higher ROF and less ammo.
  10. nehylen

    40 is the word of mouth i've always heard at this point. Unfortunately the BG doesn't have semi-auto firing mode available which makes things a bit annoying to figure out. The best way i came up for now, is to dump a whole mag in VR while moving the crosshair in a linear fashion, then counted the impacts. It's not precise, but i came around 40 impacts every time, rather than around 45.

    It's 25 on Eclipse/Darkstar(i counted in semi auto). Not that it changes much...And i hadn't thought of it that way, but it's true you lose half the point of a heat mechanic when your short reload is a quick one like our default-based 30x143 guns tend to have.
    I think i've never reloaded on any gun as often as i did in my few hundred kills with the Dorkstar.
  11. Akashar

    That's funny because I did the same, and ended up around 45, one of us must be an idiot, it may be me.^^
  12. Ballto21

    its a pain in the *** to tell. it could be 45 it could be 40, depends on if you somehow ****** up the charge mechanic and got an extra shot or two off.

    Either way, 20% less than LMG ammo is more forgiving than 10% carbine
  13. Akashar

    I can totally agree, especially when the LMG has a better dps than the carbine for a start.
  14. Xasapis

    I counted the shots myself, multiple times. It's 40. Makes sense too, they removed 20% of the magazine from all the weapons that have the heat mechanism.
  15. JonboyX

    Same DPS as the AC-X11. Similar bullet count. Sounds like a similar reload time.
    Having not touched the VS gun, and therefore purely speculating, just wondering if this is meant to be a closer range VS version? ACX has no hip fire ability, and astonishingly has abysmal bullet velocity.

    Anyway ... it certainly sounds drab by the way you've described it. Be glad it's not a 20 bullet clip like the old ACX was.
  16. Akashar

    A 200 damages version would have been interesting, as with the heating mechanic you would have paced your shots more... But with 143 damages, look at it:
    30% precision in 25 bullets gives you 8 hits, the standard ttk is 7 bullets, so a whole mag can kill someone. With the ACX11, you can do more IMO, as the dpm is much much higher.
  17. FnkyTwn

    I have it on pretty much the best authority that the Darkstar is amazing.

    And the Eclipse is getting at least 5 more bullets. Confirmed. All the VS heat mechanic guns are, except the Battlegoose.
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  18. Akashar

    Cool, another news that went through the forum without leaving its mark! ^^ Thanks for the information! :)
  19. SanPelicano

    Amazing for what?
  20. FnkyTwn

    Killing mans