Easy way to get Certs?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by lonesome killer, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. lonesome killer

    Title says it all. Anyone have a good way to earn certs fast? The best way I've found so far is to get into a lucky battle as engineer or medic. I was repairing a MAX for about 20 minutes. Got tons of certs.
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  2. Xylogenesis

    It's only a matter of time before people stop playing the game and just start colluding to grind certs.
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  3. G1n

    OP, you have answered your own question.

    Xylogenesis, you are right as well.
  4. Mr.Croupe

    Just get good at hitting your target, 70+ certs in 3 hours last night. Could be more I spent a few already. I did it by being the last one standing in a fight, again and again. In fact just incase it was you a time or two thanks for the EXP. Muhahahaha :)
  5. Xylogenesis

    I laughed so hard at this, no offense. 70 certs in 3 hours! Wow, so only 40+ hours to unlock one weapon, assuming you don't buy anything else.

    How is anybody ok with this? Don't understand it.
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  6. Dubious

    I cant be arsed to farm certs, so my gameplay is to just play the game and the certs will just roll in..
    From the time I logged on and until I looked at certs i had gained 70..
  7. Trivial

    goto big facility battles, and look for the ******* who bunch up outside of your facility near the towers, jump behind grenade them and spray

    did it for about 3 hours yesterday got 200+ certs and went from 1172 in EU to 438 on the ladder
    but ofc back to 1000+ because i didnt play for a while
  8. Slyphee

    Fly a liberator with a Zephyr or man the Zephyr and let someone else fly, fly to where the major battles are and pick off targets.
  9. Zenith

    Go to an Amp Station defence. If enemies already inside, then grab Engineer proceed to the lower shielded underground level. Watch the door, and wait for hapless enemies to stumble into the shield and then stand confused. Gun them down without mercy. Rinse and repeat.

    Trust me, it works every single time, and no matter how many times they are killed, they always come back for more. ;)
  10. Kairus

    I just go to the big facilities getting attacked and go around killing until we cap, then I move on to the next big facility being capped. I'm averaging around 55 certs per hour, not too shabby.
  11. Maruun

    I correct that quote.....

    Flying a Liberator is the worst Certgain you can get. Only EXP for Kills that your gunner do, and even then you will only see maximum half of it and it doesent even count the EXP for vehicle destroying.

    If you want a unthankfull job. Pilot a Galaxy or a Liberator and the Pilot needs to certs the guns for the others to farm like crazy, pure justice....
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  12. lonesome killer

    But you can't shoot out the shields can you? So you'd have to put the sentry outside and risk dieing. Or am I reading it wrong?
  13. Hexcaliber

    That sounds great unless you happen to be getting ****** over by the netcode, atm I can unload a full mag into the back of someones head and not have it register, playing on 100Mb cable
  14. StrangerDanger

    Fastest way to get certs: Open your map, see which facilities are under attack that your faction doesnt own. Go there. Kill lots of people while there, take over facility. Open your map again, go to another, rinse and repeat.

    They key is both not sucking (killing lots of enemies) and being at the facility as its taken.
  15. Cevera

    Be gunner in a Lib with Zepher and then farm infantry

    50-80 certs/h without much of a problem
  16. Vandali

    Create a VS char.
  17. Zenith

    You can't shoot out of the vehicle spawn shields, but you can shoot out of the yellow shields which guard the lower level. A lot of attackers will run to the door here, and since it is covered by a shield, they cannot enter. You however can shoot out of that door, and in complete safety. It's hilariously troll worthy. :D
  18. Cyridius

    Medic properly and don't die.
  19. Littleman

    Base weapons are in general good all-rounders save for maybe a few... namely the Gauss SAW, but there are people that do just fine with it.

    Outside of that, certs aren't only spent on weaponry, they're also spent on the much cheaper certifications like suit modifications and attachments, which coincidentally, money can't buy.
  20. Fenrys

    Find a besieged tech plant and camp the back door as either Heavy (splash crowds with rockets) or Engineer (drop ammo).

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