Easy solution to the whole Shooting while cloaked issue

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by aR2k, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. aR2k

    I have very few issues with the infiltrator class, and i manage..... well...... very very well in all my matches.
    the issue with not beeing able to shoot while cloaking can however be a ***** at times, and I have to admit it has costed me a few sure kills.

    So here is my 2 solutions:

    1. The easiest one and the most obvious one (and possible the best one)
    Beeing able to shoot while cloaked, and then get automaticly uncloaked, can even add a 1-2 seconds penalty to prevent people from instantly cloaking after taking the shot.

    2. Make some sort of HUD display showing us that were cloaked, in an intense battle, going in and out of cloak, shooting people, spotting and dodging incoming fire, its easy to forget that you are cloaked when scoped in, resulting in the guy you have in your crosshairs walking away unharmed.
  2. GoldmanSachs

    I don't understand what you're trying to say at all.

    By the time you're ready to fire you will be dead (when you have a delay like you propose). Sneak up on someone, turn off cloak, the sound of it alerts him, he turns and you die instantly while you can't even shoot.

    You're saying you forget that you are cloaked? Here are 2 indicators: Your arms and gun are invisible, and you can see your stealth energy meter draining. Not obvious enough? Turn on centralized HUD mode, it gives you an energy meter that is impossible to miss in the middle of your screen.
  3. aR2k

    1. The delay is to prevent you from cloaking again, not from shooting. You shoot, but since you shot to deactivate the cloak, it gets a 1-2 seconds penalty to when you can reactivate the cloak.

    2. When you are scoped in, there are no indicators that you are cloaked, you cant see your arms, and the scope looks just like it does when you are not cloaked. And when looking through the scope on a 24" inch monitor, its hard to check the cloak meter at the same time.

    Why make this post when you clearly havent played infiltrator?
  4. Phaser Rave

    Would be nice if there were a better indicator as to when your cloak runs out while scoped, as I can't stand having the central HUD mode on. It's not necessary, as I tend to time it right most often, and it would be exploited. Though difficult, you could see through the distortion and have a wider range of view while scoped.
    Wait a second. If you scope while cloaked, wouldn't the light that passes through the scope glass be distorted just as the light which passes through a cloaked infiltrator is? Is the scope glass the only thing that doesn't undergo the effects of this cloak?
  5. Fafnir

    No instant decloaking and shooting for snipers, please.
  6. Silhouettes


    For a better interface that has a clear marker when you are in stealth and not in stealth. Also, I agree with the above poster, do not allow instant decloaking. Make it at least relatively skill based, I like knowing that I need to work my stealth mechanics on my own.
  7. jackrandom

    I would defiantly like to see this feature as it would be a nice and helpful. They don't even need to put any kind of delay on the cloak IMO since you can do the exact same thing right now except you have to do it manually.

    You can already line a up a shot and have your character holding breath uncloak and shoot manually, they might as well make it more user friendly and convenient for everyone.
  8. ExcalCk

    Make it automatically deactivate with 2 sec penalty if you choose to shoot while cloaked. You can still do it manually with no penalty whatsoever. Then they can make a cert for bringing the penalty down .25sec per block.
  9. HvcTerr

    IMO all classes except for Light Assault need better feedback for when their abilities are activated, particularly since network lag seems to add some delay and "did I hit the button and it didn't register?"-uncertainty.

    I'd love to have the ability-bar (especially in centralized view) be somehow highlighted or outlined when active.
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  10. xpsyclosarinx


    I have no problems sniping people with the current system.. the whole point in decloaking before shooting is to give the other person a chance, that way they can hear someone's decloaked rather than just hearing gunfire.

    Think of it with people who have the scout rifle, they would be able to just knife someone from cloak and finish them off with a hail of bullets in less than 1.5 seconds. Not exactly fair.

    TL;DR, the decloak is to give the other person a chance.
  11. RobotNinja

    How about they just bring back the Stalker Cloak that they never let anyone test?
  12. zimmit_Vanu_Helios

    i think everything needs to stay right where it is with the infiltrator. everyone is crying about sooo many different things about this class that the devs are ganna end up ruining the game because of the sh***y community whining.

    get off the forums and improve the way you play. i straight up own fools all the time no problem.
    --biggest problem all the whiners are having is they want easy mode...theyre the type of kids who play oblivion and get their stats boosted all to 100 so they can run and jump around the entire world of oblivion and 1 shot mobs with one swing of their sword.
  13. aR2k

    You are taking this way out of context.
    When it comes down to playing this game im doing excellently, its not like I have major complaints on this game, or have in any way said that the class is broken. All Im asking for is (minimum) to have some sort of icon showing me when I use my primary skill, this is often used while scoped in and gives no indications to the fact that im actually cloaked. As mentioned above, network lag and sometimes game lag can quickly become an issue to the point where you are not sure whether you are cloaked or not, and when you then have a guy in your scopes unable to fire, it becomes slightly annoying.

    The two suggestions I made are in no danger of making the class overpowered, they are simply minor tweaks to a minor problem, but nevertheless a very obvious problem, seeing as most games would make it clear to you that you where currently cloaked, this game do as well but they forgot to do the same while scoped in.
  14. Thanatar

    the only problem i have with needing to decloak before firing is, that when you get caught cloaked by the time you decloaked you are already as good as dead. it is pretty frustrating (yeah i know l2p, whatever). i am all for an instant decloak on firing, but with the said penalty of 1-x seconds cooldown and NO cert to reduce that cooldown.
    honestly, it wouldnt change much about sniping and it would improve the infiltration playstyle so much. i can live with the actual solution, but i honestly think it is underpowered. just my opinion, feel free to disagree.
  15. aR2k

    I would like to mention that I found a "solution", for this issue.
    By using the central HUD display ( can be found in the options menu)
    You get a nice blue bar next to your crosshairs which will display how much ,..... nano cloaking stuff that is left.
    Its right there so you cant miss it, if it is decreasing then you are cloaked.

    Never been a big fan of central HUD displays because it tends to get in the way, but the devs has done a great job on this one, its fairly easy to see through it, and after about 1 hour of play time, I hardly notice it..... well except for when im actually looking at it.
  16. SJ_Wolf

    Autocloak drop should work like this

    Fire button pressed >>>>>Cloak Drops fully>>>>>weapon fires

    Very simply it just needs to not fire while you are still cloaked or partially cloaked. This should be a quality of life change, not a performance buff.
  17. Kaellan

    I'll preface this by saying that I snipe regularly and agree that there are no problems with this class. It takes skill to play and I believe that those QQing really do need to realize that there is a learning curve. That being said... I don't consider this a QQ thread.

    In Beta they had something like this for a very short time (I think it was a bug after a patch)... it was devastating and I felt it was really unfair. So, respectfully, I don't agree. As someone mentioned earlier... turn on the Centralized HUD option (under General, I believe). This puts a meter on the left side of the screen (around your crosshairs) that shows if you're cloaked or not. Once I activated that, it alleviated this problem for me.

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