Earn the free Analyst Helmet

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  1. AgentRed

    so is this only for one character or is it for the whole account :D
  2. Slash Hammer

    He said "station name", not "character name", but clarification would be nice...
  3. Slash Hammer

    BUG report
    Are we supposed to post bugs with directives here or in the PTS forum?
  4. Aelyn

    Yeah I've been on for over an hour now. The fight at The Crown is still going strong. There's just one thing that kind of annoys me. None of the directives count whatsoever. For example, the Heavy. The first objective is to get 10 kills with the MCG. So I did, in fact I got 13 kills without dying on my first try. When I did die, I checked the Directives screen and it still said 0/10. I can't progress anything. Do I have to do something before all the stuff starts to count?
  5. noidea

    This is really broken right now. Random directives are being unlocked for weapons you're not even using and the kills aren't being counted. I hope your threshold for the reward is low because it's quite a pain to do anything. Let's not talk about these guys that don't understand they shouldn't destroy the respawn sundies and keep ruining everything with rocket pod mossies.
  6. Jeslis

    And.. what does this helmet look like?
  7. SirPepsiConnery

    I agree. Directives will not show up as soon as recieved. I played Medic for ca. 1.10h and spammed revive granades with bandelier. I got alot of notification about earned ribbons/directives, but they are not registered in the menu.
  8. SirPepsiConnery

    And by the way... I dislike the spacebar respawn stuff. I can spawn quick. But I dont now how many times I ended up on a position where i dont wanted to be, because I hit a mousebuton or spacebar.
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  9. Foxirus

    Seriously, I would like to know what this helmet looks like as well. Directives so far are the most infuriating ******* thing I have ever dealt with in this game. "Hey! Here, Take this suck *** weapon and go out and try to get 10 kills with it." That is Directives in a nutshell. I do not find it fun in the slightest, If anything, it makes me want to just.. stop playing and take a long break from the game.
  10. AdmiralArcher

    why dont you spend the time to look at page 3 you lazy bum
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  11. Sendan

    ok if im supposed to use my stationname as charname i got a bit of a problem ... my stationname contains "soe" and the system tells me that name is profane.... to explain it a bit further i didnt want to impose as someone but simply because i was useing psg and soe accounts now i used the same stationname+psg/soe to seperate these accounts....
  12. Rantgen

    Pretty cool combat on the crown right now, too bad i have the "my legs are stuck on my face" bug :/
  13. Welph

    How am I supposed to test this when I got this **** infront of my sight???


    This gotta be qualified as a bug-report, hand over my helmet now! :D
  14. thehumanslayer12

    Whoo hooo! Team Killing is coming our way boys! NC!!!!!!!!
  15. sniperbomb2802

    yah its realy hard to test when farming losers play tr as always and are farming farming farming and being, NO ONE CAN SEE YOUR KD!!! GET A LIFE!!! If u wana test, test dont be a dick if ur outnumbering a faction switch over!!! dont spawn a dam prowler zerg!!! save it for live or go play battlefeild
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  16. GlueHead

    Too buggy.
  17. Pootisman

    Ugh, a motorcycle helmet ... no thanks.
    Give me a XP boost as reward and i join.
  18. SynRaven

    I would love to try and test things, and also get this cool helmet, but it's a bit hard when people are invisible and I'm stuck in a third person view with my weapon upside down. GG no re.
  19. koopa

    also cannot test due to not being able to see enemies nor allies apparently it affects AMD users only?

    kinda messed up only some of your community can possibly get it while others cant due to crippling bugs without resorting to what is effectively cheating :<
  20. Rascal Trooper

    how do you find the test thing