Earn the free Analyst Helmet

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  1. Astealoth

    Kind of an odd reward. I mean I'll take it, but a lot of people have been suggesting PTS rewards for awhile. Never thought we'd get something as elaborate as a helmet. I'm putting my money on you have to play for a certain amount of time to get the reward. I don't see what else is abusable about it. Anything else you could do "abusively" would still be generating information on the new systems.
  2. Admiralty

    A long time ago, they put up XP boosters as rewards for trying the PTS. The problem with this method was that you only had to login once during the dates to get the rewards. This meant people logged on just to get the the XP boosters and never went back on ever again.

    No extra bug reports and no extra feedback for the amount of boosters given out is what I imagine had happened.
  3. GenProteus

    I'm kind of annoyed. I am more than happy to test directives. Oh wait, I can't. Because I go on and all other players are invisible AND there are giant legs in my screen. I can barely see the crosshairs. It is impossible to shoot anything. And the best part is I can't be on for awhile, so I get nothing and can't even try.
  4. CornyWarfare

    Ignore my previous comment, there are plenty of people now at the Crown. But I earned random directives while playing. Intentional? I don't know.
  5. BurntDevil

    I would love to be able to earn the helmet if I wasnt one of the players stuck seeing (or not) invisible players. Cant do anything, cant earn helmet.

  6. SpcFarlen

    Was fun at the Crown of PTS, may still be going if you read this now. Go there and test things out. Dont forget to /bug any bug you may find. Even if it is common, still report it. It gives the devs more data on it.
  7. sustainedfire

    It is easy to conceive how you might be awarded the helmet, though "exploitation".

    Though when I first read the opening post I also thought it came off as weird to not just implicitly say what needed to be done to obtain the award. Though if you you think about it briefly, you can surmise a simple way that players would get on test to obtain the helmet with minimal effort, and in effect not actually test the new code they hoped would have tested by the public.
  8. Idiom

    Crown fight earlier / just now was pretty amazing. Thanks for the fun all that participated. Only a few people trolling with farm crap otherwise a great infantry battle!
  9. AlphaReconJay

    nice way to see people on test but please make sure its Playable for Everyone Next Time ~
  10. NCDaniel

    Eh, so far no kills are being registered. Could just be me.
  11. FillyFluttershy

    I hope the reward is either account wide, or you get to pick which character you want it on. Don't want my alt getting the reward instead of my NC character, even though he is my original. = /
  12. Aelyn

    Is there a specific thread or something where we should post feedback or is it sufficient that we finish directives?
  13. Popper100

    Hopefully the requirement isn't too far up the directive chain. Typical gamer attitude to dominate people kinda put a hamper on a few peoples progress.
  14. Jinjo

    Some of the directives aren't appearing to update all the time and sometimes how they update is unclear, like as soon as you get past novice requirements, the labels for the next tier are missing? Is this just me?

    Anyway, the directives you're actually earning record correctly even though some of the update toasts are either out of date or sometimes even completely wrong, like when I received a completion for a vehicle that I never used. Mostly used Light Assault.
  15. Olivka


    And how to fill this directive?
    Already tried to remove UserOptions, tried to repair client - does not help.
  16. AdmiralArcher


    your welcome people
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  17. NCDaniel

    I seriously thought it was like a monocle or something along that line.
  18. Haquim

    I didn't update the Testclient for quite some time now - only thing I could do on PTS was look at stuff since there was no one to fight.
    Might be worth to do it again :)
  19. Psychoworms

    is station name the username you log in with or your character name?
  20. vanu123

    So how do I help? Do I just run around and follow directives, is that it or are there designated times I should be on Test?