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  1. TrueDenim

    There is an issue with deploy system in PTS, sometimes it spawn You even without pressing default key for spawn 'Space' , and rarely, when You spawn You're unable to move, and it might blackout Your screen. Solution? - Press 'Control' + 'Shift' + 'Escape' and then end PS 2 progress.
  2. Zuyx

    I posted this on the in game bug ticket thingy already, but I figured I'd pass it along in here too. I was playing a few hours and most of the time everything was great, but randomly when I'd exit a vehicle or like the engineer's turret, I would fall through the ground and have to deploy. Only once out of the five or six times it happened did I actually fall through the ground and die. Additionally, but not concerning the previous issue, the last 10 or 20mins when I'd look down the sights of any of my weapons I could barely see anything due to it looking like I was in a hurricane. It looked like clouds were flying by at 200mph. Those were the only things I noticed in my 12ish hours of playing.
  3. TZoli

    I have a question about the account name. My live account and PTS login name is the same. The difference is that the first letter is Capital and the other is not. Is it a proplem or not? Spent a few hours on PTS and don't want spoil it.
  4. DeadliestMoon

    Then you can't complain about there not being enough people on test then.
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  5. GnashingOfBeaks

    If you aren't going to list the requirements can't you at least create a notification either via in-game message or achievement that lets you know WHEN you get the helmet? I realize you say that the bar is set "low" for the requirements, but "low" means different things to different people. I've completed at least 10 directives. That took me a long time considering my skill level and the amount of time I actually have to play.

    You have no idea how upset I and many others would be if we went and played The Crown over and over only to find that we never had enough to get the helmet.

    It would also be nice if SOE would give us a timeline on when the next patch will be in order to know if/when we'll get the helmet.
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  6. Sendan

    your not supposed to log on to "just do the things needed" to grab the helmet
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  7. Jerox

    Ok I guess. I didn't have to deal with the tut so the explanation is kind of useless for me :p.
  8. Jerox

    Ah ok, thanks.
    Doesn't look that interesting to me so probably aren't going to spend much time on test.
  9. ChaosKaizer

    been there, there is lot of ppl now. Is there anything specific that we should do to get that particular helmet
  10. \m/SLAYER\m/

  11. Mr.GonzoHeisenberg

    I love the new spawn shortcuts! I played for 3 hours straight (not a single directive sadly) and the only bug I came across was a TR Infiltrator dropping a Bouncing Betty. The Empire Pistols are looking great too!
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  12. GnashingOfBeaks

    I'm not exactly clear on how the system can be abused. It's not like you can give the helmet away once you have it. Or is that not the point? I'm asking out of confusion, not sarcasm.

    Also, I did actually play and test the new weapons and such. Had I known there was a test server in the first place, I probably would've played on it more often (which I admit has to do with my own ignorance).

    I found that sometimes logging out and logging back in would make directives appear. In fact, sometimes I got directives randomly completing for weapons I hadn't even used after I relogged. Not that I'm complaining over that one.

    I did fall through the ground into a bottomless abyss while getting out of a sundy. Also, whenever I died as a MAX I respawned as one if I selected the "space bar respawn to sunderer" thing. Not sure if that one's a bug, but it would make sense if it was. I think it's already been mentioned, but auto-resupply wasn't working for consumables and deployables for me.
  13. Jinjo

    The point is to kinda produce semi-accurate gameplay to actually weed out very common bugs that wouldn't appear as often if people were boosting the achievements via collusion to earn the directives. That would be abnormal gameplay.
    Also, if there was a minimum requirement that would test everything, it would require players to play every single vehicle, every single class, and use the flare gun to make sure that every single directive worked.

    It's far from perfect, but it's better than having a narrowed slice of data, and a reduced one from people who'd hit the checkmarks and then leave.

    That being said, I did try out a wider variety of directive goals and even found a wacky clipping error along the way.
  14. Demon013

    I haven't noticed anything wrong and only experienced the falling through the ground out of a sunderer once. The NC empire pistol is great but I wish it had 5 rounds instead of 4 :) I believe it's ready for live. I haven't experienced any issues with directives yet but I also didn't find many people to get ribbons from either. The one big battle I joined ended within a couple minutes of spawning:(
  15. ThreeWordPhrase

  16. Slash Hammer

    Same here. I fell through the ground and had to redeploy. That effect isn't bound to individual stations, seems to happen everywhere.
  17. Slash Hammer

    Kills are counting and show up at the weapon and infantry section.
    Repairs are counting.
    Objective support - not counting.
    Base capture - not counting.
    Resupply - not counting.

    Even after re-log in, the figures are not correct.
  18. Haquim

    Thats interesting.
    I reported via /bug, but can't hurt to add my own little list.

    I had to relog once for the directives to start working. Everybody seems to have this problem.
    Kills are counting for both classes and weapons.
    Repairs are counting, but it feels as if the ribbon takes twice as long as on live.
    I randomly get (bronze) weapon directives seemingly by dying or earning XP. I even have a bronze directive (10 kills) on two weapons I did not unlock!
    Resupply is counting for me, it even feels like the ribbons come in faster - but that may be due to the constant fight.
    Air superiority and vehicle weapons are working too.
  19. BeckerDerBro

    Well, I didn't have any Bugs whatsoever, only the one that Directives only update after relog. The new quick-spawn system is pretty cool as well, even though I still prefer to first check the Map before I respawn. I only tested the new NC pistol, and I think it could take a little buff in terms of fire rate, since it's just too slow imo.
    Otherwise, I think the Update is almost ready for Live servers.
  20. M4gn1

    You should not respawn by clicking away the death screen or dying while you are shooting.