Earn the free Analyst Helmet

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  1. theducks

    dude i just really hope the helmet looks cool
  2. theducks

    i wish they would give us a pic of what it looks like
  3. deep470

    My sarcasmdetector isn't working sometimes, so in case you aren't trolling, have a look at page 3 of this thread.
  4. ShortRovnd

    I don't think they want the idiotic masses to be sending in bug reports for stupid crap. If you haven't been around long enough, or can't research well enough to download the PTS build, you're probably not wanted — it serves as a filter.
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  5. Cookie5000

    Ill get on just to test the new stuff, still trying to figure out the directives but I love the new pistols.
  6. Pikachu

    Today in a meatlab I saw a player with the name "ImHereForTheHelmet". :D
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  7. ShortRovnd

  8. Curanos

    Would love to do more testing, if there were more than a handful of people on at the moment.
  9. DatatheGenius

    This is what the helmet looks like... It is NS.

  10. qquqq

    I'm trying to dload the client now, I didn't know it was so easy to get onto, or I woulda been on long ago, maybe it would be easier to get testers if the option was on the live launcher? or a character slot? you certainly would have a quicker response time. I realize having separate clients is necessary for most game testers, but idk mini-patch switching? lol server specific programing? just an idea,
  11. DeadliestMoon

    Bring your outfit mates.
  12. DeadliestMoon

    It's on Twitter.
  13. Curanos

    Not part of an outfit. Don't see the need for it other than to have a bigger, slightly more organized mess. Already feel like I have to hold peoples' hands as it is with needing to tell them basic stuff that they, as part of an outfit, should already be noticing. Makes it easier to leave a battle when it's obvious that our side has more idiots as well.
  14. TrueDenim

    Just to inform You, some directives (for example NC shotgun directives) may have 'visual' bug (its not showing Yours progress. But when You relog, the same progress is now working as normal, I don't know if this bug is reported or so, but there's some other bugs with other directives (some people complaining about it, didn't be able to see directives at all).

  15. SexyTRex

    Been having some of these as well, relogging seems to fix it.
  16. Zimmerit

    maybe i'm **** but i find some directives unclear (maybe mousover info will be useful^^)... one bug i see sometimes is engineer ammo pack don't refill infiltator recon dart.
  17. DeusExForever

    Or like Blizzard has the PTR, a separate account to keep track of and download/update the PTR built via the account page. Then can choose between preexisting toon or maxed out toon (the latter is to entice players to test features ... and who wouldn't want to play as all unlocked level 100s?).
  18. M0RLEY

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  19. Zimmerit

    we have see this helmet in every angle .. now i wish to know requisite for take it... gc14 and 110 directive points i hope is enough i'm tired to play test :confused:
  20. Nod Commando

    For whatever reason, it doesn't seem to want to let me connect to the test server. Meh, I tried.

    edit: Finally let me connect. Looking forward to contributing.

    Also, surprised to learn there WAS a test server. Just assumed PS2 had some quirky 'NO PUBLIC TESTING ALLOWED!' thing.