[Suggestion] Dynamic territory.

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  1. WeRelic

    You may laugh, but a discussion about splatoon with a developer friend of mine raised this thought.
    What if, instead of having hardlined hexes, we had dynamic territory borders?

    Obviously, its a rough idea, but it could be done by giving each unit a certain level of influence, as well as each capture point, and possibly even HIVEs. When two influence radii intersect, the territory becomes contested.

    Think of it this way: all territory starts neutral, and as factions push from their warpgate, they claim territory as they pass. That territory must be contested and reclaimed by enemy forces.

    • Lines of battle become more fluid.
    • Territory has to be occupied to be claimed (i.e. no ghostcapping then running away)
    • Battle lines are much, much clearer.
    • "Islands" can happen again, but only if people are capable of digging themselves in and staying there.
    • Territory control would be much, much finer grained.
    • Players are no longer forced to follow lattice lanes.
    • Higher cost of calculation.
    • Harder to tell at a glance how much territory your faction controls.
    • Lacks the connection system (for better or worse).
    • Could allow for warpgating to happen without taking frontline territory.
    • May require more micromanagement.
    I'm sure I'm missing a few pros and cons, but let me know what you think!
  2. Eternaloptimist

    Sounds like a long bus ride before you get into the fight. Capping uncontested territories along the way sounds pretty boring as well, tbh