DX11: A Better Gaming Experience!!!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Wolfborne, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. Wolfborne

    DX11 definitely improved my performance, and by that I mean my gaming rig can actually utilize everything versus being bottle necked under DX9. On top of that, I love the game changes!

    1. If an enemy has over pop at a base, the game will most likely force you to spawn elsewhere. That will make the fights keep moving instead of having a big zergfest. I like that because 96+ vs 96+ fights that lasted an hour were garbage. Yes, they were fun, BUT, those participating in them got tunnel vision and ignored the rest of the map.

    2. VS, the Horizon is now just as good as the Pulsar C if you are using capsulated ammo. It actually fires faster and has less recoil. It is great for both hipfire and aimed shots. I love it!

    3. I like that the robots are helping to balance the sides out. Most continent populations that I have seen hover around 33% each.

    4. I run all settings on ultra, so, the new effects are incredible...blinding, but incredible. Makes for a pleasing eye candy experience when something goes boom!

    5. The game seems to have taken a turn for the better with bigger infantry fights / tactics. I have always said that "boots on the ground" is what wins.

    6. I love that Recursion and other apps are broken right now. LEAVE THEM THAT WAY. Do not allow 3rd party apps.
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  2. Redoubt

    Agreed, on all points. I was deeply impressed by the join combat, I had the best night, last night. could turn up my dated computer, graphically, to medium settings. Great battles, even, fun, very easy to find and deploy into.
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  3. SgtScum

    Game was running sweet after the initial patch then the follow up hotfix broke it hard then the next hotfix has it working even better with lower cpu and gpu utilization. Give it a bit for the devs to iron it out and everyone should get a nice boost unless they are on old hardware that barely ran it before.
  4. Eternaloptimist

    Graphics and animations great
    fps a lot better (although tends to fluctuate from much better to just plain better)
    Loving the challenge of playing a new robot from scratch (other toons are BR 64 to BR 73)
    Join Combat works well for me - not just spawning into wipeouts all the time like before
    spawn system taking a bit of getting used to but, hey
    # bugs? I've had a few, but then again too few to mention #

    Fortunately I have invested in a few NS weapons over the three years I've played, so my tin man is well equipped
  5. SgtScum

    Yes haven't played in not quite a year and the new spawn system seems much more flexible now. I like how it also makes you manually get into a zergfest now and prefers to drop you somewhere actually useful to whatever the current mode is. I'm certainly enjoying the game a whole lot more than before and am even thinking of getting an allaccess pass for the bots and perks. So for a returning launch player who burned out a while ago this patch is very good. Hopefully word of mouth and a bit of targeted marketing draw in enough players to get some really good action going like in the days of old.
  6. FunkFest

    Yep loving the game play over the entire time the patch has been live. Had a couple odd small issues on first release, but been running smooth as butter since the first hotfix, and the second just made it a little better.

    Most of the bugs that players are "leaving the game over" haven't even bothered me, I've laughed through most of them.
  7. Lord_Mogul

    While I like the new spawn system in theory, practically there is still something broken with it. (Can't pull stuff from the warpgate, becase we have overpop there, huh?)
    Besides some graphical glitches the new visuals are fine, performance is okay on a client side (although I haven't expected too much) , but the servers are pretty much dying.
  8. icufos

    Yes, found the same.
    I've tried to break it with very high settings. Ultra etc..
    The lowest frames I've got were 38...and still it ran very well.
    Averaging 50/60 at top wack on the ground in fight. Very impressed.
    The range is say, 40 to 120 but smooth.
    Flying is where I get much higher frames.
    I'm running on fairly old AMD drivers as well.
    Specs..i54670K 3.4MHz/AMD RX 580 8GB/16MB Ram/W7 Sp1.
    Zowie EC1-A set to 125MHz polling rate. 800 DPI.
    Run in a window at about 1850x900 at ultra/high. Shadows off. On a 27 inch monotor.
    I stretch the screen sideways now btw, ;) I just like that effect. The DX11 upgrade has enabled me to go from 1600/900 high to 1850/900 ultra.
    It will run at 1920x1080 with pretty much the same frames but it's too much for me as I sit fairly close to the monitor.

    Odd thing when I take screenshots the framerate goes down 5 frames per shot?
    When I do a post on my clansite will have to explain that one somehow.

    Anyhoo. Yes, agree with all your points. Very well made.
  9. Edenwolf

    The enhanced graphics are gorge, more fps and I love the Nanite Ops. Not to mention the join fight button hasn't failed to get me into a balanced/fun/large scale fight on the first click. All Access member gained!
  10. FunkFest

    May I ask what drivers you are running? I'm on 18.5.1 and I am seeing pretty good performance also, aside from the actions lag from server communication.
  11. SgtScum

    Hmmm I didn't think they changed any graphics assets just upgraded the engine. Are you meaning that you were able to up the quality level with the increased performance? Agree about the new spawn system and the join fight button as I'm finding more smaller scale localized fights instead of everyone piling into one huge zergfest at a place that supports it. There are still zerg spots but they are not the dominate form of fight now.
  12. OneShadowWarrior

    Not really, the game is plagued with so many bugs!

    DeyBroke, broke it!
  13. pnkdth

    Yes, a definite improvement on my end.
  14. Edenwolf

    Aren't there new effects like particles when bullets impact an object?
  15. TR5L4Y3R

    how bout:
    "daybreak indeed has broken the day"
  16. Shadowdev

    I see you wrote this Saturday, it's Friday night almost a week later, you still loving it? (LOL)