DVS the VA challenges you! (Waterson)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Fear The Amish, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Fear The Amish

    So having a lot of trouble getting a hold of DVS leadership so ill just do this. DVS you have been challenged by the VA lets get a good fight going please have a member of your leadership either contact me in game FearTheAmish or on the forums via a conversation. You felt left out last time and i can understand that. So this time lets have a throw down and see who comes out on top.
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  2. Shockfrosted

    This should be fun to watch. I wonder if someone will stream the fight.
  3. RamenOps

    Are DVS and VA even near the same size? I thought NC population on Waterson was kind of a joke.
  4. Mast3r T0ast

    NC pop on Waterson recently isn't bad..
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  5. Assist

    DVS as an outfit is probably larger than the VA as a collection of outfits. On the server VS is larger than NC though. I doubt DVS will sign on to this, I'm not sure they know how to play the game outside of sitting in a Bio Lab. Maybe if you allow the winner to be declared over who can sit in a Bio Lab longer, then I think DVS will play ball.
  6. Fear The Amish

    i disagree they pulled some truly MASSIVE armored columns and lib flights during the VA v Brit fight i have alot of respect for them in BATTLE..... as stat padders not so much but we will see.
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  7. StormFrog

    The Biolab thing is mostly done to make the TR mad. Especially when they're sitting at 40-50% population.
  8. Proplayer

    Even if you guys have an agreed throwdown more than likely it will be ruined by many players in neither outfit.
  9. Total_Overkill

    Just like they ruined the BRIT vs VA battle... right? RIGHT?
  10. Wargrim

    Make sure to make the date and place known, so the Republic can bust your party support your effords.
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  11. Process39

    Allow me to relay this challenge to our leaders you will hear from us soon.
  12. Sarmane


    DO IT DVS, lets get this going!

    (Im sure other NC outfits that want a good fight will be tagging along too. :p)
  13. XRaDiiX

    Maybe finally the VS and NC will fight eachother for once instead of both ganging up on the TR
  14. EViLMinD

    Gawd... people sure get snotty about our Bio Lab defenses...

    I'm a DVS officer and, recently, we've made firm policy changes regarding when we hold out in labs. In Beta, and during double exp periods, we certainly held labs indefinitely. We pulled off some glorious feats, made a crap ton of certs, laughed our heads off... but it was often at a cost: we were unable to react to what was happening around the lab.

    Nowadays, we only defend labs if the enemy is pressing our position OR we want to c**kblock rivals from getting our continent lock. Why not. It's a sound strategy, it's fun... and we're bloody good at it. Besides, the NC is supposed to be a resistance group. We're freedom fighters, after all. We specialize in spirited defenses against larger forces.

    Let's be fair, much of the time, DVS is dramatically outnumbered (by TR, especially). So, holding up in a sheltered base... safe from a fleet of enemy libs and rocketpod fighters.... is, often, ALL WE CAN DO.

    The NC doesn't have a cushy WG location on Indar that offers ideal terrain for hover tanks. We don't have massive numbers of players to overwhelm our enemies (unless they've all decided to flee to another continent), and we're only now starting to see other outfits that are big enough to bother noticing. So... C'MON.... let's get real here. Give us blues a break. We're doing the best we can.

    Now, as for the challenge, I'm totally down. The VS on Waterson are awesome. They definitely have some kickass players and often use intelligent coordination. The rest of our fellas will be into a fight, too. Just give us a couple days to sort things out. I know our generals have a lot going on atm.

    I'd like this battle to be between VA and an NC alliance (United New Conglomerate?). We need to encourage other NC outfits to grow. DVS may be the largest (and most brash), but we shouldn't be the only NC headliner. These battles should be a chance for the whole of each faction to improve.

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  15. Sarmane

    Thankyou EVilMinD! Take your time and see you in game. I agree with your NC holdouts on biolabs, they are the worst to break btw. (Especially on Esamir.)

    A UNC would be great to see alongside the VA on Waterson seeing as how TR has the largest natural population as has been said and I think your outfit is the only one from Beta that settled on Waterson. Goodluck cultivating other new outfits NC wise.
  16. RasFW

    Could it be? The New New Conglomerate?
  17. Aghar30

    So much this, when I go up against DVS I know I am in for a tough fight with semi equal numbers. When I am up against tr unless they outnumber us 2 to 1 vs tends to just steam roll them. Also DVS don't spam /y with idiocy bragging about winning the numbers lottery, they just either kick *** or get beat back, and either way they tend to be generally respectful in public channels.
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  18. Raichu

    Lmao you guys just want revenge because we lib bombed your friday night op event against the brits
  19. Fear The Amish

    Hardly you guys added pizazz to that great battle and honestly those lib swarms got shot down pretty regularly. Like i said i love fighting DVS you guys always bring a good fight and that is what we are looking for a GOOD fight. and Everyone will be welcome just like the last one because i love a good three way brawl.
  20. Regpuppy

    I expect our buddies in DREV (think it's spelled that way) would be interested. If I'm not mistaken, they were with us during the party crash for the last event as well.
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