Duster need some love !

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  1. Akeita

    I haven't see anybody using it since it was released. Literally. No one is using it because Zephyr is just straight up superior in every single category.

    I have no idea how to make it viable tho, maybe tighten the CoF first... What's your guys thought on this ?
  2. z1967

    Increase the blast radius to dust the area in death, add more shots per mag, and speed up ROF. Tada! Instant fun gun that might be useful. You get more slaughter if you get lower too since risk-reward. Or scrap it and refund certs and SC.
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  3. Pikachu

    It's still all dalton.
  4. Sauce Sausage.

    if you running out ideas, clone a weapon, now seriously zeph is cheaper and better, unless it became a laser beam, is not a new weapon.
  5. Regpuppy

    This will be the first weapon that can be legit compared to the likes of the canister shot... it's that bad. :eek:
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  6. Corporate Thug

    I wish they would slightly increase the accuracy of the first shot, allowing for slower more precise firing when needed or the standard dusting. Haven't used it in awhile but maybe require it to take 3 seconds or so to reset it's CoF so that it doesn't out perform the Zephyr.
  7. Phyr

    Eh, do we really need to buff an already strong vehicle? If it was as good as the Zephyr, would it still be worth using? And if it was better....well, lets just not make it better right now.
  8. gigastar


    Yeah, cause the Lib needs another viable A2G spam weapon.

    That said, first thing to do to it would be to make the thing more accurate.

    And then nerf its direct damage.
  9. dstock

    This will be a very unpopular post, but part of the reason the Lib's defenses are so strong right now is because the weapons are slowly being nerfed to ineffectiveness. People love to say Libs aren't tanks, and tanks aren't Libs, but the irony is they get treated by the devs in the same way.

    I guess my point is, the Vanguard is the strongest brawling tank, even with shield nerf. Is that enough reason that the C-85 shouldn't be worth something. I see that as a direct parallel to this, with the discrepancy being that the Duster is arguably the Lib's 'main gun', not a secondary.

    The first shot accuracy is actually perfect, and the CoF reset time is part of the current problem.

    IMO, they need to do some combination (pick & choose, not everything, lol) of the following:
    Small increase to projectile velocity
    Faster bloom recovery
    Smaller 'max' CoF
    Re-introduce the mag size cert that was in VR when it was released

    These are all QoL changes. The other thing that has to happen is a rework of the blast radius / damage profile. I had a screenshot somewhere that I lost, but go check out the damage and radius compared to the Zephyr. The inner radius on the Zephyr is 1.5m, the Duster is .75m. I'm not a math expert, but I believe that works out to a max damage area of 7.07 sq. m. for the Zephyr, and 1.77 sq. m. for the Duster, meaning the Duster's max damage range area is 25% of the Zephyr. Also, consider that the Zephyr has double the projectile velocity (200m/s vs 100m/s), does increased damage (I'd have to look it up, around 30-40% I think), and is inherently more accurate, and it becomes perfectly clear why the only reason people use this weapon is to embarrass other players by killing them with such a garbage weapon.

    LMAO, how many times have you been direct hit by a Duster. Go try one before you say that. Hell, I own it, you can come try mine.

    TBH, though, I'd rather it just had 0 direct damage, and got a splash damage profile that was worth a damn.
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  10. Levtech

    30 mins with the duster for me = 3 kills and hit an aircraft once with it

    Buff its splash damage a ton and it'll be fine.
  11. Beeman

    Would be interesting if, as other people have stated, the duster were really good at splash damage. That could be the carpet-bombing anti-infantry weapon for liberators while the 105 is more like a lightning's HEAT round. Then the dalton can be big damage against vehicles but less so against infantry. Or something like that...basically, give the liberator the same three gun choices that tanks get.
  12. Kaegix

    As long as Dalton is a viable anti-everything, I don't see the point to even having other belly guns for the liberator.
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  13. JackD

    I actually would rather use the Canister as belly gun then the Duster
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  14. Kunavi

    GIVE US REAL CARPET BOMBING CAPABILITIES SOE. Duster's not it, the thing should cost 100 Certs and be a crutch for F2Pers who'll have to grind until Eternal Crusade comes out if they want to get a Zeph or Dalton. Well, come to think of it.. Just the Dalton.
  15. AAYF

    Have it fire off all 10 shots at once, to have a real carpet bombing effect.
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  16. Regpuppy

    I wouldn't go that far, unless your liberator is almost scraping the ground. :p
  17. GaBeRock

    trust me, it's not. Dalton kills ground vehicles, and with a very good pilot/gunner air vehicles. The splash has been nerfed enough to make it pretty ineffective against infantry though, imo, shredder is better in pretty much every way.
  18. palto1826

    if only they released the PPA for the lib belly gun...i can dream right :)
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  19. Revanmug

    The duster can possibly kill if those shot land. A condition hard to achieve.

    The modified enforcer will not kill even if your pellets land on the target.
  20. Nerp

    Give it a huge splash radius, and that 16 shot mag like in vr.
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