Dust and Ashes... (Goodbye Jaeger)

Discussion in 'Waterson (US East)' started by Nerfley, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Nerfley

    On Monday of this coming week, the Jaeger we all know and love will cease to exist. The players we have all come to know shall stay, but it will never be the same on Waterson as it was here. Do not get me wrong, I look foreward to the good times the merge will undoutably bring, I just thought it would be nice to say our goodbyes.

    This thread is a place for members to say goodbye to our server. Please post only one comment per user and please be respectful of what others post here.

    I would just like to say thank you for all the great times I had on here. Between the ridiculousness of Space Australia, messing with TRAF in the warpgate, taunting Mar Mar, and all the great battles it sure has been unforgettable. Most of all, I shall miss your beautiful name. Goodbye Jaeger, I shall miss thee.
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  2. spunchron

    Jaeger is a fine drink. Waterson is tap water. We're being diluted and the end result is gonna taste like ****.
  3. The Fizz

    Oh Jaeger, I'm gonna miss the ol' chap. I still remember my first server crash that caused my whole pc to lock up. Or the time my I saw 2 galaxies doing it doggy style at the warp gate during the first week of launch. Ah... the memories.
  4. Zakuak

    I like the name Jeager waaaay more then Waterson. We should move to Waterson then rename it jeager (lol).
    Yeah our little faction vs faction relationship is in for a big mix up from the looks of it, should be fun but I'll miss our original home.

    Oh hey SOE...can you leave jeager up and not transfer the Warp gate vehicle flippers? Leave em there to enjoy each other.
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  5. Razzyman

    Indeed. I will always have a special place in my heart for Jaeger. The Galaxy antics. Gal crashes at The Crown. I hope that those of you who made this server great will continue to contribute on Waterson. See you on the other side boys (and girls)!
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  6. Dr. Coathanger

    Dont worry HSTL will keep being drunk.
  7. Ronin Oni

    ^This :D

    I mean... I named my char based on the name Jaeger FFS!!!

    Jaeger, I will hold the torch for you!
  8. Staticsilver

    I will miss you jaeger, sounds so much better and i will miss the small things we had going here
  9. Ronin Oni

    We should petition to have Waterson merged into Jaeger instead :D

    Jaeger is such a better name :p
  10. SkillSet

    Hey Ronin,

    Funny story, I named my Outfit after the Jaeger server - DOH! :p

    Jeager's United will be keeping our name as a means to forever preserve the memories of our beloved Jaeger Server (Where all my dreaming games came true)

    Can't wait for some great e-sports!

  11. Ronin Oni

    haha yah, my char name (also sigged) is GotDaMovesLikeJaeger (obv play on words with Jagger).

    I used my AS name reservation on my NC character (Ronin) so when me and my friends went TR and joined on Jaeger I came up with it... and it's really grown on me. I love it now. Doesn't matter that the server name is changing. At least there are still some Regions with "Jaeger" in it... plus, it will forever honor where we came from :D
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  12. Blackweb

    I <3 Jaeger :(
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  13. Baconite

  14. SpaceMilk

    Goood bye Jaeger.
    I will miss the Gal crashes at the Crown,
    The epic and coordinating outfits duking it out,
    That one time when I blew a galaxy up with a drop pod,
    And that one time where I rammed everyone on the Crown.
    Oh Jaeger.