Dumbfires VS Air analysis and thoughts

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Razeroth, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Razeroth

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  2. Hatesphere

    I already knew all that, they are still pretty useless against skilled ESF pilots.
  3. Akeita

    Skilled pilots tend to dominate the air rather than aim at ground, so they have no trouble against dumbfire rocket.
  4. Razeroth

    Everyone gets greedy and hovers sometimes. I'd consider VvoodySVK to be a good pilot, I couldn't dogfight him and he was just drawn into the spawn zone honeypot.
  5. iPlague

    Dumbfiring AA launchers = the same damage as if it was locked on.
    Odd isn't it? :v
  6. Akeita

    It's the only thing that make sense in this game .3.
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  7. kadney

    Did they change it in the latest update or is the topic "old"?
  8. Jube

    This video is a sad testament to the ML-7 now being superior to the Striker in the G2A category.
  9. Razeroth

    This was a couple of months ago they changed the dumbfires but I don't think people have really given it that much coverage. I think it was pushed through with an absolute load of things that kind of buried it from the spotlight.
  10. vsae

    I killed every single good pilot on Woodman with Decimator, except maybe Jerusalem.
    G2A launcher is a garbage.
  11. Razeroth

    My feeling with lock-ons is that 90% of the time instead of killing a pilot you just make them leave, which is kind of frustrating. Both for the pilot who has to go repair and for the guy on the ground that gets the pity xp for hitting air.
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  12. Iridar51

    Exactly. It's completely impossible to kill any aircraft with G2A lock on unless the pilot gets cocky.
    Edit: same can be said about any ground based AA, actually.
  13. Razeroth

    Skyguards are pretty effective when you time them right but I'd agree bursters are pretty much more of a deterrent than anything.
  14. Captain_Obvious

    +1 for making a video on post patch dumbfire rocket launchers. I certed Decimator to one shot ESFS and use against maxes. Default launcher was hit and miss against fire suppression equipped ESF. Then Dev decimated the Decimator. I don't have problem with gravity nerf when using against tanks, it's actually beneficial due to curve.

    Now against ESFS, Decimator is hit and miss. Drop can be figured out but velocity is way to slow. Guess I will go back to default one. Why don't many players just shoot the ESF instead of getting farmed by them? I cant seem to find a highlight by Buzz where whole TE instantly shot down multiple esfs with bullets.

    Unrelated question: Have you noticed launchers exploding at spawn shield (from inside) often lately?