[Suggestion] Dumbfire Rocket Sights.

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Serialkillerwhale, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. Serialkillerwhale

    Ok, as anyone who ever used a dumbfire at a range besides point blank (In the official definition we don't really use)
    They'll know that figuring out the correct amount to raise one's launcher above the target so it arcs down on them is, at best, drilled in, and at worst, a practice in "Fire, check, repeat".
    Here's a solution that neither removes the arc, nor really changes anything except one part of the launcher.

    The Ironsights.
    Yes, it really was that simple, Bazookas were meant to be one-shot disposable tubes with a rocket in it. But the concept is sound. You use the topmost sight for point blank ranges, the middle sight for ranges were a little arcing happens, and the bottom one for more arcing.

    Simply adding a digital or otherwise higher-tech version of this in place of the current dumbfire sights would let HAs aim their rockets more easily.
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  2. Shiaari

    I've always wondered why we don't have extra rocket sights.
  3. Serialkillerwhale

    Eh, they probably just didn't think of them back then.
  4. Takara

    I can get behind this idea.....please adopt it.
  5. Serialkillerwhale

    Addenum: Another thing that might help is if an UBGL or turret-inspired sight as added in place of the current crosshairs.