Dumb **** that kills pilots

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  1. Stride

    1. Aircraft randomly spawning over landing pads while you land.

    Occasionally other players will spawn aircrafts as I attempt to land and repair. Sadly at times this is directly in my flight path. Some sort of system to warn players exactly where new aircraft spawn would be nice as is with the case of spawning ground vehicles.

    2. Aircraft debris and laggy aircraft debris.

    Sometimes in pursuit of other aircraft they will die and their debris will fall in massive chunks. If too close or the chase is moving very fast it can result in collisions with the debris. One could consider this working as intended, but sadly in some dogfights reducing speed or cutting any slack against an enemy can turn against you quick.

    Laggy debris can kill players at times even if a pilot is playing safe due to sever rubber-banding and upward movement. Debris seems to be tied to the player that it belonged too but honestly this is quite chaotic at times even for ground forces. I once got a piece of debris from a destroyed aircraft stuck inside my magrider resulting in halved speed and constant damage.

    3. Player suicide. This is more of an issue for liberators and galaxies that lack the speed to escape from fast solo pilot aircraft. Sometimes desperate players on the verge of death will crash into their enemy killing both aircraft, but liberators and galaxies cannot escape.

    I propose that crash damage can only damage another vehicle based on a portion of its own remaining health. A reaver for instance that is on fire on the verge of death shouldn't be able to crash into a liberator at full health resulting in the death of both.
  2. Heraxion

    I very much agree that aircraft debris should not cause collisions. This is annoying for air fighting air too. The debris from an exploding craft can fly off in random directions, so even if you pull a sharp turn after a kill, you can still hit large pieces, and you got no way of avoiding them since you have to start your turn before you see where the pieces are flying.

    All this does is add a extremely random element to Air vs. Air that only takes away from the victory of defeating an enemy ESF.
  3. 12987

    id also ad in regards to #3,im in a lib 70% of the time piloting,im tired of friendly idiots trying to kill us,i shouldnt have to watch out for friendly trying to kill us along with enemy's,tired of geting torpedoed
  4. lukenukeum

    Shut up fly boy....
  5. Princess Celestia

    Or they could just separate the landing pads from the spawn points and resupply points completely like they do for ground vehicles.

    The biggest thing by far that is a problem is the rendering distance. That effects everyone, but air the most severely.
  6. Creedom

    I can agree with number 1 in that players spawning aircraft right above the landing pad and killing us is a problem that the devs should look into.

    However, number 2 and 3 are real-world issues that real pilots need to think about which makes our game that much more realistic, skill-based, and in my opinion, fun. I see no problems there. Sorry. :cool:
  7. wolfva

    I'd say only in Hollywood can a fighter fly through the freshly destroyed remains of his foe and escape unscathed. Which is why I like that new Battlestar Galactica web series; Adama in the simulator blows up a cylon and BAM! His ship is majorly messed up because waddayaknow? Chunks of high velocity aircraft pieces cause damage! Whodoathunk it?

    Kamikaze pilots are annoying. But then again, so is being hit by a missile. I know for a fact libs CAN avoid a fighter as I tried to ram one this morning, headed straight for him has the flames gushed from my ruined aircraft...and he not only destroyed me first, but survived the debris field. <sigh> You can't blame a dying pilot for trying to take out his enemy as well. The one's who royally annoy me, though, are the guys whose plane is in perfect shape, they just want to ram someone.

    I agree with the spawning issue, I can see how that's annoying and there should be some system in place to prevent such collisions. Maybe they should have designated some airpads as 'landing only', with spawning occurring at the other one.

    In my experience, the dumbest thing that's killed this amateur pilot is trees. I keep getting tangled up in their branches. I'm starting to feel like Charlie Brown's Kite.
  8. Stride

    #2 can be avoided with careful flying however it can be a costly sacrifice at times. Now if a player happens to hit debris for being sloppy I don't see why this has to be instant death. Near death maybe but instant death is a little costly for something so completely random.

    Although I will agree #2 is something that can more or less be prevented by pilots I strongly disagree that #3 is in the same boat.
    #3 is a pretty big problem for slower aircraft that have no power to prevent where quicker aircraft fly especially in the chaos of big air battles. This is something I personally feel needs another look from development.
  9. Stride

    Actually this problem can be fixed if you want to use reality. Simply make aircraft that are severely damaged fly slower because in reality a aircraft with damaged wings or engines simply can not fly at top speed.

    These types of issues can be fixed without actually removing the mechanics. I'm not saying remove debris damage, spawn collisions, or kamikaze pilots. I'm just asking for a way to relieve these burdens because players typically have no control over them at times.
  10. Rec0n412

    +1 to this, and +1 to your original post Stride.
  11. wolfva

    I thought the planes already lose efficiency when damaged. I wouldn't know...I'm a crap pilot and die to fast to test it <LOL>. If they don't, then that'd be a great thing to implement.
  12. SniperFish

    Aircraft debris is prob 25% of my deaths. Blow them up from chasing them then debris one shots me.
  13. Rune Scorpio

    Wanna solve aircraft debris? give it the same damn momentum of the jet killed... solved.
    As is it's buggy and the worst thing that I die to. I can ram the guys jet and usually live, but the debris ALWAYS instakills me.
    Cant wait for this game to be out of beta...
  14. KenFGX

    Friendly drop pods.
    Been in a sunderer once, a drop pod from nowhere slam into us, the next thing we now is a whole squad were killed and a waste of an AMS