Ducking is making this game unplayable.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Styrkr, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. Styrkr

    One player I seem to always get stuck in an outfit platoon with insists on using Detect Voice to activate his mic. This wouldn't be a problem if not for the fact that his mic is always broadcasting on the proximity channel Now there is no sound, but it does cause ducking, and prevents me from hearing sounds around me and orders from my squad/platoon leaders. Ducking is fine, just not constantly. He refuses to change his settings and tells me to mute him (which I did) but it STILL ducks. This is making the game unplayable. I can't turn my ducking down or off, because I need it for when someone actually has something to say. So what can I do?
  2. Cinnamon

    Mute him. Problem solved.
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  3. UberBonisseur

    You change the Ducking setting.

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  4. Styrkr

    I feel like you guys didn't read my post at all :\
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  5. Tommyp2006

    How about to make it easier to hear, you turn ducking down, and turn the voice volume up so you can still hear it? That's what I do, I have no problem hearing voice chat even in the loudest battles.
  6. Styrkr

    That could work, but I'd have to turn ducking off. If I can't hear what around me, I'm canned meat. Sad that one person's stubborn arrogance is preventing me from utilizing game features. Hell, he doesn't even TALK. I guess this is my only option for now so, thanks.
  7. reticentbassist

    I had this problem in the past as well. I found it impossible to deal with ducking so I turned it way down so there is very little ducking. What I do is I just make sure my chat volume is up enough to hear most chatter, I turn up the Squad leaders volume to make sure I always hear squad leader, and I make sure to not run in squads that spam chat with crap.

    If you are having trouble enjoying the game because of too much chat, maybe you should join different squads or disable voice all together?
  8. Robes

    Kill him, if he shows back up kill him again, and keep doing that until he stops.
  9. UberBonisseur

    I just like ducks so I seized the opportunity.

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  10. Izriul

    Have you ever hand fed ducks?

    THEIR ******* CRAZY! ******* DUCKING CRAZY!

    No, seriously, went to some park with a gazillion ducks, hold out a (huge) handful of grain and it's all gone in a split second with 50 ducks jumping on top of each other (and very sadly crushing the baby ducks :( :( :( ) destroying everything in their path, including your fingers.

  11. Styrkr

    ODAM doesn't really like no mics and prefers we stick to outfit squads :\
    I would make a comment about yadda yadda "trolls" yadda but SOE will just cry "bully" and delete it.
  12. gigastar

    I turned ducking to 0% and turned up recieve volume enough to override all but the very loudest things.It works for me.

    Or you could just turn down ducking from the default 50% to a more managable 25%.

    And i thought ODAM used TS3?
  13. Styrkr

    We do, but there has been a change in leadership and the outfit is being re-structured a bit. We are now tagged with OPDM. Many members are new users and do not yet use TS3. Once that happens, this won't be a problem. I'll suck it up and deal. Thanks guys (or girls).

    P.S. I'm sure if I only said "Thanks guys" SOE would reprimand me for sexism lol
  14. Sordid

    Welcome to the internet and 99.99% of forum users.

    Also, I thought this thread was going to be about ducking as in crouching. Crouching op, nerf crouching now! :eek:
  15. TeknoBug

    I know what you mean, I muted proximity because I got so tired of the BS I kept hearing but when people press mic on prox it still ducks, and I need the ducking so I can hear squadmates during a fight. Can't win em all.
  16. TR_terror

    Certainly muting someone should stop them from activating ducking on your end. If this doesn't happen then SOE should fix that. The problem I find is that muting doesn't work until they stop broadcasting, so maybe this is the problem you are experiencing? Have you tried using /ignore <player name> instead?

    Also it sounds like this player is rather selfish, so alternatively I would take this up with your outfit's leaders or find another outfit with players that are more considerate.
  17. LowTechKiller

    You probably have already, but ask him to simply decrease the sensitivity of his mic, AND offer to walk him through it. If that doesn't work, complain to your outfit because you know he's as much of a pain in the butt for them too.
    If that doesn't work, and you still want to play with that platoon, kill him until you get his attention. The worst that can happen is you'll get kicked from the squad, and your problem will be solved anyway.
  18. Styrkr

    Lmao earlier I was researching the issue and came across a post where someone said the same thing. Perhaps it was you?

    /ignore didn't help either. I would join another outfit, but I just finally got into a decent one and I'm not looking to leave unless a better offer arises. My KDR sucks (was playing on a sub-par system. very hard to play, very easy to die) so I doubt that'll happen anytime soon.
  19. Styrkr

    I asked and he just says to mute him. Problem is that he's part of old ODAM and has seniority so TKing would probably result in an outfit kick. my SL and PL ignored me on the subject.
  20. LowTechKiller

    That sux dude. Sounds like your options are limited. Sorry