[Suggestion] Dual weapons for light assault

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Xitrec, May 29, 2015.

  1. Xitrec

    It seems to me that the only light assault can carry a dual weapons.But in combination with the jetpack this class will be too much overpowered.
    If he wants to use dual weapons he will have to sacrifice the ability to fly.
    Also dual weapons could represent a new model of the weapon which will be embedded in the armor of light assault instead of jetpack.Such weapon will have its own unique upgrades and laser aiming system,but its owner will not be able to shoot in the precision fire mode.
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  2. Iridar51


    Implied Facepalm - when something is so utterly something
    a full and proper facepalm is not even necessary.

    ...I don't even know where to start.
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  3. CriticaLHiT28

    Imagine dual Commissioners or dual TX1 Repeaters.
    Nuff said.
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  4. _itg

    The thing about dual wielding is, at best two pistols are just equivalent to one CQC weapon. At worst, they're totally overpowered, as with dual Commissioners. There's no circumstance where dual wielding actually offers you something that you couldn't get with an appropriate primary weapon.
  5. Voross

    Dual wield T4 AMP...more dakka!
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  6. IronMouse

    Eh... I... Could we... <long pause> You do realize that... How about...

    I give up...
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  7. Pointyguide2

    how about a we create a new class that grants those dual wielding capability like you suggest.
    we can call it MAX.
    short for maximum firepower.
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  8. K2k4

    I thought max was an acronym for Mobile Assault eXoskeleton.

    Anyways it was decided dual weaps would be too OP a while back when SOE scrapped the idea of an LA class revamp. I think icarus jets are the only adjustment we are going to see.

    I remember when we were first in line for a revamp, then we got put last without a reason. Probably because of a lack of clear role for the class.

    Honestly i just want something we can use the ability button for.
  9. BrbImAFK

    Besides... Planetside 2 is a combined arms wargame. You go propose dual-weapons to a real soldier, and see what happens...

    Hell no! We don' need dat ****. Even without the "if it made a lick o' sense, we'd see it IRL" aspects, PS2's got enough balance problems without throwing that into the mix. This ain't CoD. If that's what you want, go back there.
  10. Iridar51

    For gaming, cool > realistic, and I think dual wielding would be cool.



    It's a sci-fi game after all. For all we know, these dual weapons use neural implants and enhanced muscle control to automatically target whatever Light Assault is looking at, with both hands.

    There are many ways how dual wielding can be implemented, some of them - without causing imbalance. But what OP suggests is ******** on so many levels...
  11. Gutseen

    so he will GET REKT, if there are more then 2 guys on the screen.

    dual wielding takes place IRL, but only in "macedonian style".
    mostly its USELESS cuz
    #1 no accuracy
    #2 gun control makes like a banana and ****s off
    #3 reloads take way too much time and take WAY much practice
    #4 usable only with low firepower pistols (cuz ur skinny *** cant handle 2 "Eagles" or *mah gawd* UZI's )

    in erry case this **** looses to a single firearm, or a full auto sub machine gun.
  12. Iridar51

    You miss the point. Which is: nobody cares why dual wielding sucks in real life. This is a science fiction game, anything and everything can be explained by technologies of the future. Which means it is not necessary to sacrifice fun for realism, which is a terrible basis for gaming anyway.
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  13. Gutseen

    yeah, so we and up with **** like the last terminator.

    involves that its some how can be traced back to RL
    if it goes all magic and ****, its just fiction, no "science"

    do ur homework
  14. Iridar51

    There's no distinction between magic and technology. Show a mobile phone to somebody from 300 years ago. He's gonna say it's magic, and it's never gonna be possible to talk to somebody on the other side of the planet.

    And what's not plausible about neural implants and muscle control? Technology like that exists in modern day already, it's just a matter of implementation.
  15. Gutseen

    potent EMP charge and that tech fryes inside u.

    since when throwing fireballs is related to tech?
  16. Kalari

    i dont even play LA and i like this idea

    but i only see 2 ways to do it

    -new weapon class altogether (but dual pistols with a side arm back up? seems redundant)
    -the maxx way
  17. Iridar51

    EMP protection.

    Anyone can throw fireballs at modern age of tech:

    Give up already, lol.
  18. Gutseen

    not possible.
    Principle of a
    Faradays cage can't be impelented in a human body without drastic reconstruction.

    flamethrower? rly? that **** was around times of ancient Greece.

    gimme some real life out of nowhere ball of fire in someones hands pic, then we'll talk.
  19. Iridar51

    [/quote]At modern day. The point is - EMP protection exists. Implementing it in human (human?) body is a matter of time.
    You don't see player's implants shutting down when affected by EMP grenade, which means in PS2 EMP protection has already been successfully implemented.
    Stick a flamethrower in a sleeve :D
    Science fiction doesn't have to be traceable to real life. It merely has to be explainable by game's background. There are no fireballs in PS2, but there are implants with EMP shielding (some of them don't even do anything except EMP shielding).

    For fireballs in other sci fi, see Mass Effect's Incinerate.
  20. Gutseen

    im rly concerned 'bout ur IQ


    than thing only jump starts ur shield energy cells+ gamemecha.

    Planetside would be better off with some hardcore IRL references, such as shell shock from a nearby explosion,
    increased fall damage, runing speed gradation etc.
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