Dual Falcons

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Xiphos, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Xiphos

    I bought a second Falcon for my MAX and got the chance to try it out today while defending the Crown. How it feels?

    Like sniping with a grenade launcher. Oh, and it's good against vehicles too (better than the default rocket launcher). Stationary infantry dies in one hit regardless of range. The tricky part is hitting it without any zoom. Anything that is moving is very difficult to hit.

    They are not solo weapons, infantry that gets close can really mess me up by strafing and the hit detection bug that causes the Falcons to at close range. They are very good squad support weapons though when outdoors. I just wish they had a grenade launcher reticle and more visible projectiles to make it easier to hit vehicles at long ranges.

    I think I had like 30 infantry and 5 vehicle kills before dying.
  2. Achmed20

    OP is wrong! they suck!!!!

    sidenote: dont give away our secret dude :D i so love to rip tanks apart.
  3. Messaiga

    Lol they are freaking amazing. You just need to be able to aim, thats all. Also, they are not for close quarters, it is more for when a base is under siege and all you can do is shoot these bad boys at the enemy and they will die or run off like an injured animal.
  4. Dkamanus

    Instead of going for HA, I usually go for MAX with dual falcons. Two hits = 1 rocket hit and since the reload time is half the one of the Rocket launcher, you fire 6 grenades while he only fire 2 rockets.
  5. Sledgecrushr

    Dual falcons seems pretty fun. Im definitely going to get the second falcon for my max.
  6. nightbird

    If they have nanoweave armor 1 hit will not kill them, but with two falcons why shoot 1 shot :)

    When aiming, falcons don't shoot from the center of your crosshair but rather from your sides, the two shots crosses paths 30-50 meters in front of you. This makes 30-50 meters in ideal engagement distance since after accounting for a slight drop both shots will hit your infantry target. At 15 meters, the left falcon will hit the left bracket of your crosshair, and the right bracket for the right falcon. Practice at your warp gate by aiming at a vertical line. If they are even closer it gets more tricky as you need to sway more between shots without any crosshair guides.
  7. Frosty The Pyro

    barring headshots, one hit wont kill regardless, a falcon does 750 damage, folks have 1000 helth/sheild (900 for infiltrators). Falcons have the fastest projectile speed of the three factions MAX AV and 1.5 gravity (which causes projectile drop)

    Comets (the VS option) do 550 so they definatly need the double strike and high levels of nano can make them survive (though comets have a faster fireing rate resulting in a higher dps than falcons). Comets have a bit slower projectile but zero gravity.

    Pounders (the TR optoin) do 375 but have a mag size of 2, also reload cycle is even faster than the commet and it has the highest dps of the AV options by a signifigant margine. Pounders have 2 gravity and the slowest projectile of the three, making it much harder to use at range.
  8. Xiphos

    Interesting, I didn't think of that.
  9. nightbird

    Remember that a direct hit combines direct damage and indirect splash damage, so 750 direct damage + 250 splash damage = dead infantry with no health buff. That take 2 direct comet hits to 1500 damage, enough to kill any infantry but the slower speed and high visibility makes it easy to dodge,
  10. Anonynonymous

    Falcon does 750 damage per grenade, so if you get 2 and dual fire them together would net you 1500 damage per volley. You literally have something that hits as hard as a Decimator rocket, only that it takes just 2 seconds to reload, has a much flatter trejectory, and with way faster projectile velocity.

    I was able to take down 3 Prowlers, 2 Magrider and 3 Lightnings in one life while defending a base sandwiched by TR and VS just today. Just about every one of those, I took them down from fresh. I only died when I finally used up ALL my ammo. As long as you have decent cover near you and are able to do hit and run effectively, I dare to say they're about the best infantry wield projectile tank buster weapon in the game, bar none.

    And don't forget their ability to one shot kill infantries as well. I always do volley fire at infantries just in case they have HP bonus on. The projectile diameter is wide enough that they're actually relatively easy to hit as long as you make good effort to aim. And even without a range finder on your crosshair, the trejectory isn't all that difficult to get used to. In fact, I've gotten quite proficient at sniping down infantries with them. Even ones that are dashing. Not to mention often time, they'd shoulder their weapon just try to return fire, not realizing they just became an even slower target for your AT grenades while in zoomed mode.
  11. Skizzik_NZ

    I love how fast these kill lightnings and since they are much faster they allow for snap shooting when tanks are moving between covers.
  12. Vreki

    They are also great for medium range counter-sniping, as you are too thick-skulled to be killed by a single headshot, and thus have more time to locate the sniper.