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Discussion in 'MAX' started by ATX78640, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Wobberjockey

    1-2 double burster max's work fairly well. i was definitely able to punish ESF pilots who didn't run away. probably about a full clip from both arms = 1 dead reaver

    totally different story with libs and gals though. i can let them know i am there, but i'm not going to down them any time soon
  2. Kardes

    Your better off getting the HA AA rocket launcher.

    Yes, you only get a few shots.... but when it hits it hits very hard.

    It is easy to use... and it doesn't take a timer and 100 resource to pull.
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  3. saltin

    AA is a joke,it's completely broken,all AA systems not just max.
    OP you have people here that are telling you if you get a team of dual bursters then you might (maybe...) be able to do your job,but there is no cert gain to be had ,they all gonna be assist,and no 1 on 1 duel stuff (only real weapons can do that !),remember you need a team of maxes to take down a single aircraft! FTL.

    1>There should be no confusion,if you want an effective firepower that earns certs,avoid ALL AA systems.
    2>if your goal is do goody help your empire type stuff then by all mean go with the burster max,"it's working as imtended" lol
  4. MayorD

    yes, AA system is a joke atm. only good thing is, that new pilots just moving slowly on you, that you just can throw a stone to hit them... sure a lot of stones. AA rockets are so damn slow now, plus low dmg. and AA maxes, well just a joke.
  5. TheStink

    I still find it useful, not as deadly as it was in beta, but I'm still able knock a few out the sky at an ok rate, and scare off others from attacking the Vanu armor and Sunny's. Overall I still enjoy playing the role when the skies fill up with aircraft, and as somebody said before, working in dual buster Max teams makes the sky a dangerous place.
  6. Auniquename

    Dual burster is the best way to ruin a pilot's day. Easy to hide, easy to duck into cover, easy to do quite a bit of damage once you have the aim down. And once your allies have finished crying about ESFs on the forums you might even be able to coax them into pulling some form of AA (or manning a turret) themselves for added effectiveness!
  7. MortarionX

    Auniquename has it right, bursters as they are now are fine. Honestly though, they could take a slight buff in damage. One has to keep in mind that planes cost lots of resources and have a much longer respawn time than a single MAX. So it would be unfair to pilots if a single MAX can easily wreck them. And bursters already have been buffed, the bullets are now more accurate and fly in a flatter trajectory. Or at least they seem to.
  8. Plunkies

    It wouldn't be unfair. Know what fighters are good against? Everything. Infantry, air, vehicles. Know what an AA max is good against. Well....nothing. But they're SUPPOSED to be good against air. Not to mention mobility. I'm also pretty sure if you compare timers of certed cooldowns for the max and ESF, the max actually takes longer to spawn.
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  9. saltin

    Exactly a burster max has a single role,he cannot do anything else, and yet he is pisss poor at at that role.

    To put things in a proper perspective, compare you rate of gaining certs a a max burster whose now semi official role is to "scare away newer pilots" to other weapon systems and other classes that can pack 1000+ certs a day.
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  10. steelslinga

    i agree.. i was mainly dual bursters in the betas and now that i came back last night and bought the 2nd burster ican't kill sh*t with it, about all burster max is good for now is to scare off any air . range doesn't make much difference either.. unless they are taking hits from someone else you are wasting your time if you want kills.
  11. Darkami

    Total Waste of Points-I wish I had not bought it !!! REPEAT do not buy it !!!!!!!
    1) The max has a timer
    2) your only job kill anti-Aircraft and your piss poor at it .

    Image buying a gun to kill people and it taking half ( not clip ) your ammo kill them. Image rolling up to a person AFK , you start to shoot them , they wake up from AFK then kill you . Thats AA for the max

    Buy the heavy Infrantry AA waaaaaaay better .
  12. Fafnir

    I'm fine with single dual burster MAX not being able to take down Libs and Gals easily.
  13. AxelDi

    The second burster is worth it. I've gotten one burster with the extended magazine and am looking forward to upgrading the second one with the same (it ups the clip size from 28 to 42).

    Learning how and when to fire on ESF is what's important. Working on a team with others means that you can keep the immediate area of sky relatively clear. The biggest problem with a ground-to-air only defense is that ESF pilots can still rocket pod from long range.
  14. Terrahero

    Its fun, i tend to babysit our Sunderer spawn and switch to double-pounder incase enemy armor comes along (not that it does a lot, but it helps).

    As for actual combat effectiveness. Well, ill say this first. I get a heck of a lot of assists but very few actual kills. You wont really bring down anything unless they are already wounded and still insist on flying into a hotzone. Or if they are incredibly stupid (flying straight lines=predictable, or even just hoovering)

    But for an ESF you still need about a full clip from both arms to bring one down, and you better make sure most if not all your shots hit. Unfortunatly pilots are getting their certs on and even ESFs are becomming tough and tougher to take down, and you dont have a whole lot left to cert into as a MAX to counter this.

    So, is it worth it? Well thats more of a personal preference. I enjoyed sitting back and just scare all these pilots who think themselves untouchable, playing more of a defensive/supportive role. So for me, worth it because ive already had a lot of fun with it.
  15. inquisitor beetallus

    Bad bursters complaining they can't free farm air for easy certs.

    All they can say is it's unfair because what? Pilots can escape from them? If a pilot charges you in any AA you'll win the fight, it's not a question, you beat air 1v1, it's simply that air has the option of escape, just as you have the option of using cover or entering a building.

    You shouldn't simply be able to farm air for certs solo.

    People vastly exaggerate the strength of ESF and the weakness of AA. ESF still needs several passes to take out any armored vehicle or even an infantry due to the firing cone of rocket pods, I've had HA live a full 16 rocket salvo from hover with dead on crosshair due to RNG.

    By simply being an AA in a general area you deny a pilot their role, they cannot enter the area and do their thing without being heavily damaged or shot down. Needing several passes means needing a lot of time in the area, far more than it takes an AA to kill the vehicle.

    So you cannot kill the air because they leave, the air cannot kill anything because you are there, this is what we call BALANCE.
  16. BCKrogoth

    During yesterday's crazy 3-way (ish) on Mattherson's Snake Ridge Pass (think it was around 2PM), I ran with 3 other dual bursters, and we were destroying anything coming into the vicinity - gals, libs, ESFs alike - enough to keep our tanks alive and pushing. One MAX should not be able to do full denial, but if you're working with a semi-compitent group, you should be able to get a good amount of xp farming libs and ESFs. Learn to hold fire until they're in your kill zone, and lead the target.
  17. Terrahero

    Hmm, much like air shouldnt be able to farm ground solo for certs? Yet that is exactly what seems to be going on, one of the most popular advice when it comes to the question "how do i get certs quick" is simply "get in an aircraft".
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  18. furballhero

    You can take out a fighter if you empty both clips of burster into them, learn to lead your targets, judge distance and wait for the best time to open fire and you can get lots of exp killing aircraft.
  19. Summonest

    Stop lying to people. Dual burster max is great AA, if you know how to aim them. I'm new to the game and most of my kills are from running with footsoldiers shooting down aircrafts that try to harass us.
  20. StrangerDanger

    I really detest that i am going to need to make my HA now an AA infantry, on top of my AA MAX. It needs to be done. AA MAX are obnoxious to play, its boring, its very low XP, i constantly need an engineer, im a big target for infantry since im looking at the sky. Did i mention its boring?

    Ive gotten to the point where i see land vehicles as pointless to use, the air support vultures swarm too fast and i want tanks to be for blowing people and other tanks up not AA. Also flight in this game is ********, i dont know how people actually can fly with the ****** controls this game has for flight.

    So as it stand now, ill soon have my HA as an AA who i will be bored while playing, a MAX who already is an AA who i hate playing, and when i get sick of badgering airsupport on those ill be able to enjoy my LA.

    OR they could make all but the Galaxy susceptible to light ground fire from infantry.

    Its really sad to see an infantry massive standoff and watching the 15 AA MAX and however many AA HA try to fend off the light aircraft than are pummeling infantry making mad XP and the sunders need a crew of 10 engineers to keep up. Just boring mechanics.
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