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Discussion in 'MAX' started by ATX78640, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. ATX78640

    Can anyone tell me if the Dual Burster AA max is worth the 700 for the 2nd Burster?

    I used the Skyguard in Beta and it was great, then it got nerfed. Last time i played it it was absolutely not worth a single point of $ or cert.

    I dont want to blow my station cash on a nerfed weapon system!
  2. Plunkies

    Probably not. Unless you get some kind of personal joy out of scaring off bad pilots. You're not going to get kills with it though.
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  3. Ocaml

    Dual Burster AA MAX is uncapable of killing one ESF which is not AFK. You should buy second weapon if you have spare SC / Certs or you have 2-3 people with Dual AA MAXes (or willing to buy them) with which you play most of the time.
  4. oherror

    In beta is totally was. Your not capable of downing a good pilot since they know when to bug out. But if you hold your fire and let the esf get close your can seriously screw them up. The major trick is with the max your can hide and unleash your duel death on whatever flys close. Pro tip is dont fire until you will hit repeatedly. In beta we would hold the crown with 4 duel busters maxes and one dedicated engy for ammo and reps. We could kill anything that dared fly over to us.

    There are alot of bad pilots that will lose thier cool and charge which is when you can kill them. 2 duel busters maxes can down any esf besides the gal and lib.
  5. Mabo

    They have buffed the dual burster max since beta. I purchased the second arm today and had a fairly easy time taking out planes. Liberators have a lot of armor so odds are you will just scare them away, but the ESF's are no longer invincible like they were in beta. I haven't got to play with it a whole lot, but my first impression is that they seem fairly balanced, I'm actually rather impressed.
  6. Delta102

    I don't think its been buffed per say, its just pilots don't have the flakk armor.
  7. Mabo

    I'm pretty sure there was a buff. In Beta you had to use two clips from both guns to hope to get a kill. I was getting ESF kills in a single clip using both guns (others might have been shooting also so I could be mistaken). I was also in an ESF and got taken out by a dual burster max, things seem much more balanced now.
  8. Morat

    Why did I end up buying two burster arms? One is a burster, the other is a burster NS or something - but the stats appear the same. I didn't have a single burster arm available at launch.

    @OP It is your duty to get a dual burster - all those fighters are farming XP right now with their rocket pods. It's like a turkey shoot!
  9. Promethieus

    Last I checked bursters were not buffed. ESF no longer have max armor. As for the bursters, they're always a good buy. There will be many times when you need a **** tonne of air cover. Pull em and sit with the other maxes. You'll do just fine. People expect 1 person to clear the skys. Thats not the ******* purpose of a single burster. People need to chill.
  10. Kelderan

    I find more often than not I get a good retreat out of my dual AA max. Not that I never shoot them down, but my rate of damage enough just enough to kill them if they're dumb enough not to run. The plus side is I'll stop them from whatever they were doing, the downside it no exp unless someone else finishes the job or the crash. Way worth it for me, and I'm sure time will make me even better for those last minute kills.
  11. Morro

    Dual burster MAX is worth it if you want to be AA. Like stated before the key is not to fire on them just as they become visible, but near you to maximize damage as they try to flee.
  12. FoolishFoolish

    No the AA is worthless it has been nerfed into the ground to the point your wasting your money to buy one.
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  13. ATX78640

    Wow very strongly mixed opinions. Well I think IF you are going to have some AA this would probably be your best bet for now, Skyguard seems to hit like a wet paper towel.
    I think for now with a lot of noobs in the air it will be fun to go AA, then later on maybe it will get a little buff from the devs
  14. Deschain

    Burster is broken period, you'd be better hurling harsh language at aircraft than blowing certs on a max unit.
  15. Kubor

    At the moment I think it's fair to say that the AA MAX and "ScareGuard" are not to be recommended for people looking for lots of kills themselves. If you're looking to get kills and the associated maximum individual XP points towards certification points, then these things are definitely not worth the Station Cash or the silly amount of cert points they cost.

    If you don't care about kills, XP, and certs, and like working in teams of 3 or 4 to provide area denial for your Empire, then these things are the only realistic tools available unless you want to get into an ESF yourself. They're still not worth the outrageous SC price nor ludicrously high cert cost, but if you have a ton of SC to spare or expect to be awash with certs, then consider yourself a servant of your chosen Empire.

    In beta there was an enhanced version of the AA MAX listed. Its name was the Burster XS and had a bigger clip and a higher rate of fire. We never got to try it out, but my best guess is that it will be made available when a lot more ESF's are sporting full composite armour. Then, using the Burster XS will be like using the current NS version now. You still won't get kills with it but you will be able to deter aircraft after a few seconds of firing on them providing that they are close by and hovering.
  16. Vitriol17

    Solo dual burster max you will want to look out for allready damaged esf as you wont get many points, however if you need to clear the skies over an area, just get a buddy or two to spawn one aswell, with a few MAX you can at least teach the flyboys a lesson.
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  17. MexelVanMexelen

    Not my experience at all. Dual Burster won't even take out a hovering reaver before he wakes up and tootles off. Total waste of my SC. I bought them "for my empire" as there is a distinct lack of AA. Now I know why no-one else has gone this route.
  18. MexelVanMexelen

    Yeah, this is closer to my experience. Air is deffo OP for now.
  19. Siddy

    AA max works well for what it is intended.

    And for every good pilot out there, who can dodge you, there is three bad pilots in line to feed you exp.
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  20. Marzipanzer

    Organized dual burster maxes work very well. Three or four dual burster maxes camping out on a hill with an engineer can more or less completely deny the surrounding airspace.
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