Driver compatibility with NVIDIA GeForce 334.89 drivers

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Higby, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. Serafine

    Maybe it helps to narrow down the problem:

    I get this kernel crash ONLY when I die and the game is loading the map tab (so it doesn't affect my gameplay, but maybe it has something to do with the map interface, which acts strange anyway since the last patches).
    On the other hand I am actually getting less crashes (CTD) than before.

    Planetside2 crashing is nothing unusual, a CTD doesn't need to have something to do with your graphics drivers. I'm getting 1-2 crashes to desktop per day without any error messages recently (but it's indeed getting less).
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  2. Scatterblak

    I wish the game optimizer worked for me -- it says 'Game cannot be optimized'. GTX650TI w 2g. Very annoying.
  3. Badmagic362

    I originally installed the new driver before we knew it was causing issues and I was getting 60-70 with Ultra Settings, that is a 10+ frame rate improvement for me and I could bump up my shadow settings. I really hope for this issue to get fixed. I never got the black screens and crash to desktops everyone else is experiencing. I was getting horrible micro stuttering, 1-5 sec freezes about every 5 minutes or so. I reinstalled the old drivers, they are working better but not great. I am still getting micro stuttering in large battles.
  4. Intershield

    Has anyone tried the new 334.89 drivers after todays patch? I'm wondering if they work now?
  5. SSouljah

    Nope. Micro-Stuttered while flying for about 20 seconds then I crashed to desktop. SOE NEEDS TO PULL THEIR HEADS OUT OF THEIR A** AND MAKE THIS A TOP PRIORITY FIX! But I'm glad they updated the game with some nice little new weapons and some new V commands, thank you for that cause it makes so much of a difference when you can't even play the game......../sarcasm.
  6. IDC_

    yesterday i update to the new 335.04 drivers.
    after the ninjapatch of the planetside2.exe i logged in through my chars to get some passive certs and to see which char is closest to the next wds tier.
    i loaded the char with 400 points to tier 2 (the others were just a bit over 800pts).
    after our team took 3 bases we were defeated and i died.
    wanted to respawn at the previous base we took and right after the respawn timer hit zero my game crashed.
    after 20 minutes game time.

    then i played a few matches in heartstone :cool:
  7. shuffl2me

    im now as of the 27/2/14 patch getting this black screen crash/issue on a amd r9 290. my screen goes black, can still here everyone in the outfit mumble chat, and have to reboot my pc to get the screen back. its not the drivers its SoE having a broken POS game.
  8. shuffl2me

    forget this, it seems like it may have been a one off. just played an hr straight with no problems other than lag/hit detection/explosions destroying my fps
  9. angryBuddha

    i haven't had much time w/ the 2/27 patch yet, but the driver crash seemed to only happen to me on the map screen
  10. PraiseTheSpandex

    Does this bug also cause freeze crashes, where the game just hangs on a static image? I've been getting those. Sound continues but game doesn't respond. Oddly this doesn't seem to occur during any high-intensity situations, but just occasionally when a vehicle is passing me while I'm in third-person view.
  11. psyshow

    I didn't realize this and via GeForce Experience downloaded 334.98 drivers. I downloaded the driver just before the recent update which saw PhysX being switched on. The problem I'm about to report happened before and after the update and only since the 334.89 driver. Is the below about right for the issue being reported here?

    Screen(s) go black for 5+ seconds (screen indicates nothing plugged into them), the audio drain's out until it sound's like the noise that is made by the Nebula ship in Matrix when flying and all background processes just crash? this has happened twice now like I said, once when I just downloaded the driver before the update and again just a minute ago after the update.

    On my corsair Link monitor, it's shows the fans speed of the graphics card cut by about 50% and a little warm. The only way to resolve it is log off / shutdown.

    It only has happened twice and both times in Planetside. i am little vervous as to what is actually taking place when that happens......

    Palit GTX780 (not clocked)
    i7 3970x 3.5ghz clocked to 4.8ghz
    16GB Kingston HyperX Beast 2400mhz
  12. Zazen

    If it helps SOE & Nvidia figure this out, I only get the kernel crash on the map screen. At the same time the driver kernel crashes my sounds get funky as well. It usually happens right when I open the map and especially when I quickly zoom in/out right after I open it.

    I'm running i7 w/ 660ti w/ 24gigs of ram on Win 7 Pro/64bit.
  13. Jaamaw

    This is seriously still a problem? How difficult of a fix is this?
  14. elhund

    I'm just going to take a break from Planetside2 for the rest of Mars. Today my game crashed 3 times and on one of those crashes my prowler got shot out on Amerish. See you all in April, maybe.
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  15. Wobberjockey

    i also experience the crash like this.

    i occasionally get CTD when i alt + tab though
  16. Lewk

    Was going crazy with this. Thanks for the heads up.
  17. MrKoronas

    I'm having real issues with this now making the game unplayable for me (its crashing every 30 seconds)

    Using GeForce 332.21 Drivers

    Intel Core i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz
    16Gb Corsair Vengeance Pro 1600Mhz
    Palit GeForce GTX 680 Jetstream
    Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64-bit

    Any help would we appreciated
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  18. Intershield

    Any update on if we can use the latest WHQL 334.89 NVidia GeForce Drivers?
    or should we stick with the 332.21?o_O
  19. Gleerok

    I not only had this kernel crash issue but I also had the issue where my card is put to "safe mode clockspeed" 5 minutes in-game and then permanently, which means not even restarting the system brings it back. I rolled back to some old offline install Nvidia Drivers I already had on my system and now it works flawlessly.

    Well, its time for me to not care about and get excited about new driver updates I guess.
  20. Serpent808

    I've been getting a similar "Black Screen" issue since the 02-28-2014 Scheduled Maintenance. On the other hand, it doesn't last for 3 to 5 seconds. The black screen locks up completely for more than 2 minutes, and I have to do a reboot to my rig to get out of it.

    It's already happened to me 3 times. All of it took place at random times usually after 2 or more hours of game-play. The two times that it occurred was when I respawn at the Warp Gate, and a Bio Lab. The Warp Gate was on Indar, I came from Amerish. Bio Lab was Onatha, Amerish. The third time, it happened during an encounter with one of the regions connected, by the lattice, southwest of Kwahtee Amp Station. This one was different because I was running around in my MAX after the NC made an assault on the area, and they were pushed back by the Vanu. So the black screen issue made itself known again, for me, after the heavy fighting took place. I just ran around the perimeter, and it occurred. This occurred about 3 nights ago.

    I'm currently using 3 R9-290x in CrossfireX when I play, and the AMD Driver that I am using is 14.2 Beta V1.3.

    My solution to the issue is to disable Ultra Low Power State (ULPS) with the help of the beta MSI Afterburner. I haven't experience the black screen issue, but every once in a while, the PS2 Client will crash to the desktop (in roughly 2 to 6 hours worth of game-play to 1 crash). The point I am trying to make is that for me, I am experiencing something similar. So it may not be an NVidia issue alone. I'm not sure if I am the only AMD user that's experiencing a similar issue. Once the black screen occurs, I can still hear people talking on Team Speak and I suspect the game too...