Driver compatibility with NVIDIA GeForce 334.89 drivers

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Higby, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. Higby Developer

    Hey all -

    We are aware of and working with NVIDIA on solving an issue with the latest 334.89 GeForce graphics drivers. If you use these drivers you may experience some driver kernal crashes (3-5 second black screen) periodically when in game. Our recommendation at this time is to not upgrade to these drivers unless you absolutely must, if you've already upgraded and are experiencing issues they can be resolved by switching back to the 332.21 drivers.

    Thank you!
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  2. Fink_NC

    Thank you!

    I've been looking for info on this, but couldn't find anything.
    My main problem is it kills Shadow Play (That, and I'm usually dead when I come back)

    I downgraded to 332.21 and it works fine again.
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  3. FrankHH

    That's the exact problem I'm having! It's also happening in other games too. Phew, thought it was my video card starting to die.
    Glad to see you're working with NVIDIA to address this.
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  4. doombro

    Oh, so that's where those brief blackouts have been coming from!

    Hopefully we'll get a fix soon
  5. NitroHonk

    Repost from reddit, may help the people who need to downgrade:

    Went back to 332.21 with the driver rollback integrated in windows because i had the same experience (GTX770).
    From the nVidia driver rollback instructions:
    Option 1: Roll Back To Your Previous Driver:
    If you installed your current driver without first uninstalling the previous version, you can simply roll back your driver to the previous version using these steps:
    Windows XP steps to roll back your driver:
    • Click Start
    • Click Control Panel
    • Click Performance and Maintenance and then System (in Category view) or System (in Classic view)
    • Select the Hardware Tab
    • Click Device Manager
    • Double-click on Display Adapters
    • Double-click on your NVIDIA GPU
    • Select the Driver Tab
    • Click on Roll Back Driver
    Windows Vista or Windows 7 steps to roll back your driver:
    • Click Start
    • Click Control Panel
    • Windows Vista: Click System and Maintenance and then System or simply System (in Classic view). Windows 7: Click System and Security and then System.
    • In the left pane, click Device Manager
    • Double-click on Display Adapters
    • Double-click on your NVIDIA GPU
    • Select the Driver Tab
    • Click on Roll Back Driver
    • Option 2: Uninstall the Current Driver:
    Option 2: Uninstall the Current Driver:

    When you installed your current driver, if you first uninstalled the previous driver you won’t be able to roll back. In this case, follow the same steps that you previously used to uninstall your driver. Once complete, you can then download and re-install the recommended driver.
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  6. TRick Shot

    Thanks for the heads up Matt. Glad to hear it's being looked at.
  7. Boildown

    Note that if you have the released-this-week GTX 750 or GTX 750 Ti, you're forced to use these drivers, as the older drivers don't support these video cards. You should delay purchasing one of these video cards until the issue is resolved.
  8. Boildown

    Instead of using ShadowPlay, try OBS with the NVENC option:
  9. wibble

    Lol, I update my driver yesterday and read this today. I have had the odd black out but only on screens, maps etc. Oddly I used the game optimiser that downloaded with the driver and I'm getting a bit better fps
  10. Solaries

    Please help :(
  11. MykeMichail

    How on earth did I miss this thread?

    Good to know there's nothing wrong with my video card!
  12. BlackDove

    I'm using the ancient 314.22's and I get this same issue since the update.
  13. Fink_NC

    The reason I use it to so I'm "always recording"
    If something awesome just happened I can save it (thus the shadow in shadow play)
  14. Badname3109

    reporting that this needs to be fixed! 670ftw
  15. Pikachu

    Oh thank heavens I was not alone with this.
  16. DieHard2Live3

    I'm using the latest drivers and there hasn't been any issues so far.

    That said, will probably roll-back to the previous driver, if I can do so. ;)
  17. Mekeji

    I am so glad that it was just a driver issue. I nearly had a heart attack when it started.
  18. Ron7

    Same driver crashes here with the 334.67 (Beta) and 334.89 (WQHL). Thanks for working at this issue, because I was not able to find any solution yet exept rolling back to 332.21.
  19. Pikachu

    Just happened and my game crashed when things were going really good. Timing could hardly been worse. -.-
  20. Sparrow

    Have this problem been resolved? Can I upgrade my drivers now?