Driver’s Ed: Tips for Maneuvering Vehicles of Auraxis.

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  1. lunate

    A great idea would be adding special wheels, tracks or hover ability (Magrider).

    So make it like speed wheel where you travel faster on the road, Traction wheel climb mountains better as it prevents sliding. Hover ability, Higher hovering which allows better climbing ability or lower hovering which increase its speed on road.
  2. FieldMarshall

    I can relate to this so much! This seems to happen to me all the time. Not just when im in a MAX. :(
    Oddly enough, it NEVER happens when im the one driving. NEVER :rolleyes:
  3. thePankakeManne

    Yeah, the video pretty much says it all.

    And it's not that far from the truth, either. :eek:
  4. Gustavo M

    Don't: Jump in front of my vehicle while I'm driving.

  5. Helpful_advice

    Add a button prompt when a vehicle is upside down.;)
  6. BlackX

    Actually; I've done barrel rolls, double barrel rolls, backflips, frontflips and even a flare (lucky) if you drive your flash a top speed on any of the bridges and find an opening on the sides, try and a little pice of metal unnecessarily sticking out of the ground, then hit that part and you'll do a 360 flip for sure lol But you're right. The only time I use the flash is when I can't spawn anything else. It sucks.
  7. xxSparkyxx

    SOE, money loving pricks. The only reason I play your games is because they are fun.
  8. Styrkr

    Do: Pull vehicles as needed to keep your zerg/convoy going.
    Don't Pull a vehicle at the same time as everyone else causing 1/2 of the zerg to get pinched to death or become an easy, immobile kill.

    Seriously, mess vehicles can quickly do more harm than good. PRO TIP!
  9. CazadorDeLaBruja

    SOE this post is utter bull... How about you fix vehicle traction, climbing, and flipping, or ill give my 13000 member steam group the cruelest review for your game in human history ... many of whom have active Youtube channels with millions of views and subscribers. Light a fire under your *** and get your game in gear. You say you listen to your community but how can you if problems such as these have been in the game sense Beta. Also ive put over $800 into your game on 2 separate accounts because i liked it once upon a time. im not spending another dime till i get some measure of feedback worthy of my consumer loyalty. Also a quick fix for the flash's flipping issue would be to lower the center of gravity on it by about 30cm and stop calling it an ATV because my grandma can climb a hill better then that face-roll machine. *the horns are crap just use your lights and blink them like you do in Reality driving down the freeway. if they dont move, run them over. they will learn. the sundy is the best all terrain vehicle and can be used to climb over tank traps and slopes if you practice driving that wobble wagon. all vehicles in PS2 are super top heavy except the harasser. to prevent your harasser from tipping over, just make sure when you enter a slope, drive toward the slope at as close to a right angle as possible. this works for the flash as well. drive slowly when cresting the slope with the flash and bear in mind that the shocks on the harasser are too springy and over compensate for hard landings if you land uneven. some people say you should repair your harasser while rolling and if you drive yours with a buddy and you work well together, then yes that is right. but if you solo, you should park away from combat and hop out with your vehicle between you and the direction of combat while your engy weaves back and forth to counter snipers. if a missile is inbound you will see it and can jump in and duck your ride behind a rock before impact and if the vehicle is toast you wont be in it so your engy can return fire with the AV turret and snipe that FACE that blew up your baby.

    also note that the harasser tends to continue rolling at a high speed when you swap to second seat when you solo as a tank destroyer. this can be used to your advantage when taking on other 2-rider team harassers and can put them off guard allowing you to effectively snipe them while still providing a moving target.