Driver’s Ed: Tips for Maneuvering Vehicles of Auraxis.

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  1. AirSuicide

    Heres another tip:

    Use an Xbox 360 Controller and Xpadder. (Xpadder maps your keyboard and mouse to your controller)

    I'm one of the best Gal Pilots in PS2.

    The reason:

    Maneuvers with a keyboard and mouse are not fluid or symmetrical enough for exact Precision flying, takeoffs, Suicides (with kills), landings, or Evasive Manouvers. Thumb sticks are your friend.

    With thumb sticks you control the Yaw, Pitch, bank, Spin, Lift, Descend, Throttle, Thrust, and Reverse, Hover.....


    Try doing that with a keyboard and mouse.. you'll die in a ball of flames.

    But anyone who thinks otherwise is welcome to "try" and follow me 3 yards above the terrain at full speed under bridges, through canyons that scrape your wings, under trees, and through buildings (literally) while simultaneously dog fighting and doing evasive which kill annoying little Reavers and Mosquito's attempting to kill you. (Via making them slam into said walls/trees/buildings or your Wings / Fuselage)

    Am I the only one who can do the above? Of course not.
    Can you learn to do it with a keyboard and mouse effectively? No.
    You simply don't have access to enough buttons/feedback simultaneously without use of a game pad or controller.

    If you ever see a galaxy outmaneuvering an ESF, They are using a Game pad or Controller.
  2. AirSuicide


    My max Rolls with Sundee with 12/12 is 13 down the side of a mountain in Indar while running from a liberator.. and we survived :D
    The lib.. wasn't so lucky.
  3. ThatJoeGuy

    Do: Continue to repair any vehicles in your vicinity (as you normally do, thank you :) )
    DON'T: Stop to repair a vehicle while standing IN FRONT OR BEHIND IT!! Because if I start taking fire YOUR IN THE WAY! This should be common sense but I can't count how many times this happens.

    Do: STOP near an Engineer to allow him to effect repairs.
    Don't: Expect the Engineer to follow you into the heart of the battle to continue repairing you. Not gonna happen.
  4. Azerin

    Hmm... Guess I've still got a lot to learn then :D
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  5. Thagyr

    When request pickup from a vehicle.

    DO: Use the in-game voice message.
    DON'T: Use a gun/rocket launcher to shoot them in hopes they will stop for a murderous psychopath that you are emulating.
  6. Codeak8

    huuuuge face palm. why does lup even make ret4rded posts like this? theyre dumb and everyone who reads it goes "heh.... that was bad, if only the devs would actually say something about the terrible physics vehicles are plagued by"
  7. CobraJD

    Some Highway code we have on Auraxis...
  8. Vanguard 2

    About the air with a flash, i once drove my harraser off a cliff on the south east of indar near the warpgate. I was falling and hit the edge a phew times and thought "Wow, i survived!". and then i hit the ground and blew up
  9. Jason700

    If only you didn't have to buy the horns with real money, way to go on making free players feel stabbed in the back...
  10. bodmans

  11. the lurking sergal

    do: use you flash to scout ahead if you an infiltrator, they gave the thing a wraith cloaking device for a reason!
    don't: hang back with the armor column unless you have a fetish for being crush allied vehicles....

    do: save up for a performance package that can help you get faster, go up hill better, or maneuver around the battle field on a dime.
    don't: cry that the flash needs a buff, it has performance packages for a reason, you want air? get a racer chassis package and you'l gain more air then a skate board at the EX games. want to be able to park you flash on a incline? get a maxed surge power chassis package and you can park that thing on a STEAP incline and use it as a platform!

    do: use a harasser if you suck at flashes, sure its bigger but it holds 3 people, doesn't flip as much, and one of your 3 occupants can be a max, and who doesn't want a max that can shoot out the back of your vehicle?
  12. doombro

  13. thePankakeManne

    There's been several times where I've run 5km in a MAX suit because the bus driver forgot me.

    I don't think I ever enjoyed the landscape of Auraxis to such a degree beforehand. :D
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  14. AndyTB

    that's some choice aspects of ps2, I like.
  15. NinjaKiwiWarrior

    Don't use a Flash.
  16. GhostPup

    tbh i thought that anyone nearby to them just got resupplied didnt know you had to wait in line lol
  17. GhostPup

  18. Nocturnal7x

    The insight just man...

    mind blown.
  19. Timithos

    The TR aren't going to listen to any of these driving tips, and they'll still cuss out their victims for getting in the way.
  20. Solo59486

    I also do that when I play solo. I ran from Andvari to Ymir once but their wasn't much of scenery to look at on Esamir....

    Also this
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