Driver’s Ed: Tips for Maneuvering Vehicles of Auraxis.

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  1. Taemien

    Definitely need a horn.
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  2. The Rogue Wolf

    Maybe I could change this a little to better reflect what I usually see happening in-game.

    Do: Try equipping one of the new vehicle horns to let people know you're coming through.
    Don't: Use your vehicle's primary weapon as a substitute horn.
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  3. Zazulio

    I find it depressing that this isn't even an exaggeration. The Flash is just tragic.

    Please give it a proper control package, SOE! :(
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  4. Desann

    L M F A O @ that video Taemien
  5. Huishe

    What a useful thread.
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  6. NovaAustralis

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  7. BigBooty

    Do: Park your tank nearby an allied Sunderer to protect it from enemy armor.
    Don't: Ram your tank into a parked Sunderer doing 70 when it's surrounded by infantry. Well, you probably just shouldn't do it, ever.
  8. Amarsir

    I like that these are going for comedy now. Because the serious tip columns, like "How to Capture a Tech Plant"? Awful.
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  9. NovaAustralis

    Dear Erin Oakley,

    Feel free to consult with the fan base prior to these posts.

    You won't miss such gems as this:

    or this:

    or this:

    or this:

    I could go on...
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  10. cobaltlightning

    So much this, SoE.

    I ain't got no monies to afford a horn, let alone the ambition to buy or use.

    Besides, yelling "BEEP BEEP" is a lot more distinct to my friendlies than a horn, and hence is more likely to catch their attention.
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  11. Serafine

    Thank God that Lightnings and MBTs can have horns!

    /irony off
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  12. Snoozzzer

    The best part is that just about every player I've seen has done both the Do's and Don'ts, yet the Don'ts are always the most hillarious of Planetside moments

    This point of view brought to by someone who is not MLG420TIMMYPROGAMER
  13. Dhabu

    While I found the first 90% of the OP mildly amusing, I came expecting an actual instructional (maybe including the "Tank reverse direction toggle" in Settings) and was mildly disappointed.

    Then I got to the blatant solicitation at the end, and was insulted. Net result: Negative customer sentiment here. And that was before I read the rest of the thread, where folks (correctly) point out the many real issues still affecting vehicle handling in PS2.

    I'd like to be constructive with this, so here's a suggestion, SOE/Erin: Write, or comb the Net and link, or solicit contributions from the playerbase for, an actual article with actual helpful hints that might help newcomers to the game be less frustrated with their vehicles.

    Dhabu of Connery
    /Spends 80% of my time in tanks
    //More like 50% till the Harasser nerf goes live
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  14. MykeMichail

    Do: overtake when you have plenty of space to do so.
    Do not: Over Take Turning Vehicle.
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  15. Drougar

    well i love how you said something about the main battle tank being formidable.. because well as i have notised they are made of paper and playdoh, and well those 2 make poor protection against the infinit range mana turret.. and well KOTV is starting to get good at using them... so well infantry being op against tanks.. there is almost no point in using the,
  16. Slandebande

    Does this mean MBTs are finally getting horns? I'm getting sick of only having my headlights to let people know I'm coming through (flashing them on and off does nothing to the average joe of PS2 it seems, they don't notice at all). Perhaps a combination of the horn AND flashing lights would help.
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  17. AuntLou42

    Problem... I can't equip a horn on my MBT.
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  18. SpaceKing

    I thought that was mandatory

    I mean, how else do you get a sundie into J908?
  19. eldarfalcongravtank

  20. Mag7157

    Really does and don'ts let face it, it's DEATH RACE out there.