Driver’s Ed: Tips for Maneuvering Vehicles of Auraxis.

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  1. Luperza Community Manager

    By: Erin Oakley

    Ground vehicles are a key component of victory in PlanetSide 2. From the speedy Harasser to the formidable two-person battle tanks, there’s something for every play style and situation. But are you practicing proper vehicle etiquette? Brush up with these handy tips and avoid Auraxian road rage:

    Do: Wait your turn to resupply at the Ammo Silo.
    Don’t: Try to make the line go faster by tank-mining the guy in front of you.

    Do: Park your damaged Harasser by a friendly Engineer; they might repair it for you!
    Don’t: Park your damaged Harasser on a friendly Engineer. (Enemy Engineers are totally fair game though.)

    Do: Try equipping one of the new vehicle horns to let people know you’re coming through.
    Don’t: Think that yelling “BEEP BEEP” in proximity chat is going to cut it.
    Do: Experiment with crazy stunts on your Flash. How much air can you get?
    Don’t: See how many times you can roll your Sunderer down a hill… with your whole squad inside.

    Do: Make sure all the MAXes in your squad have a ride. They can’t pull their own vehicles, and those suits aren’t meant for long-distance running.
    Don’t: Pull the old “let them almost get close enough to get in before flooring it and driving off” trick. Giant robots have feelings, too!

    Do: Let the driver in a two-person vehicle know if you’re out of ammo.
    Don’t: Wait to tell the driver until you’re face-to-face with an enemy tank.

    And finally, do: check out the in-game depot for vehicle camos, hood ornaments, horns, lumifiber trim, and everything you need to roll out in style. For all the latest intel from Auraxis, be sure to follow PlanetSide2 on Facebook and Twitter.
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  2. JDC052

    I love it! Not that I think anyone will stop all of the Don'ts, but certainly tells my average day in Planetside 2
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  3. Kulantan

    I managed a 360 triple corkscrew with my Flash yesterday. The secret: drive carefully along a perfectly flat road.
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  4. CrashB111

    You forgot the most important of all.

    Do: Stay together and push forward as a group

    Don't: Ride the Tank in front of yours *** so that if he tries to back up he gets stuck.
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  5. Larington

    Do: Glance at the radar when you're about to reverse to make sure you're not about to run over a friendly behind you.
    Don't: Think that an line/stream/group of friendly troops is the best place to park your vehicle when it's highly likely you'll start taking fire any moment then panic and drive over the friendly troops in a desperate attempt to escape the 10 striker users.
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  6. HonkSam

    Do: Abandon your god of physics. His commandments do not apply on Auraxis.
    Don't: Touch a vehicle terminal if you still follow your god of physics or blazing debris shall rain upon you.
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  7. teks

    o_O Its not amusing to rub in a serious issue vehicles have, which is maneuvering, or the lack thereof. This isn't really a light issue for anyone who drives a vehicle. More serious advice would go something like.

    DO practice going down a hill on a slip and slide while throwing a nerf ball at a kid standing perpendicular to you
    • Teaches you how to handle unwieldy sliding, and poor traction.
    • Teaches you how to lead a target. The nerf ball should have a similar arc to a tank cannon.
    • Teaches you how, like vehicles, once you start to slide, you can't stop until your at the bottom of the hill.

    Don't we wish.

    I like vehicles and all, but they aren't really a contributor in the 'goal' of planetside eg. taking points. They are fun, but squads and platoons can function quite well without them.

    Novelty items are great and all but the title is "tips for maneuvering", and its making light of a serious issue in the game.
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  8. Schwak

    If you are in a large battle:
    Don't: Try and drive around friendlies on the ground.
    Do: Drive at friendlies directly because clientside and they are already 10 feet in front of where they appear to be.

    Don't: Approach a sundie that is deployed at full speed (infantry like to render 5 feet in front of you)
    Do: Go slow and Beep Beep!
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  9. S7rudL

    Don't: Play straight for many hours and because of lack of focus, flatten a whole squad of friendlies by pull-by parking a prowler near a deployed sundie.
  10. Lamat

    Please put vehicle horns on tanks too!
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  11. AccelPrime

    The Flash naturally does crazy stunts.

    • Drive on a perfectly flat road, and turn to either the right or the left? Nope, now we're doing 360s and 720s!
    • Drive down a small slope, frontflip all day, everyday!
    • Touch a tiny object with one wheel, do barrel rolls, all day, everyday!
    • Stop on a 10+ degree incline, keep driving at 1-2 kph.
    • Touch a friendly vehicle, explode!
    Needless to say, the Flash needs a buff, in a lot of areas. Traction & hill climbing would be a good start.
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  12. BattleMage

    Any tips on how to not flip a flash everytime you hit a bump in the road?
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  13. Desann


    DO: Spend your money on a horn for one vehicle. 650 SC for one horn?
    DONT: Be cheap and utilize the free Proxy chat.

    Thanks man, now I will go spend money on your overpriced in game items...oh wait...never mind i forgot I have contributed to this game with several months of membership(no longer active) and a couple SC purchases. The only time I like to buy something is after a SC bonus deal and then when the item goes on sale.

    I refuse to spend $6.50 for my MBT, Sunderer, Harasser, and flash. Thats $26 on one character. Then you have MBTs for your other characters..add $ $39 for all of my vehicles to have a horn?

    NOPE. Oh and here's a tip for the development team. Make the flash better at handling, and I would drive it more.
    I would do crazy flips if you all didn't ruin the resource requirements. 100 vehicle resources to die at the first bump in the road is annoying...

    /FIX IT
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  14. Rithlar

    Go faster. No seriously go faster, going slow you just flip once and land on your top and explode, by going faster you actually have a chance to roll back on to your tires when you hit another bump well sliding on your top.
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  15. RHINO_Mk.II

    Never, ever park your damaged harasser. You can repair while moving. Stopped harasser = dead harasser.
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  16. Juno

    Give me a horn for my tank and I will do just that. ;)
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  17. Meeka

    Do: Use bridges as a way to cross ditches and gullies.
    Don't: Use a friendly vehicle as a bridge to cross ditches and gullies.

    Do: Use your brakes when the vehicle in front of you stops.
    Don't: Use the vehicle in front of you stopping as your brakes.

    Do: Stand on the side of a firing tank while you repair it.
    Don't: Stand behind a firing tank while you repair it... as it may back up suddenly to avoid income missiles.
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  18. LordOfThePastries

    Do: Protect vehicle shield gates from the outside to let more armor get out
    Don't: Sit there while a flaming friendly rams you trying to get inside to safety
  19. Camycamera

    i think ALL vehicles need a buff in hill climbing. it is ridiculous seeing a tank struggling, and then sliding back down, a tiny hill, and then an infantry man is easily able to just run up the damn thing.

    and fix the sliding. for ALL vehicles.

    and something has to be done about flipping vehicles upsidedown....
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  20. LightningWolfTigrBer

    I don't think I've ever actually seen a line at an Ammo Silo. Hell, I didn't even know that's what they were called.
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