Drifters should lock out C4 just like Stalker Cloak locks out

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Klypto, May 23, 2014.

  1. Frostiken

    "Mains" light assault. Why even have this conversation, you'll never admit anything you like is overpowered.

    Also you clearly missed the point where it's supposed to be against INFANTRY, not vehicles. Vehicles have enough threats. C4 should only be for vehicles if you have enough time to sit there wiring it up with enough bricks. Light Assault, like Medic, should be garbage against vehicles. If you want to blow up vehicles play an Engineer or Heavy Assault.

    The fact that you think Light Assault blowing up Sunderers effortlessly is a joke. Tell me about how terrible your poor class is and how much it should be buffed, lol.
  2. Prudentia

    Check m first answer to this Thread... quick hint if you are incapable:
    i said that the range is the issue and therefor there should be a CoF on C4.
    and i have like 10k kills on Light Assault Weapons, and barely 800 with C4.
  3. MajiinBuu

    You have to be really close to a tank to drop c4 on it. When you're drifting in the sky and drop c4, it does not fall at normal speed, it may stall in the air or slowly float to the ground. You have no way of knowing when your c4 reaches the ground, the indicator disappears before 10 meters. You don't know if your c4 even makes it to the ground at all, until you detonate it. There's not enough time to hang in the air, infantry on the ground blazing at you, to make sure your c4 has enough time to reach the target. Best bet is to be close enough to do so without worrying about c4 drop-time

    And what do drifter jets have to do with carelessly dying to manually-detonated explosives? I could just as easily eject out of an esf and drop tank mines on you. But I suppose you think engineers should only be able to carry 1 tank mine as well?
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  4. Klypto

    Engineers don't float a hundred meters over to where you drove away to after watching them bail out of their aircraft.

    Also, it's pointless since you have about 5-10 seconds before the mines activate when placed on a vehicle.
  5. Nerp

    Only now does someone complain about something I've been using since I was br 20
  6. z1967

    Well, the problem probably stems from that the fact that you are using the Vanguard. As you obviously know, the Vanguard is horrible at AI. Not having the kill-everything-near-me properties of the magrider or the two shots of the Prowler. And missing is heavily punished with 4 sec reloads or more. Me in my Lightning? Never had a problem with it.

    Another problem is that the Vanguard has the slowest acceleration of any tank, even with gear skipping. Magriders float away and Prowlers/Lightnings can backpedal at a fairly rapid speed. So, they problem here is that the Vannie can't move back fast enough to dodge the dirfters.

    An alternate solution (which does not nerf C4 or drifters but fixes the baling issue), is to force people to stick to their vehicles until they either explode or have gotten far enough away from the battle to not be taking any damage. This will keep people from jumping out and drifting to C4 your tank unless they meet certain circumstances.

    Although not meant for this topic, I think that the utilities slot should be disabled if you fly/drive as anything other than an engineer. The only ones that would work would be ejection seat, Flash utilities, and GSD. Galaxies are exempt from this for obvious reasons.
  7. Alarox

    I do this all the time. When I get frustrated with an armor column and I'm alone, I don't pull my tank. I pull ESF/Lib/ESF and kill 3 tanks.

    That's why I have a C4 auraxium medal.

    Anyway... I've dropped C4 well over 100m and still killed tanks with precision. It really isn't that difficult, although I usually just float to about 50m above them before I drop it.

    That's not really the problem here. The problem is that you can jump out of an ESF, or off a cliff, and we may never know you're even there. Even if we were masochistic enough to use Proximity radar.

    I'm pretty damn attentive as a gunner and as a driver. For every C4 I die from, I usually see/kill about 5 others who try.

    The thing is, the C4s I die from are by people I don't even see even when I'm paying attention.

    1.) Its called Proximity Radar
    2.) It only reaches 50m which isn't enough to save you. You can still be killed at that range and your eyes need to be constantly glued to your radar as you have moments to react to a small dot suddenly appearing.
    3.) If you use Proximity Radar, you're sacrificing Stealth and NAR.
    4.) Why can't tankers be bothered to run in fear the moment a single ESF blows up in the air hundreds of meters above? I already do, actually. But it is kind of silly to expect that.
  8. doombro

    I can do exactly what you described with jump jets. Drifters aren't the issue.
    Please add these. Please. PLEASE. PS2's tanks are just small cannons glued to treadmills.
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  9. GrymMSK

    You've now given me the extreme desire to buy two treadmills and a cannon. If you see a low speed tank chase in the near future, it's all thanks to you.
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  10. Takoita

    No they shouldn't.

    Why? Please look up the gigantic monster of a thread titled C4 vs MBT - we had two of them even - and remind yourselves. I ain't gonna rehash the arguments for why touch-range attack needs to be more lethal than one from a distance, two bricks should be enough for one MBT and LA's access to the device should remain again because you got your bi-weekly bumache going.

    It's like you want for your opponents to have no available counter to end your reign of terror abruptly if they got the jump on you. Sounds dangerously close to airchav talk, if you ask me.
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  11. Alarox

    Who is saying C4 shouldn't be able to destroy MBTs effectively?

    There's a very specific instance we're discussing here.
  12. Takoita

    Because that's what it comes down to when the folks you see in this thread get started on C4. They are cool, constructive posters all around, but when C4 gets mentioned they go into a downward spiral of sorts and the topic inevitably gets kicked around.

    I'm sorry if I jumped the gun, so to speak, but it is kinda irritating to see these people crow about it again and again seemingly refusing to see the arguments presented by the other side.
  13. Alarox

    Who are "these people"?
  14. Jalek

    If using a ground vehicle you don't use drifters, when you bail just before exploding you need the altitude to C4 the tank that finished off your vehicle.
  15. Takoita

    Klypto (the OP) and EliteEskimo (the one with jumping tank gif in the signuature), of course. If you search for any thread about C4 in context of destroying vehicles, chances are their posts are gonna be there.
  16. Alarox

    I was one of the largest advocates in favor of C4 during the whole "nerf C4" phase on forumside.

    I am in completely 100% agreement with these two in this thread. What they are saying is not unreasonable.
  17. Takoita

    Good for you.

    I, however, don't agree with the OP. I am sorry if my posts took on a more agressive tone that was necessary, but I stand by my words.
  18. WaRadius

    You can even do something like that with Ejection Seat (or a Galaxy) and no jump jets at all. What now? Nerf Ejection Seat? A standing tank is a dead tank anyway.
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  19. Posse

    Situational awareness is a skill, I'll just say that.

    (And for the record before the ad-hominems start flying around, I rarely use C4 to kill tanks anymore, and my auraxium on Waterson was done playing HA 95% of the time)
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  20. Ragmon

    Should have posted this in the LA part of the forum.

    Rescources wise --- ESF + 2 blocks of C4 =/= 1 MBT --- ???
    So is that a fair trade?