Drifter Jumpjet changes and new Icarus Jumpjets now on Test server

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by BBurness, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. BBurness Developer

    Drifter Jumpjets:
    • Removed ability to spam jump key to gain altitude, and the initial fuel cost that came with it.
    • Now can slowly gain altitude when no directional keys are being pressed
    • Slightly increased in air strafe speeds
    Icarus Jumpjets:
    • Much faster vertical thrust than standard jump jet
    • Reduced fuel capacity
    • Faster fuel recharge rate
    • Reduced in air maneuverability
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  2. AlterEgo

    HORY GOD...
    Awesomeness in every word...
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  3. thebigbortishbort

    ALL OF MY YEEEESSSS , gotta test this straight away , 10/10
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  4. Paqu

    I was already excited of the drifter changes and the new systen for going up sounds better (at least on paper), but I wasn't ever expecting to see the icarus do a comeback!
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  5. VonStalin

    omg if this happens I will close my eyes on c4 nerf.
    Well played SOE, well played...
  6. Gnomemercy

    Drifter changes are nice, the Icarus the way they are could use a little buff as default outperform them at the moment.
  7. MajiinBuu

    It would be awesome if the drifter jet speed stacked with Adrenaline Pump
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  8. Pikachu

    Nice ideas but not pushed far enough. Standard jet is boring slow. Why can't at least the drifter jet be fun fast? Like raise velocity by 50%. Icarus is great idea but not enough difference in vertical speed. Increase it and fuel consumption.
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  9. Onhil

    I like this new drifters it's great for climing mountains, and trees on Hossin
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  10. o.Solei.o

    Sooooo much love on Drifters now! Thank you! (With a high ping, that spam mechanic was impossible to utilize.)

    Love seeing the Icarus make a come back too! Mechanic is very interesting ("pop!jets"), but not sure how much it's going to get you compared to the standard... (Makes a better parachute now though due to higher thrust?)

    Say, uh... Could I get a side of Spinfusors to go with that by chance? ;) No? Damn.
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  11. MrJengles

    The new set up for drifter's vertical thrust feels great! Thanks for trying it!

    I still think the skating could do with a bit of a tuning pass. If you hold crouch it's far more reliable, but it's kind of whacky to crouch move at that speed. Perhaps if you hold sprint (as it has no other use while jetting) the drifters fall towards the ground faster, or whatever crouch might be doing, which should make them stick to the ground better.

    Icarus feels really interesting. Will need to see it in combat though.
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  12. Runegrace

    Drifter feels really good. You can actually gain more altitude than standard jets but it's super-slow, so regular jets aren't obsolete.

    Icarus has potential. Currently needs more thrust, though. Standard jets go higher and have a lower chance of killing you if you don't quite judge a jump correctly. I'd invite the devs to try messing around the AMP station towers. You can make the first jump no problem, but going from the first to top of the tower requires a near-perfect jump. Give a bit more thrust so you can get a bit more vertical, giving up almost all lateral movement is already a pretty big drawback and makes non-suicidal jumps more difficult.

    Definitely see the value of running Fall Control when you have Icarus going.
  13. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Wait, wh.... woooooot!
    Thanks, thats awesome.
    Drifter-Buff and Icarus! I'll never see my regular Jumpjets again. :D
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  14. Zica96

    The Icarus ones really need to be able to rapidly move in mid-flight with the directional keys (A-move rapidly left, and so on), that would be just pure EPICNESS! With a little less cost then when normal vertical lift.
  15. Kich

    Icarus just doesn't feel as good as the others. It needs either twice the fuel or way faster recharge. Right now the default just beat it.

    The drifters feel pretty good. Especially since they can climb 50m vertically.
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  16. MarkAntony

    Ok drifter jumpjets are way better now. I agree with all the changes.

    No to the Icarus:
    First of all I love the concept. They feel awesome and have great potential but currently they are plain inferior to standard jumpjets.
    They need more vertical thrust and maneuverability.Not as much as standard JJs though.
    Just increase that in relatively small amounts until players start to say they are a viable alternative to standard JJs.

    This is also worth considering.

    Basically i would like them to have a higher skill ceiling and skill floor than standard jumpjets while having them be capable of unique maneuvers but make it so that they don't make the standard JJs obsolete.

    That would be great!
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  17. day ofm one

    I think "awesome" is a cruel understatement.
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  18. Pikachu

    The drifter jet ice skating only works on flat ground, meaning indoors. This is very limiting. It needs to have some tolerance.
  19. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Options for the skate are
    A) A very slight downward thrust when in contact with the ground, meaning you stay there
    B) A very slight upward thrust when very close to the ground, meaning you never stuble on it (might result in problems on upward slopes)
  20. IvanCGray

    Drifter Jets need more tolerance for skating ability in regards to natural terrain's elevation changes.

    Icarus Jets need a faster recharge and considerably faster vertical ascension.

    Personal thought: Also add in Dash Jets; effectively the horizontal equivalent of Icarus Jets. Extremely high-speed horizontal movement, no real vertical thrust whatsoever. Very low fuel, very fast recharge; additionally, they could be locked to firing in one of 8 cardinal directions in accordance with what direction you're moving when firing, so as not to overshadow Drifter Jet skating.