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    We are one, we are many, we are Legion

    Welcome to The Dread Legion!

    We are a tight knit, highly skilled, objective-oriented outfit looking for new teammates to help us take the fight to the enemy!

    Outfit Rankings: Planetside Universe

    We specialize in tactics, teamwork, and community.

    If you want an outfit that just farms all day, we are not for you.
    If you want an outfit that throws bodies at a problem, we are not for you.
    If you want an outfit that is there to d**k around and pretend to care, we are not for you.

    If you want an outfit where every member of your team supports each other, The Dread Legion is for you.
    If you want an outfit that uses their heads as well as their guns, The Dread Legion is for you.
    If you want an outfit that has an active community, and always striving to better itself, The Dread Legion is for you.

    We are very selective due to the fact that we all believe strongly in the "quality over quantity" approach. We will not compromise what makes this outfit great to chase after players, rather we believe that if we create an outfit that is counted on by our allies and feared by our enemies, then the rest will take care of itself.

    We have high expectations and you can bet that we are looking for more highly skilled and active recruits! We are not one of those outfits that keep numbers for the sake of numbers. If we never get to see you, it's hard to foster that team chemistry that we value so highly.
    We always strive to uphold our outfit goals and ideals, and every member knows that they are a valued part of what makes The Dread Legion a great outfit to run with.

    We all love playing Planetside, and we love playing Planetside more when we play together.


    If that sounds like something you'd like to experience then fill out an application and we will give you a tryout.

    Check out our codex page on our website to see what running with the Legion is all about!

  2. OdinsPride

    You may remember us from our longstanding tag [DL3G]. We still maintain our same high standards and team mentality, the only thing that has changed is our tag.

    We wanted to officially change everything, hence the new post. Never fear, The Dread Legion is not going anywhere!
  3. OdinsPride

    IT'S OPS NIGHT!!!!

    Look out for us starting 6pm PDT!
  4. OdinsPride

    It's that time again! OPS TIME!

    Time for anything purple or blue to feel the Dread that comes with knowing they have to fight against one of the best outfits on the server.

    It's that time to prove once again why we are part of the elite.

    If you want to run with the best, you should fill out an application to get a taste of what Planetside can be...
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    Great showing by DRED last weekend at Connery's ServerSmash! Really proud of how the outfit performed. See you next time!
  6. OdinsPride

    Getting geared up for Joint Ops tonight with our good friends Recursion and Future Crew!

    Connery will never know what hit them.....
  7. OdinsPride

    Awesome OPs tonight Legionnaires! Very proud of how we performed...
  8. OdinsPride

    Welcome to all our new members this week! We are truly excited to see how you contribute to the outfit!
  9. OdinsPride

    Awesome OPs this week gentlemen! The fun never stops when you are outnumbered and continue to win!
  10. OdinsPride

    Look for us in the new Farmers League Invitational!

    We are honored to be considered one of the best outfits in the game and among this elite company!
  11. OdinsPride

    IT'S OPS NIGHT! Really excited to show off what a high caliber TR outfit can do!
  12. OdinsPride

    Great job yesterday gents on our PlanetsideBattles League match win!