Downtime on a public holiday??????

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mesdupkilr, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. Izriul

  2. DrakeAU

    You haven't lived in Australia/NZ have you.
  3. Izriul

    No, he's just American.
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  4. Valkar

    Two hours added on to the double xp weekend should be enough to cover it
  5. WaRadius

    Plus, the downtime is required to enable double xp.
  6. Pakistani Pete

    I thought Easter was about mythical bunnies that deliver delicious chocolate eggs?
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    I like this thread.
  8. Richardblabla

    People keep saying that, but it was double exp last night before the update.

    So far we've had like two hours down, simply to do some little tweaks to the ESRLs
  9. Badname3073

    What's goin' on folks?
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  10. Phyr

    Then they'ed complain that server X is updated, but server Y still isn't. No matter when they update it will be primetime for someone.
  11. Badname3073

    I think the problem is that the eurofolks got too many holidays. No matter when stuff gets updated, there is always some holiday in Europe. So enjoy your holidays ya bums.
  12. OldMaster80

    Really, can't you wait for just 2 hours? :confused:
  13. AceMF

    Hey listen, all the North American players get shafted by inconvenient downtimes on all those other popular games developed by all those other major European studios like for instance...
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  14. Alien51 you know what Primetime is?
  15. JUZ_

    ^this x1000
    we pay more for everything even though AUD owns the Pound and UsDollar and yet still get shafted

    edit while I'm at it too many overseas smurfs on Briggs (40+%)..seeing as you can why not go play local will ya?
  16. Phyr

    Someone will be inconvenienced no matter when they update, you cannot argue that.
  17. AdennTM

    No, but I feel sorry for you guys. :(
  18. Raap

    Actually double exp was already in effect before the downtime, I was even getting double exp for base captures.

    This is just another hotfix for ESR's... Wish they'd be this quick and peristent on other issues (*cough* Like being unable to use non-Magrider tanks properly since GU5).
  19. john miller

    The same one where every public bank closes
  20. LordMondando

    Yes I was wrong on that, I suprised as its been the case every other double XP weekend, that must have updated the database response for Xp values so it can be changed on the fly.

    To be fair given the level of *****-moan and whine, can you blame them?
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