downed pilot, should we finish them off...

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  1. ZeroErrorz

    hi guys i got a little thing that got me a bit conflicted for some time
    today i just shot down a mossie on esamir, then i see the pilot is still alive my breaker pods have enought ammo to finish him off,but i decided not to kill as he walk alone in nearby his wreckage i send him a tell "i dont kill pilot" and he replied "thanks"
    this is problably the first time i do this,i know this is a war and everyone need their cert

    ,the reason i dont want to kill downed pilot is because im sick of getting killed after being shot downed,and i just want to make everyone having a fun game instead of some rage quit

    i still remember the day where i being spared after got shot down in mountain of amerish by a mossie, i start shooting him with my warden while circling a rock to avoid his fire, he manage to shoot me with a burst of his bullet by luckily i got my regen pack,after some while he started to smoke, and send a yell chat "peace ?" i replied him "yes" then he flyied away,
    after that day i started to think about sparing downed pilot,as i respect them for giving me a great fight.

    but still one question remains should we finish them or not....?
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  2. Boahwaji

    I say its a decent thing to do, great fight, you've become the victor and the ESF you fly is in the air and he is not then thats enough for now, plenty of other certs along the track.
  3. NinjaTurtle

    You are a traitor to freedom. No bonus cheque for you, the Conglomerate is disappointed
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  4. TomoB

    Last night it must have been the first for me too, I was on foot and ESF shot my shields out and could have killed me easily but he decided to let me live. Too bad that his wingman didn't think the same...
  5. eldarfalcongravtank

    i sometimes do this with lone enemy tank crews after their tank got destroyed and i locate them with my magrider. they are usually engineers and start shooting their carbines at my tank and plant mines on the ground in despair. i'll just get my magrider close to them and start flashing my headlights/lumifibers/chassislights on & off quickly, then they realize that i wont kill them. after like 10secs of partying with them, i just leave without killing them and continue my way

    tank crews life is hard, ya know
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  6. Sen7rygun

    Kill them. Or don't. Whatever.

    If you want a few extra points and don't mind spending the time and ammo then why not. All the pilot is going to do is redeploy back to pull another aircraft anyway. If you kill him he just gets to respawn faster.
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  7. ZeroErrorz

    if we are nice to them they might desert and join us...
    btw the code only apply to downed pilot (yes that include driver),not infantry
  8. Selerox

    I'd rather they pod me than me having to redeploy or hike back to the lines, which will probably end with me getting splashed by a Harasser or another ESF en route.

    You downed me, you earned the XP for taking me out into the bargain.
  9. Regpuppy

    Unless you're going down the route of heavy roleplaying, which is fine, there is no real reason hold your fire on them other than it not being worth the time. Otherwise, we're playing a video game and there is no moral dilemma involved here. Just some arbitrary choice by an individual on how they want to play.
  10. ZeroErrorz

    no im not into that, just feel that they already have their own misery and everyone knows flyin esf properly is hard so im just making things much more fun so that they gonna keep trying to be better, but the only problem is :to cert or not to cert
  11. NinjaTurtle

    They will not join us... they will instead go back to their fly boys and tell stories of how we a skirt wearing sissies. They will think we are easier targets due to our inability to finish the job. Your contract states:

    Job Role: Paragraph 3 sub section 1

    As a Conglomerate soldier you are expected to uphold the liberty, freedom and or sovereignty of all Auraxium citizens. You are expected to without hesitation and/or mercy eliminate all targets that threaten the Conglomerate and it's sister territories.

    Failure to uphold the peoples liberty will result in your pay being docked for 1 month, a black mark placed against your contract (3 of which grants expulsion from the Conglomerate) and sentry duty at the warp gate

    I may take this role playing to seriously

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  12. biterwylie

    Your moral code is good and strong :)

    However life is cheap in planetside 2. You are probably doing them a favour killing them so they can redeploy faster.

    Which is interesting... Leaving them alive is perheps the better option for your faction as they are out of the fight longer :D
  13. ZeroErrorz

    i never see this contract anywhere, where can i find it? :eek:
  14. Regpuppy

    The problem is do you apply this to tanks you destroy? Infantry on the ground who aren't shooting you? If not, you're being inconsistent within your own logic and you're placing "pilots" on a pedestal arbitrarily. I mean, you're free to. But I don't see the point.
  15. ZeroErrorz

    ok you might say that im favoring pilot more than everyone else, well i think so since im piloting a lot so i know how suck and bad it is when u got shot down.
  16. Riku

    Hi Zero,
    I'm not sure if I understand what's the issue here. Why would it make pilots ragequit if they get shot down AFTER their plane got destroyed? Most of them will be somewhere in the Sahara, far away from the next base. They need to redeploy. The time it takes to redeploy is about the same as the time it takes to respawn after getting killed. I'd even say killing is about 4-5 seconds faster, so basically you would do him a favor. The only difference would be K/D. Do you think getting your death count up by one every time your ESF gets destroyed is a reason to ragequit?
    Come on, man ;)
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  17. Kalocin

    From a tactical point of view (and as a Tribes player) delaying the enemy from the battle is more valuable than outright killing them. So your act of kindness is actually a better solution as the player will be delayed from reviving near the fight. On a humanitarian level, you've also chosen to become immersed to the sense it relates to how humans act in war: Honor.
  18. KnightCole

    I spare no one. If hes not wearing the uniform of the team im playing...he gets Virtual bullets in his virtual ***.
  19. Slandebande

    It was that end-user license agreement you signed when you got the game! They are also entitled to now use your body for their research benefits if they see fit. I bet you wish you had read the damn thing now! :p
  20. Camycamera