[Suggestion] Down with the Airhammer!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Phil46, Feb 5, 2023.

  1. Phil46

    Now I've had it once and for all!
    I'm talking about the A30 Airhammer, pretty much the worst balanced weapon in the game.
    This weapon is just way too strong and has no place on a plane, I find it incredibly unfair how this weapon is abused for camping at the spawnroom.
    Every little NC player gets in their plane and flies around the spawnroom all the time, you have absolutely no chance to get out of the room, not only is the weapon constantly abused for this, but it is also extremely efficient in aerial combat.
    Even as a Max unit you can do absolutely nothing against it, if you get your air defense out, you go as a Max against the Airhammer much too fast on it, as that you could do anything!
    I am therefore looking for players who are of the same opinion and we together against the fact that this weapon is removed or greatly weakened!
    What do I have in mind?
    I want to specifically address the problem here in the forum, with other players and together write to the team of Daybreak and describe the problem, the more players we become that do, the sooner something will happen!
    I mean TR and VS players, NC players will refuse to support this.
    So, let's work together against this unfair weapon!
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  2. Liewec123

    i will agree that airhammer overperforms when compared to its TR and VS counterparts.
    but i would be VERY annoyed if airhammer was nerfed and stuff which performs exactly the same on VS is left unchanged.

    one of these two (click) is Airhammer, Banshee, PPA.
    the other is Beteldouche, Butcher, Godsaw.
    (the dark blue is betel, the light blue is airhammer.)

    in both cases you can see one is performing far better than the competition,
    would you be fine with betel getting the big fat nerf it has been due for 7+ years when airhammer gets its much deserved nerf?

    i tend to find in these threads people are quite happy to see someone elses toy get nerfed,
    but when you ask them if their own toys should be nerfed they can't seem to say yes.

    well i say yes, nerf airhammer, but you better damn well nerf the other factions overperformers toys too.

    But on the topic of airhammer, Banshee and ppa,
    I have long said that these weapons should be changed into training wheels A2A weapons.
    Dealing way less damage than the normal A2A noseguns, but being far easier to use.
    For example Airhammer could become flak, ppa orbs could home like Coyotes/Striker.
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  3. shoguncawwill

    do to how much tick time ther is. the hammer needs to be nerfed just by removing the second shot pellets . "shot blank shot "
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  4. Phil46

    I would have absolutely nothing against it if one would nerfen weapons of TR, I know also that for example the Chaingung is much too strong and one wins with it very often the 1vs1.
    But this weapon has again a very big disadvantage, you lose extremely much range.
    Airhammer has no disadvantages, I personally just do not like what it is used for: For camping the spawn room.
    Of course, people often camp at the spawn room but not as extreme as with Reaver and Airhammer.
    Every fratkion has its annoying weapons and I am for all weapons to have a big nerf slap.
  5. Phil46

    It doesn't really matter how this weapon is weakened, either smaller magazine, less damage, strong limitation of range ... Main problem is of course ESF together with this weapon