Double XP Week Cancelled?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Astealoth, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Astealoth

    It's now well into the 20th, Maggy's post says it starts on the 19th. Still not getting double XP. What's going on here? I burned an XP boost...
  2. SquattingPig

    It's still the 19th on the west coast.
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  3. faykid

    Because SOE lives on another planet. I think they should live in Japan, it is Sony after all.
  4. Regpuppy

    They're going by PST... it is not the 20th in PST timezone. It's also not happening until 4 PM PST either.

    Chill out, broseph.
  5. Riku

    I cant check right now, but from what I know, it should be running now.
    It should now be 01:00 AM PST. But eh, I'm not an expert. Just from my understanding, 12:00 AM should be midnight, and Wednesday midnight was an hour ago in the US.
    Would appreciate if you correct me. =)
  6. SquattingPig

    Right now it's 12:02 on the west coast.

    Source: my clock
  7. Shubniggurath

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  8. Lazaruz

    Give it a half and hour or so...
  9. Riku

  10. Hatesphere

    Am I the only one who doesn't pop a consumable boost before confirming it will do what I want it to do?
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  11. Riku

    Nah, I didn't either, but still think such confusion shouldn't happen.
  12. Lazaruz

    Where my XP

    Never mind, was just looking at the % indicator and not the actual XP.
  13. wolfva's like the guy that pops the ****** before he's even met a woman...I dunno. Rampant optimism?
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  14. Astealoth

    When the post says the 19th at 4pm, time zone doesn't matter when it's the 20th.
  15. Eleo

    Once again double xp when game is unplayable due to constant crash introduced by the lastest update.

    Getting a bit sick of this.
  16. iEnvy

    The game is working perfectly fine a whole lot of people, ever considered looking into if something is wrong on your own end instead of endlessly whining? I get that its annoying when a game doesnt work, but there can be several reasons, that SOE has nothing to do with, as to why the game isnt working for you, and thats on you to fix.
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  17. Eleo

    Cool story bro.
  18. TomaHawk

    This weekend? I'll play PS 2 assuming I don't like ESO; it's beta weekend.