Double XP is only for Premium Members now ?! What is this rubbish ?!

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  1. Rohxer

    Just wanted to note that it is in fact +48 certs/day for certain membership levels. I get 48 certs/day every time I log in to each of my 11 characters (two accounts). I've got alts on various servers and empires who have received much more than 10,000 certs, allowing me to move around and try different factions with any loadout I want at a whim.

    The exact numbers (including the 48 certs) are all delineated on SOE's website here:

    EDIT: Ok, I just re-read your original comment. After the fourth read I realized you are saying it's only 36 in addition to the base of 12.. so yeah you are correct on that. Just depends on how you look at the numbers I guess. :)
  2. WarpGuN

    nice service for those who are premium members
  3. MostlyClueless

    Planetside isn't a charity.
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  4. Mastachief

    Don't you be telling lies. Of course it is, servers are provided free of charge by the server fairies at dell, employees(developers/coders/artists) are all university students using the games development for coursework and the marketing is run by the players.... no wait thats all wrong.
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  5. Irrelevant--

    Well, being somewhat jaded about this game now with the constant nerfs, unasked for updates/changes, ignored roadmap votes, and slow transition to CoD, playing double xp weekend would be a huge incentive for me to come back and play. Now double xp weekend is being nerfed :eek:
  6. Nyscha

    Remember when you cry about members having a double exp event we basically pay for you freeloaders to leech off SOE's bandwidth.
    You don't deserve anything unless you support them as well.

    Nothing annoys me more than freeloaders leeching off people, just like people who only play F2p games on Steam yet don't even own ONE game on there which costs money.
  7. bPostal

    Keep in mind that just because one doesn't have a membership doesn't mean they haven't thrown stupid amounts of money at this game.
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  8. Goretzu

    To be honest leaving an open credit card on file (which you have to do if you want all the membership benifits) is bad enough online security-wise.

    But leaving a debit card like that is maddness IMO. :eek:
  9. DQCraze

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  10. Goretzu

    Yeah I suppose you could get pre-paid ones (bit of a faff just for one MMO though), but it's safer still to just not to be able to leave them open after you've paid for membership (like most other MMOs).
  11. leo4444

    I really don't see the argument here...just whining from children
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  12. Regpuppy

    Who says it'd just be for one mmo? I use mine for most online transactions(steam, mmos, random bs) and should it be compromised, my losses are extremely limited and replacing the card takes very little effort. It's very low risk, unless you're silly and keep tons of money loaded onto it
  13. DQCraze

    Umm, youre on the forums, helllooo...
  14. Goretzu

    I've just (because of this thread) found out you can get pre-paid credit cards which has the double security of insurance on all purchases and fraud and being pre-paid; sounds like the future is now. :eek:
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  15. Bush82

    open a second bank account, transfer only the amount you need into the new account. never worry about being robbed online again.
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  16. Posse

    So, what would they merge Briggs with? They can't merge it with anything, it would be a dead server, what happens in US East? Probably the same, unless you assume that half of the playerbase are subscribers. The only way out is to merge all US servers into one, and even then, it would probably have less people than any of the servers now. Europe might be the only one to survive with decent pops by merging all servers into one.

    They definitely need the F2P in order to keep the paying players, like it or not.

    (that said, I don't see any issues with giving membership more bonuses as long as it doesn't become P2W)
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  17. Ice

    Whenever I redeem a prepaid card in-game it asks me if I want the straight up Station Cash or if I want to apply a month to my subscription. Is that not an option for you?
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  18. Dtswiss

    Planetside 2 is one of those games with an in-game store that does not give you any incentive to buy in bulk.

    Usually in any MMO or Free to play games, the more money you put in the more bonus you receive interns of station cash. I fell this is one of the reason there is no incentive to buy station cash in game as the store cards usually give you better deals.
    What SOE should have done is price it so people that don't buy into membership can buy SOE cash and still feel rewarded. The more you buy the more you get, it's good for customers and SOE as they get more revenues right away. (Check the studies on smartphone's games) This promotes customers to invest more money into the game to get the better deals and at the same time, soe can reward these players with loyalty programs such as different double XP event for people that spent x amount of money or are members.

    I personally have over 400$ in camos, decals, ingame gears. (I don't have membership since boost and exp is not a concern for me.)

    5$ = 500 SOE Cash
    10$= 1200 SOE cash
    15$= 2000 SOE Cash
    15$ Card Promo = 2000 SOE cash + Free platinum or gold un ...
    20$ = 2700 SOE cash
    40$ = 6000 SOE cash
  19. Whatupwidat

    are people really whining about SOE giving REWARDS to people that PAY THEM MONEY?

    What in the absolute hell lol?

    Don't get me wrong, FTP players are important in that every one of them could potentially be a subscriber or at least pay a little - I myself am an FTP player with little money so I can't afford a subbie, but am I angry that those that can get rewarded?

    No - without them the game would die, and no-one wants that.
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  20. Wafflepancake

    That's interesting for sure. Seeing as the VISA Debit cards are not actual Visa cards, there is no age limit for possession of the cards...