[Suggestion] Double XP for everyone... WHAT!?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Vair, May 2, 2014.

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  1. Vair

    As far as I'm aware the double XP from 2nd - 4th is granted to ALL players. This sincerely P****s me off, I don't want to sound like that guy who is complaining and whining but... I feel like the PAYING members are not being addressed. Giving EVERYONE a couple days of double XP... Great, fine, But to rope the paying members who PAY for the service, the same compensation as free players, is frankly unfair. I realize that the non-membership guys are in some cases as loyal to SOE and the growth of Planetside 2, but in my eyes it does come down to the fact that Paying members deserve different treatment to free players.

    I'm not flaming SOE, as I feel with the small team they're doing an outstanding job with PS2 even with all the hate given from various bugs, etc. I just don't feel this is just.

    Thanks :3

    IF I've gotten my information wrong, please let me know.
  2. Vearo

    Members get double XP later this month, 24-25th of May. This weekend's is more of compensation for all the downtime that everyone had this week.
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  3. Vair

    This is COMPLETELY asides my point.
  4. ViXeN

    So we have had non-subscribers on here complaining about this weekend's double xp only being for members, even though its not. And now we have subscribers complaining about the fact that its for everyone, even though they get their own double xp later this month. Seems like no one actually bothers to research these things before they start complaining. :rolleyes:
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  5. Date

    You know double xp for all actually increases your xp overall too because of the massive pop that will be on all weekend right? When its jst members with the double xp ppl like me (non members) don't go out of their way to play a lot of extra hours. I venture to say you'll see a lot more on then normal and it will be a more fun game for everyone. Segregating double xp from non members actually hurts members more then they realize so hopefully you'll think before you make another post like this ;) Have a great weekend!
  6. whiteshadow2000

    Maybe they could do something like issue Double XP + resources to members and just double XP to non members.
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  7. Vair

    I have NO issue with the double XP, its `100% fine with me to give it to everyone, its just members are getting the exact same treatment as free players even though we are PAYING for the service!
  8. Vair

    Please enlighten me on which facts i have gotten wrong?? I'm not questioning the Double XP given, its fine, its that the treatment members are given is exactly the same as free players when though we are paying.
  9. Ravenorth

    Double XP weekends were already happening pretty regularly before they started doing them for members only also. It would be pretty do***he bag move from SOE to stop them entirely for non members and it would also give them pretty bad hit for their community relations as they are well known for listening their community.
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  10. NCDaniel

    Doesn't bother me at all.
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  11. ViXeN

    Yes but as we have pointed out, you still get an extra double XP weekend later this month. This one is being done because of all the problems after the patch and you still get your own double XP this month so relax. Like someone else said, this means more people are going to be on so its better for everyone. Don't be so greedy.
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  12. OddChelsea

    So even though I support this game through SC and have spent a ton of money on it so far I don't deserve even one double exp event? Members get them far, far more often, that is what you are paying for. But waaaah, no-one else should have it, waaaaaaah! Do you honestly realize how that kind of attitude makes you look as a person, OP?
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  13. Vair

    ... You've missed my point entirely. I do not care AT ALL about everyone getting double XP as I say.. "Great, Fine" Its that members have the same treatment as free players as I have already said... It's not "Greed" for me to want what I PAY for ! Thanks ;3
  14. Vearo

    We are not getting the same treatment. Members get ANOTHER Double XP weekend later. The reason why everyone is getting Double XP this weekend is because EVERYONE lost game time due to maintenance. Don't also forget that members' bonus experience is boosted by double XP by default, so that +50% equates to Triple XP compared to a standard day for a F2P player.

    If you are not satisfied with the current membership benefits, feel free to post in the Suggestions Forum with your ideas. I seem to recall SoE looking for more benefits in PS2 to sweeten the deal of subscribing.
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  15. jiggu

    The double xp already stacks with your membership boost, thus you get even more XP out of a double xp weekend than other players.
  16. ViXeN

    But you're NOT getting the same treatment. You still get an extra double xp later this month........
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  17. 3Stan2112

    Like I keep saying, people need something to complain about, valid OR NOT.
  18. TheBlindFreak

    I have no problem with it. It incentivises more people to play the game. As far as member benefits go, I was happy with that spree of 1SC sales we had. I expect to see more of those in the future.
  19. Vair

    Members monthly double XP weekend is completely irrelevant to what I'm saying, we ARE getting the same treatment from bad service, members PAY for the service, we deserve different compensation to those who pay nothing.
  20. Zenanii

    I completely agree with op. Those free.. Erhm... non-subscribers are nothing but trash and leaches that barely deserve a cert/hour any higher then the average in-game fps.
    In fact, since op is such a amazingly special person I think SOE should create a completely seperate server where ONLY the OP could play so he wouldn't have to deal with all these bothersome entitled players that think they actially deserve anything for playing this game.
    Thumbs up so SOE notices this post and give this man what he truly deserve.
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